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Zhax's Album
Ummm... an album... of drawings and such... I hope.
Medium used: Non-Photo Blue lead holder, Pilot Spark Mech Pencil, 11x17 Blue Line Pro comic paper.
la dee da...
Quick 30-45 digital sketch in Manga Studio Debut.
A quick 1hr digital sketch using reference.  The arms and hands need work, but I was trying to limit myself to an hour.  I probably should do more...
Quick study for GAR-ness.
Still doing inks on this one.  I'm hating the wings but it's my own fault for drawing them. :(
Ruby - Test Digital Inks 
Decided to practice my digital inking on her.  Need to work on the gloves some more, but so far Ruby's co-operating. :P
Ruby Sketch 
Medium: Manga Studio Debut 
Input Device: Wacom Intuos Serial Tablet 
I was trying to do a sketch of a witch and somehow Ruby came...
'Why so serious?' 
Medium: Manga Studio Debut 3.0, Wacom Intuos Digital tablet. 
Orig. size:
MMORPG girls sketch 
Medium: Mechanical pencil (HB & 2B) on copier paper. 
Orig. size:

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