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Various Signatures I'll probably make over the course of my stay. . .expect this to get large. . . VERY LARGE
Personal Sig 5
Personal Sig 4
Personal Sig 3
Personal Sig 2
Out of boredom.
Out of boredom.
Tutorial Signature
Just yet another Abstract Signature for personal use.
First Tech Signature
Fractrals are my new best friend
Yet another Shana one. Why? Cause Shana is awesome.
Experimental. C4Ds. That's about it.
Experimental. A request on another board in a grunge style. Not quite sure I like the outcome, but it doesn't look bad.
Simple Signature made with a render of Elric's Watch. I do enjoy the outcome.
Yes I know I got Angel/Dust Neo wrong on the text but it seemed fine, so I didn't change it, though since this IS free to use, ask me anytime to...
Found this render and I HAD to do something with it. A clash of the titans.
Second Shana Signature with an extended 100 pixels horizontally. Tad bit darker. 
And 400 x 100 is now my official format. 400 x 150 made the file...
Tiny Sig is tiny. Compared to the rest that is. I'm only using smaller Sigs to get more detail with a smaller file size (DAMN YOU TINY SIG CAP!)  
The VF-25 from Macross Frontier. Oddly enough I actually have no self crit for this one.
A sig that I took some techniques from my Youmu one. Still needs work on the C4Ds but was to far in to change much. Nevertheless, Here's a new one.
The Signature kinda got killed, okay it DID get killed in the .jpg compression, but it can't be helped I guess. This was my experiment with a ton of...
Second Youmu sig I did while experimenting with C4Ds and various Filters. Fun Fact: The Original C4Ds were Red.
First Sig I had for roughly a day before I made my new and current one. Standard Grunge work here.

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