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Orimura Chifuyu - IS
Various Pics of Chifuyu
Heaven and Hell
Downing another beer...
Bar Cresendo Talk 3
Bar Cresendo Talk 2
Chifuyu's black bikini
She's thinking of Ichika's nice... warm... home cooking. :D
Chifuyu's English signature...?
Oneechan to the rescue!
"Pfft, as if you can have him."
She's feeling mischievous~
Chifuyu and Ichika Orimura
Chifuyu talking with Maya
Better with Bunnies
"I don't l-l-love that idiot...!"
"You are the only one that I acknowledge as my family, Ichika."
She has tough feet to walk on that ground barefooted...
The profile of an Elder Sister
Chifuyu and Maya at Bar Cresendo
*puts on shades* 
From a doujin... >.>
Chifuyu Cosplay (...just a lil higher~)
Chifuyu Pin
Summer Chifuyu Keychain

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