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Some cards I made with Magic Set Editor
Just some things I made in my spare time. If you have any ideas for more cards let me know and I'll see if I can make them.
Slowly dying due to his illness.
I tried to make his abilities show him charging into combat and dangerous situations by making him attack every turn, and giving him abilities that...
His first ability was inspired by him using the earthquake tactic. His second ability was based on his geass. His upkeep ability was based on his...
I wonder if Kamina would still think about eating him in this form.
I couldn't think of any better flavor text.
His first ability was inspired from his parallel universe thing in episode 26. His second ability was from his infinity big bang in episode 27,
His fighting spirit cannot be stopped.
Who the hell do you think he is.
Akroma's got nothing on this.
An ordinary high school student. Completely Ordinary. Maybe even extraordinarily ordinary.
I tried to get her ability to match with one of her techniques. My first one.
Partly based off the Morphling magic card, but some slightly different abilities to match her flavor.
I wonder who that someone is.

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