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Rock Band - Virtual group "It Really *IS* Rocket Science"
This picture album is the result of a thread about designing our own anime characters and fan fiction stories:
I have zero drawing skills but Rockband has proven to be a fair tool for creating the characters and I tend to create background stories for any character I create in any game anyway. :)

The group "It Really IS Rocket Science" consists of 4 regular members and an occasional featured artist (when she's not smashed out of her mind).

Tsika - (bass, occasional vocals)
Gothic pixie whose amplifier is taller than she is. Aged 23 at start of story. Long black twintail hair, dresses in gothic lolita fashion. Russian heritage with the accent, sarcastic wit, mercurial.

Glycerin - (lead guitar)
Tall, lanky girl with big eyes and demure expression. Also 23 at story start. Very shy ... except when she's playing her guitar. Dresses in styles ranging from Brit Mod to Cabaret trance. Originally from Hong Kong - half Chinese. British accent.

Kpau - (drums, bass, vocals)
First impression - wild and crazy SouCal 'barbie girl' with asian tinge. Aged 23 at story start. Dark tan, hair is bleached blonde with dark tints. Her eyes and skin tint give away her Cambodian mix in her heritage.

Blar Umlaut - (vocals, drums)
The new member who has radically altered the group and sent it into the limelight. An old style hard rocker, aged 33 at start. Originally in a world famous hard rock band. Irish-American, surprisingly mellow despite his looks.

Sashiko - (keyboards, guitar) Not in the group, in the group, who knows? Aged 23 at story start. Though Umlaut replaced her, the flaming redhead, tough girl drunk, has a problematic relationship with the group. Quarter-Japanese Scottish heritage complete with a brogue and the attitude. She'd rather start a fight than actually play. Has a voice that sounds like grinding demonically possessed road gravel.

Summary: Tsika and Glycerin had bonded in elementary school and formed the band in private boarding school, picking the other two up in college. Great potential but Sashiko is undependable. The group fires Sashiko after one too many missed performances. By chance, Tsika encounters Umlaut and the band takes a radical new direction. The band's prior pop rock sound grows into much wider and edgier directions with Umlaut on board. Tsika+Umlaut+Glycerin+? ... romantic tensions abound.
Images here. Enjoy... AMVs of the band's performances in the story thread over in Fan Creations -
Sashiko (closer to her new style,not enough makeup)
Kpau ref pic (casey parker)
Sashiko's inbetween hairstyle 2 (slicked back rather than straight up as hair lengthens)
Sashiko's inbetween hairstyle 1
USO tour stripdown - Tsika
USO tour stripdown - Sashiko
USO tour stripdown - Kpau
USO tour stripdown - Blar
USO tour stripdown - Glyc
Dark Glyc and Blar
Glyc keeps getting a little more confident, in some ways. Determination can go several ways, though.
Tsika, singing with her Mouse
Small pixie seduces large bear, no film at 11.
Tsika on a rocking bass line.
Tsika singing a ballad.
Tsika chatting in the limo.
Tsika watches and contemplates
Sashiko, not sure whether to be flattered.
Sashiko considering her fate
Sashiko - watch the high heels
Sashiko ala leather jacket mode
Sashiko without all her stage makeup on.
Kpau - I made this myself! Leather straps, white dye, grommets, ta da!
Kpau zoning out in a limo
Kpau warns, you might f*ck me but don't love me

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