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  1. Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA X) : 13-14 Nov 2010
  2. Why do some animes not follow the mangas?
  3. E's the soup rips on anime
  4. Post anime depression
  5. "Ero" is not all there is to eroge
  6. Your anime experience, and how you got into anime。。。
  7. Question about the disturbing experience of "Amon: The Darkside of The Devilman"
  8. Will you play anime character this Halloween?
  9. They ever gunna make a 666 Satan anime?
  10. Getting bolder is not profitable
  11. Rizon Network Down?
  12. The Mood
  13. Is there any evil buddhists in anime?
  14. Scenes with the lines...
  15. Anime Only Character Tournament 2010
  16. Anime that has taught you how to cry again.
  17. Fansub or legal stream (if it's available in your region): Which do you use?
  18. Harem Juxtaposition - Their Characters, Plots, and Developements
  19. Are 3D effects ruining today's anime?
  20. Different characters, same personality?
  21. Anime BD/DVD Packaging
  22. Omnibus vs Unified in the anime medium
  23. In Japanese, there are only 80 some-sounds
  24. Kiss Dum Engage Planet - last few episodes subbed?
  25. Fall 2010 Anime Review Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade
  26. Do You Buy Anime by Each Volume or Wait For The Complete Collection?
  27. Do you prefer watching anime alone or with a friend
  28. How did Evangelion impact the industry?
  29. Moe fans: what shows and characters do you like and why?
  30. Request for help with Anime history
  31. What do you read/watch manga/anime for?
  32. Why does everyone hate angsty characters?
  33. Anime fan subing
  34. I have a vision and i can't shake it off: Glee must have an anime music episode
  35. what other American/UK/Western TV shows would be good for an anime adaptation?
  36. Why question anime characters' ethnicity?
  37. For those of you who have one, what do you think about MAL's rating system?
  38. Favourite anime OP and ED of 2010
  39. Outlook for the future of anime
  40. Drawing anime - has simplicity gone too far?
  41. Does a well-shown idea beat a well-told one?
  42. Nodame Cantabile US DVD/Blu-Ray release?
  43. How long has anime become a serious hobby for you?
  44. Do you "cram" your anime?
  45. Tokyo Anime Fair (TAF) 2011
  46. Favorite little sister of 2010
  47. Favourite Megane Bishoujo of 2010
  48. The anime industry should reduce the quantity of animes in favour of quality
  49. Tokyo's Youth Ordinance Bill
  50. Anime Characters you'd like to party with
  51. trip down memory lane: FFVII
  52. Name order in discussion threads
  53. Romance Between Siblings in Anime
  54. Is it possible to watch every anime ever made?
  55. Our Home's Fox Deity
  56. Christmas Anime
  57. Character polls from Japanese magazines
  58. Sukashi Kashipan-man Live Action Series
  59. Ambiguous ending: How much you love/hate it?
  60. Anime clubs in the UK?
  61. JC Staff: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot.
  62. Revolutionary anime
  63. Your favourite anime (and why!)
  64. 2010's Top 10
  65. Anime Lingerie
  66. AnimeSuki 2010 Choice Awards Nominations
  67. International Saimoe League 2011
  68. MoMash - Mo Elo Rating Tournament
  69. Will we ever see "real robot" anime again?
  70. Best Anime Production of 2010
  71. Romance with a male target audience. Why doesn't it exist in western Media?
  72. Weekly Anime DVD/BD Sales
  73. Why don't anime action heroes pay for their damages?
  74. Good anime openings/endings dubbed in your language?
  75. Anyone wish there are more mecha anime....
  76. Fall 2010 Anime Awards
  77. Have you Fallen In Love to an Anime Character?
  78. The Citizen Kane or Watchmen of Anime and Manga
  79. Okay what is moe?
  80. Is Nadesico & FMP sequels the "Duke Nukem Forever" of anime?
  81. London Anime Con 2011
  82. What are some anime that you found to be just "good"?
  83. Your favorite anime relationships that never came true (SPOILERS!)
  84. Best and Worst Light Novel Adaptation
  85. Comic/Game/TV shows that you want to be anime
  86. Anime related physics question
  87. What makes a good anime
  88. Searching for anime version of clapping orwell gif.
  89. 4Kids Entertainment CEO Al Kahn retires
  90. Did people use to rage about widescreen anime?
  91. Winter 2011 anime: impression
  92. The "Tiger Mask" Phenomenon
  93. Nekketsu: Lost in translation
  94. Anime that have fandom outside their demograpic
  95. "Famous" People who like anime...
