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Pretty obvious from the title -_^
Nanoha & Feito
Alicia & Akari  
Why can this never be ;_;
Yumi & Sachiko - Probably one of the sweetest scenes in the show...
Darned Censors...
Yup... Rainbows are DEFINITELY straighter than Subaru...
Rainbows are straighter than Subaru...
Subaru & Teana
Subaru & Teana
It is delicious Shimako sandwich, desu~ 
You must eat it, desu~
Shimako & Noriko
Nanoha, Feito, & Vivio 
This is what they cheated us out of at the end of StrikerS........
Nanoha & Feito
Nanoha & Feito
Marisa & Reimu
Nanoha & Feito
Kagamin & Konata
Haruka & Michiru

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