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Rosario + Vampire
Full of Akashiya Moka (Inner) Pics. :D
'Little Miss Badass' - fail 
'Little Miss Holy Sh-!' - win
*insert a thousand words*
What Tsukune gets to wake up to for the rest of his life.
But TSUN Inner is HAWT :D
I don't mind being on the bottom once in a while... 
(Dere Inner is cute)
A very lovely rose (complete with thorns ^_^)
Finger flick of DOOM~
Sweaty palms...sweaty palms...!
o,o ... 
*no caption needed*
Whip it good, Inner. :D
Relative height comparison - dang Moka looks tall.
Those words...That expression... Talk about sending mixed signals, Moka... -_-;
Picked this one since Inner looks so very much like Outer in this shot.
Tsukune's looking at me...? *blush*
You'd be mad too if they kept singing, "Moka and Tsukune sitting in the tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G." ^^;
Even when thinking of others, it's still all about 'the fight'...^^;
She should be a model...definitely
In Tsukune's mind, Inner's always naked. :naughty:
Jedi/Vampire Mind Trick
Geez Moka, it's his first time... ^^;
Uber cuteness

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