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My Sketches 2
More sketches.
Her name is Science. She is the result of my experiment with the tablet.
Panty & Stocking in TTGL's style. 
Why does Panty only have one arm? Because that's how she looked like in the magazine.
Kim Yuna, world no.1 figure skater. 
A4 size, charcoal and 2B mechanical pencil for sharp details.
Korean girl from my school. 
A4 size, charcoal reduction.
Lucy Heartphilia from Fairy Tail. 
Picture re-uploaded because the last one was messed up from resizing.
A2 lifesize charcoal drawing of my friend in class. She's a really cute china-tan.
Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII, done using charcoal and 2B pencil.
Genderbent Al and Hal Gundam 00. 
Al is done in mechanical pencil, Hal is done with pencil.
Rachel's jumping C attack produces this bladed umbrella, somehow reminds me of Starlight Breaker.
Rachel's standing C is a sword and has a cape for her victory animation. Its a Feito-chan reference.
Rachel from Blazblue, a Gothic Lolita styled, tsundere loli vampire mahou shoujo.

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