  96. Thinking of Contributing Back to the Community
  97. Fractale Production Committee demands Funimation to stop streaming 'Fractale'
  98. how do you deal with Anime Snobs?
  99. Anime Window Theme/Sound Packs?
  100. Collaborations among anime staffs you would like to see
  101. Values Dissonance and Anime
  102. Anime production committees: How do they work?
  103. Anyone else hide their Otaku?
  104. Harem anime: 1 continuity or multipe continuities
  105. Funimation Sues 1,337 Torrent Users Over One Piece
  106. Manga/ANime that made your life change..
  107. The most pretentious anime in your opinion
  108. VIZ Media Trying to Take over Narutofan.com
  109. Has anyone witnesses any 'Jumping The Shark' scenes on any anime lately?
  110. Are you closed minded about your favourite genre(s)?
  111. Licensing Light Novels
  112. noitaminA anime block discussion
  113. Best Mothers in Anime?
  114. Xebec: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot
  115. [Vote] Animesuki 2010 Choice Awards
  116. Navarre puts Funimation up for sale (update April 4, 2011: sold)
  117. Studio Deen: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot
  118. Blu-Ray vs TVRip
  119. Piracy Boosts Anime Sales, Study Concludes
  120. Anime you liked only after rewatching.
  121. Is the anime blog dying out?
  122. Anime cliche that you hate, with a good reason
  123. Aya Hirano. Can someone fill me in?
  124. The "Oh Yeah!" Guy
  125. Most badass/awesome old guy in anime history
  126. Streaming
  127. streaming vs torrents/ddl/xdcc
  128. Favorite Anime Seasons
  129. My Anime Girlfriend
  130. Anime that breaks the fourth wall
  131. AnimeSuki 2010 Choice Awards Winners
  132. Anime girls you like from Old anime series
  133. Why is anime very expensive [in Japan]
  134. Differenece in Western and Eastern Humor
  135. Really good seiyuus in really bad animes
  136. Has it gotten harder for you to enjoy anime?
  137. Favorite Tsundere
  138. Most EVIL character in anime (SPOILERS!)
  139. Favorite Male Leads
  140. Craziest massacres in anime!
  141. Characters that keeps you from fully enjoying an anime or worst made u stop watching.
  142. Do you actually loves "mediocre" shows?
  143. is anime the beacon of Freedom of Expression in Japan?
