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  1. Anime of the Day - Any User Can Choose It!
  2. Azumanga Darth Vader Theme
  3. Most (if not all) anime will be licensed within 2 years
  4. Doujin Anime - Actually Worth Something, or Just Fanservice?
  5. Moe Moe gets political
  6. Do you consider yourself an "Anime Critic"?
  7. Is Anime being abused?
  8. Sci-Fi Network's Ani-Monday block discussion.
  9. Quality matter - difference between US and japanese DVDs?
  10. bans and more bans..
  11. Instances of Fandom Influencing Canon?
  12. which animes would make good fodder for a hollywood adaption?
  13. Book Off!
  14. 2009 Best Moe Tournament Female division
  15. Characters Raised Away From Civilisation: Does what happened to them count as abuse?
  16. Protecting others and what are you fighting for?
  17. Other than manga/games/LNs/etc, what'd make a good anime?
  18. Why is it considered "cool" to bash on popular anime?
  19. Your favourite "Pacifist" heroes in anime.
  20. Best Anime Toys
  21. Summer 2009 Anime Review Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade
  22. what are the Most popular countries aside Japan in the anime
  23. Running up/down stairs in anime - not realistic?
  24. What about using anonymous P2P?
  25. Western to Anime and vise versa questions
  26. Anime OAVs vs. Anime Series
  27. SDCC Comic Con 2009 Battle Royale video
  28. Autumn 2009: Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  29. Would you sacrifice HD for better animation?
  30. "nice boat" syndrome
  31. Best US Anime/Manga News Site?
  32. Have you ever thought about costs in terms of # of manga you could get?
  33. Anyone else get this from romance anime?
  34. The longevity of your hobby...
  35. Is using willpower/guts a bit of a copout?
  36. Main characters don't use two handed weapons?
  37. Why is there so much inner thought in anime?
  38. What keeps your suspension of belief when you watch anime?
  39. Chinese TV plagarizing anime?
  40. Anime recommendation engine aNi-N-gin
  41. 2009 Animation Kobe Award Results
  42. Leaving gaps between episodes...
  43. Main characters in harem anime are all jerks?
  44. Running Away From Reality? Into Anime-fantasy? Influence?
  45. What is a light novel?
  46. About tastes and target groups ... and hype - objective judgement and criticism
  47. What merchandise is on your wishlist?
  48. Emotion versus Logic - enemies or friends?
  49. Why the poles and wires in anime?
  50. Best of da Best The emperor title of each genre
  51. Crayon Shin-chan's Creator Yoshito Usui Confirmed Dead
  52. top heroines in current shows
  53. Trying not to feel any affection for an anime character?
  54. Executive Meddling and Anime
  55. Anime vs Source-Material
  56. Would the Japanese anime industry benefit if their DVD pricing is more affordable?
  57. Do anime cliches and stereotypes derive from wishful thinking?
  58. Crunchyroll aims to license all new anime. Good news or bad news?
  59. Whats the legal issue on us creating avatar and siggies?
  60. Time Skips in anime - bad element?
  61. Movie Critique Roger Ebert on Anime and Grave of the Fireflies
  62. Happy Moe Day
  63. Autumn 2009 Anime Review Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade
  64. Fillers! How much do you hate / like them?
  65. The Quality of Sequels
  66. Retro versus Modern Anime
  67. Bad Anime Adaptions you want Remade.
  68. Do you like undying characters?
  69. Artificial Intelligence in anime
  70. Which anime/manga has depicted non-Japanese cultures accurately?
  71. AFA 2009 - Singapore
  72. What animes have you dropped recently and why?
  73. When some parts of an anime really are better than its sum
  74. Japanese Industry Launches Global Anti-Piracy Effort
  75. When the mangaka trolls the fans
  76. Crazy Anime Theories
  77. Too many lesbian anime characters these days?
  78. MX media interview
  79. TV Tokyo Medianet sends C&D notice
  80. Winter 2009/2010: Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  81. Why is there so much slice-of-life?
  82. Gender in anime - roles and stereotypes
  83. A copyright treaty, and it's affect on anime fans.
