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Aoie's Album
Kiyun 04 
around 75% done
kaki retouched 
Cropped it lower just for you seitsuki :P
kaki avvy 
The full Body is done, but the head is more than enough ^^ 
ps: Didn't notice the ear, but i can fix that later.
Inspiration at work :) Or so I call it when I can draw for more than a few hours ^^ 
Larger view -...
Aoie003 copy 
Larger view - 
Looks a lot better on paper >.<
Aoie002 copy4 
Version 4 now >.< 
larger view -
Aoie002 copy 3 - version 2 
Larger version -
Aoie002 copy 
Line art / Inked 
Larger version -
Aoie002 copy 
Colored version ^^ 
larger Version -
This once is like 2 months old, but it's the most recent updated drawing of this girl :), who I call Kakizaki. 
Larger view -...
Test pose for contest  
Larger view -
Aoie 001013 copy 
Larger version - 
Comment if you wish :)
Sketch Idea for the March Artist Alike Contest :) 
No need to comment about me drawing on lined paper, I just do that. 
Larger sized one -...
As usual, I always draw on regular loose leaf paper. I left all of my guidelines and everything else on it. Just in case others wish to...
~ I draw this cause, in case anyone has ever wondered. This is my favorite type of hairstyle and personal look and attire on my anime...
(it's a no name girl) 
The dress looks crappy, so I'm redrawing the dress.
Aoie Emesai005 
Current drawing ^^
Aoie Emesai004 copy 
Original of the other one ^^. Doodles everywhere...
Colored Version ^^ 
I hope ya like it. Colored... my best >.< 
Me'll do better next time. The moon image will be next.
Aoie Emesai003
Aoie Emesai002 copy
Just Finished this ^^ 
First Original Drawing that's colored with a background ^^ 
Bit larger size -...
Drawing ^^
My clipboard ^^ 
Essential Tools - .5 Lead Pencil and a nice white eraser. 
Larger size -...
kakizaki unedited by aoie ^^

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