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Okada stuff
Okada with an Anaru Cosplayer at anime expo
Okada with PA works producer Nobuhiro Kikuchi at anime expo 2013
Okada,not sure when
Meganeko Okada!!! 
From an NHK interview.On her right is AKB0048 director Hiraike Yoshimasa 
Thanks to Katapan for the tip!
Okada with a journalist. 
That smile...feels like a troll smile.
The Ano Hana/Toradora team again (+ random journalist)
Okada with Ano Hana/Toradora director Tatsuyuki Nagai on the left and  Ano Hana/Toradora Chara designer Masayoshi Tanaka on the right. (+ random guy...
Mari Okada with Yamakan on the right and Hiroki Azuma  on the left BEFORE work on fractale began.
Oh Okada,you and your TWISTED TRIANGLES
With a picture like that,do the credits really need to tell us that Okada is supervising the scripts?
Looks like someone knowledgable in the ways of Okada was watching the french Black rock shooter nico simulcast
Mari Okada AFA 2011 picture
Okada "U mad bro?"

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