  84. There is no such thing as a free anime?
  85. Anime that don't deserve nostalgia
  86. Which JRPG would you like to see an anime adaption?
  87. What (and Who) is a Tsundere?
  88. Brainless entertainment vs sophisticated entertainment
  89. Independent Anime
  90. What's your anime forecast for 2010?
  91. What's your favourite anime of 2009?
  92. What are your Anime Pet Peeves?
  93. Do commercials inside anime bother you?
  94. How do you memorize Anime details?
  95. Your thoughts on the growing acceptance of anime...
  96. Which Anime Characters Have The Same Birthday As You?
  97. Obsessed/stalker-like characters in anime
  98. ACTA and anime downloading
  99. Are characters with less posibilities / powers more interesting?
  100. top 5 anime of the decade
  101. What makes Hayao Miyazaki so unique and compelling to you as a filmmaker ?
  102. Anime Pairings that would never work out
  103. Remakes of all bad anime
  104. International Saimoe League 2010
  105. Favourite anime OP and ED of 2009
  106. Osananajimi 101 (MAJOR SPOILERS!)
  107. Automail - just in FMA? or in real life too?
  108. The Bane of Shounen: Revealing your ability in battle
  109. Anime with the worst art styles
  110. It's All About The Dialogue
  111. Should've seen the anime first
  112. To be expected or not to be expected?
  113. Do you like characters who have sanpaku eyes?
  114. Anime Related Male/Female Interests In Japan (Surprising Popularity Results)
  115. Chinese Studio Admits They Plagiarized 5cm Per Second
  116. AnimeSuki 2009 Choice Awards Nominations
  117. Whose attending ALCL (London, UK) on 6th February 2010?
  118. Brother-Sister Love - More Popular or Just Me?
  119. Satoshi Kon
  120. Methods you use to watch anime: Fansub-legal stream-DVD-TV-legal DL-illegal stream?
  121. How do you deal with anime haters?
  122. Anime character alignments
  123. The speed of the plot (spoilers)
  124. Ah, does anyone just get annoyed in romance anime when...
  125. Anime on 3D TVs...
  126. [Vote] AnimeSuki 2009 Choice Awards
  127. Loli, Moe animes, and Feminism in Japan (i.e how/why are they popular?)
  128. Winter 2010 Anime Review Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade
  129. serious fandubs?
  130. Best Well-Drawn Kiss in all of Anime... GO!
  131. Your personal anime block.
  132. Best Anime Knock Outs!
  133. Do you read anime reviews?
  134. Do you watch OP's or ED's at least once?
  135. AnimeSuki 2009 Choice Award Winners
  136. The state of anime, are we doomed?
  137. Have you ever been tsundere for a character?
  138. The best way to run an Anime Club
  139. Is story important in comedies?
  140. what kind of ending is most memorable for you??...
  141. Do you like multiple endings?
  142. Anime Story lines and Plot repetitive?
  143. Spring 2010: Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  144. Old titles
  145. Favorite Wham Moment in anime
  146. The internet and it's effect of the anime fan community?
  147. Anime sound effects - where to get them?
  148. Which type of subs do you like the most
  149. Art: Shounen vs Shoujo
  150. Anybody else not able to watch "JUST" 1 ep?
  151. Supporting Anime Industry Before It Dies
  152. What's up with the sexy supernatural beings?
  153. Scifi or Fantasy that would work as an Anime Adaption?
  154. quality of entertainment - anime w/wo manga, television, movies
  155. Japanese Puns:
  156. What type of Seiyuu do you prefer?
  157. A hero is nothing without a villain over him
  158. Shonen Jerkass Heroes
  159. How credible are Tropes?
  160. Samurai Champloo composer Jun Nujabes killed in car accident at 36
  161. I want to be the best in the world vs I want to rule the world - Aren't they the same
  162. Random Curiosity (blog) issues
  163. Complete misinterpretations: How do you think of them?
  164. Antagonists - the best kind of secondary characters
  165. The Mary Sue Discussion
  166. If you could rename weird anime title, what would you name it?
  167. Originality? How, and what does it mean to you?
  168. Plagiarism in the manga/anime world
  169. Why do most anime adaptations have 12 episodes?
  170. what makes a good villain?
