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Image File for IRIRS Light Novel
Images used in the amateur light novel "It Really *IS* Rocket Science!"
FB book preview IRIRS, vol. 2
Final version volume two derez
Tsika wardrobe elements 4
Tsika wardrobe elements 3
Tsika wardrobe elements 2
Tsika wardrobe elements 1
volume one cover test
Razor Candi comes pretty close to an envisioning of the Glyc 2.0 (minus the piercings).
Glycerin tattoo reference
Unknown -- another take on Tsika goth style.
Elisanth -- this reflects Tsika's goth style.
Glycerin tattoo reference.
Brought to mind a Tsika and Blar moment.
Sashiko's new hairstyle
Sashiko's hair style final
Sashiko's new hair style
Substitute amber for the sapphire in her eyes and this would be my visualization of Tsika.
Um yeah, freckle the skin up some and make the hair red ... did not make Sashiko look like her on purpose ... really.
Glycerin - Razor Candi has the tall slender build, the tattoos, and interestingly alien looks to pull off a Glyc cosplay i think.
Glycerin - dark Glyc ... not quite the hair color.
Sashiko ref pic - Too many piercings for the character but there's an attitude match
Tsika explains the next gig using her magic bug assistant while Blar gets the drinks
Suddenly I am compelled to find a 'loo. Who needs a potty break?
Okay, we won't be invited back to that arena again after Sashiko burned it to the ground. Where's our next gig?
The Lost Girls, alternate reality adventure. 
Where the fook is Blar? He had the map!

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