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Zhax's Album
Ummm... an album... of drawings and such... I hope.
Day 27 of my Sketch a Day project for March. 
Geh, two behind and I still haven't started the perspective jam entry yet. :(
Day 23 Sketch 
Since both are owned by Square-Enix, the team-up you never wanted, Lara Croft and Tifa Lockheart.
Sketch of the Day - Day 22
Day 19 sketch for Sketch a Day for March Jam.
Day 16 of March sketch
Day 15 sketch
Day 14 Sketch
Day 12 Sketch 
Another black paper experiment.
Sketch a Day - Day 9
Day 8 for my sketch a day project
Day 4 for the Sketch a day jam.  Just pretend that is a generic anime-style girl and not Mio.  I swear I could not even get a decent likeness of her...
Day 3 of a sketch a day for March project.  Trying out basic colors in Manga Studio EX 4.0
Starting to work on the shading.  Going for more of an animation style. 
Geh, I hate coloring now. ;p
Geez, I haven't done color in a while.  Took me about 2hrs to lay the flats down in Photoshop.  Lowered the linework to 300dpi from 600dpi (Manga...
Threw some digital inks on the previous sketch.  Not sure if I'll color or tone at this point.
I discovered an art-book about Bruce Timm and it inspired me to try some characters more or less influenced by his style. 
I'll probably ink this one...
quick 30min digital sketch of some strange characters.
Quick Sketch of my City Elf from Dragon Age: Origins
Done on the plane ride back home.  Non-Digital
Done on the plane ride back home.  Non-Digital
Did this while on vacation at my brother's D&D session.  Non-Digital
Digital Sketch, Ink and Tone Practice.  Self-imposed time limit of 45min.
I saw an image of GitS cast along with Batman Beyond and thought it was an awesome idea.  Thus this digital sketch came about.  Different layers for...
Couldn't sleep, so I started to play around with one of the earlier sketches.  Two things are killing me on this.  First, the foreshortening and...
Just a quick compilation of some sketches I did over the last week or so.  Most are digital pencil, but I got some inks in there as well.

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