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Made By Me _
This the album that contains signatures that are made by me...mostly you'll see signatures that were made for requests =P...I really would like to thank all the guys that made the tutorials I used...I have learned very much of them = D
A Valentine gift for my sweet friend Uchica Soul = D
We all Love Musique, right? ^^
Made this for an annoying guy...I think he never claimed it...So I guess this one is a Freebie ^_^, of course I would change the name XD
Isn't she be-autiful :D
yeah....if you think I am perv because of this O.O...plzz tell AND I WILL THINK ABOUT IT =.=''...and eventually remove it ^_^
version 2 of ''I really just love Kallen Stadtfield'' =P 
not everyone like version 1 though =D
This was a request..of Gin (seriously...that's the name of the member ^^)
I think This one came out good ^^
Wahahaaha....This Was My Welcome to the New Guy ^_^
...I know...I am a n00b....
Orihime...Emo _
I really just Love Kallen Stadfield...(version 1, everyone liked version 2 better =P))
cute pair yoruichi&uruhara
Yoruichi and uruhuru san 
(don't mention the name was a request)
zaraki kenpachi the one and only one :D 
(don't mention the name was was request)
Soi fonnie
O_O Damn orihime and ichigo O_O 
version 3
O_O Damn orihime and ichigo O_O 
version 2
O_O Damn orihime and ichigo O_O 
version 1
Soifonnie xD
Who likes Yoruichi???? well i do :D
Ramtin's sig is very good 
I Think I am getting better :P

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