  171. Rushed Manga to Anime Adaptions - Why!?
  172. Which genre is it more embarrasing to be a fan of? Moe or Macho Violence?
  173. New collab project between TasoFro and Ryukishi07?: Natsunokagerou
  174. Which anime/manga do you think has the best style of clothes?
  175. Would a K-on! with male-only cast work?
  176. The least hated kind of ending
  177. From Manga/Novel to Anime
  178. Indecisive main character - good or bad?
  179. Your First "Anime Crush"
  180. Anime that popular in internet but sold poorly as DVDs
  181. Do you prefer DVD or 720p TV
  182. Best cooks and foods in Anime?
  183. Is The Anime Fandom Getting Dumber?
  184. Out of Context Content Skewed - Vampire Bund, Himari & More
  185. NHL will feature anime mascots?!
  186. What makes a badass character?
  187. RIP Carl Macek (1951 - 2010)
  188. Spring 2010 Anime Review Thread (rate it out of 10)
  189. Does the Tsundere personality exist in the real world?
  190. Watching anime : legality and ethics
  191. Open letter to the community from the CEO of Bang Zoom Entertainment
  192. SHAFT: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot
  193. Changes to Animax-Asia
  194. Fandom mimicry
  195. Amnesia - one of the most overused and bad tropes ever?
  196. Does Mass Merchandising only happen to anime?
  197. The ever so growing Crunchyroll and Video Streaming in general
  198. 'Indirect Kisses' in anime... what?
  199. List of anime airing in non-chronological order?
  200. Women who watches seinen
  201. Really OLD Anime on AnimeSuki
  202. Fan services are getting more and more rediculus lately...
  203. Summer anime 2010
  204. Korean AniParty Super Moe Tournament
  205. Question about anime news
  206. Most Violent Anime Ever?
  207. Anime North 2010
  208. Converting the normals
  209. RIP Junichi Osako...
  210. Will Shinichiro Watanabe Ever Return To Take The Director's Helm Again?
  211. Your Favorite Short-Form Anime
  212. What makes a hit anime?
  213. CGI Anime
  214. How often do you buy anime?
  215. Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010 (Japan)
  216. MechaCon 2010 - New Orleans, Lousiana
  217. Your Thoughts: Original Gamer talks to Marzgurl about anime.
  218. The Most Sexually Explicit (Non-Hentai) Anime
  219. Customs can't distinguish hentai from other things
  220. Anime exhaustion
  221. What qualifies as well written?
  222. Anime with Multiple Remakes
  223. A-Camp Zombie Survival Edition - Europe
  224. Question about shojo anime.
  225. What is the Oldest Anime You Consider a "Favorite"?
  226. Newtype's Top 30 Male and Female Characters of Each Decade
  227. What do you hate about anime?
  228. Angst in anime
  229. 2010 Best/Super Moe Tournament
  230. Anti-Japanese Chinese Parents - Help?
  231. Anime better than real movies?
  232. What do you do when you feel sad when a awesome anime ends?
  233. What would you do if you had no access to anime?
  234. Coolest fighting styles?
  235. Comic-Con
  236. Several Bishoujo Magazines unavailable at Kinokuniya
  237. Pacific War/Afterwar Japan in anime
  238. Why is there no visual novel thread?
  239. The Author of "Black Butler" announces "No More Illegal Watching Anime"
  240. Lines are being redrawn for Japan's anime industry
  241. Would Funimation ever release older series on blu ray?
  242. Satoshi Kon (Paprika and Millenium Actress) has died at the age of 47
  243. What makes you like a character? Trends and Patterns amoung your favourites?
  244. [Spoiler] Most Romantic/Touching Sex Scene in Anime/Manga
  245. Saimoe Champions Thread
  246. "Moe" - Is it important to you?
  247. Characters you are intended/ expected to hate by creators but end up liking
  248. Why people hate rebuild of evangelion and the anime NHK ??
  249. BEST anime sword attacks / techniques!
  250. Studio Ghibli: discussion, speculation, and whatnot.