  144. What are some flaws for an anime you like and qualities of a show you don't?
  145. If you're gonna pick one person from the anime industry to speak at TED, who & why?
  146. Your thoughts on a kappa!?
  147. How does evangelion compare to other 'serious' mecha anime?
  148. How many 30 year old watch Eva or other anime?
  149. the greatest detective in anime
  150. News: Anime/Manga Releases Delayed, Cancelled After Quake
  151. Watching a series all at once as opposed to...
  152. Teenagers in anime
  153. Does mangaka's personality and traits effects their creation?
  154. What's the epic death you've seen in certain anime? (SPOILERS!)
  155. What do you think of female VAs doing male character voices?
  156. The Light Novel Dilemma: Exactness or Congruency?
  157. If you could go out with any anime character...
  158. TV Tokyo, Nihon Ad Terminate Yu-Gi-Oh! Deal, Sue 4Kids
  159. Will the anime industry ever have a "New Wave", or is it happening right now?
  160. DO you like shouta-ish or feminine male leads in your seinen romances?
  161. Tips on giving lecture on Visual Novels
  162. The same old debate: anime vs. cartoons.
  163. Saimecha tournament
  164. Is Tenka Seiha a serious anime reviewer, a satirist or a troll?
  165. Wrong first impressions. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS!)
  166. Favorite Anime "God"
  167. How do you pick new anime to watch each season?
  168. What constitutes a 'good' or a 'bad' character?
  169. Anime speech
  170. What will happen to anime industry if internet don't exists?
  171. Character Driven or Plot Driven
  172. How to market/advertise an anime and have many viewers
  173. P.A. Works: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot
  174. Index for Studio Discussion Threads
  175. Madhouse: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot
  176. Tokyopop Closing Down in North America
  177. Being Late to the Party? (Or, missing out on 'ongoing' shows.)
  178. My Anime Experience as a Film/Media Student (Aka Anime Fanbase Criticism)
  179. Anime on Blu-ray Worth the Quality/Wait?
  180. Director Osamu Dezaki dies, age 67
  181. Popularity of anime in your area?
  182. Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato) on Syfy.
  183. Hollywood's Involvement in Anime: Good Or Bad?
  184. Puella Magi Madoka Magica vs Evangelion
  185. Are shoujo manga/anime really anti-feminist
  186. The comparing anime to bands thread
  187. Is there an english version of the novel "Evangelion-ANIMA" ?
  188. Remaking Anime Songs: a new trend???
  189. Space Pirate Captain Harlock: the movie.
  190. Do you find yourself watching less anime overtime under certain circumstances in life
  191. A character with a BIG AND CRAZY Fanbase
  192. Pros and Cons of Long running and short running anime
  193. Why does anime attract people with autism/Asperger's?
  194. Anime and how it made me say "This is what the BBC/NBC/AMC/CBC should be making!"
  195. The Japanese fascination with English-speaking fans...
  196. Great Anime Ideas that are executed terribly (spoilers)
  197. The odd ones in your favorite anime list
  198. Anime that you like as a kid/preteen but not so much as an adult
  199. Anime North
  200. Animes that represent reality more than fiction
  201. Anime and Fitness
  202. The Art & Appreciation of Akiyuki Shinbo
  203. What would you want in an anisong club / japanese hangout?
  204. "That Scene was Awesome: Japan's Iron Animators" (sakuga anime)
  205. Dere Discussion Thread
  206. 2.2% of Consumers Purchase 81% of Blu-ray in Japan
  207. How faithfulness to the original material the anime is ?
  208. Misconception of Mecha anime
  209. Do you actually buy DVDs/Manga?
  210. Spring 2011 Review Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade
  211. Best lessons learned from manga/anime.
  212. Anime/Figure Shops in Singapore?
  213. Tearjerking Scenes: Heartwarming vs. Depressing
  214. Has anyone made an anime?
  215. Anime smartest and dumbest moments(spoiler alert)
  216. Otaku and 'Pure' Maidens
  217. Melodrama in Anime (Good or Bad?)
  218. Anime as you age: what it means to you
  219. Kawakami Tomoko passes away at 40
  220. When I was your age, my fansubs were on VHS!
  221. "Poor" Tsunderes
  222. anime trend
  223. Multingual Seiyu/Voice Actor appreciation thread
  224. Anime NEWB: Question regarding Kanon 06 series?
  225. help finding where I left off on some animes(spoilers?)
  226. What do you think of "weaboos"?
  227. Japanese anime studios as contractors for U.S. properties?
  228. The domination of yaoi: yuri is forever an uke
  229. Information about Shinrabansho characters
  230. Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 (Japan)
  231. The popularity of genderswap fanarts and fanfics of anime
  232. Oldies but Goodies (pre 90s)
  233. Remembering seiyuu who have left us...
  234. Are some Japanese people disinterested in anime?
  235. Hayate no Gotoku Taiwanese Live Action
  236. What Defines the Magical Girl Genre?
  237. Are Overpowered characters less interesting?
  238. Fictional technologies that you like to have in real life
  239. Find out where you fit in the Fansubbing Political Spectrum (2011 Edition)
  240. Are superhero shows the next big trend? Magical girl shows? Make your predictions
  241. Sadists and psychos in anime
  242. Best fight scenes that didn't involve main characters
  243. Anime Ringtones. Which one do you have on?
  244. Spring 2011 Final Impressions: Post Your Current Opinion and Grade
  245. Music Videos that use anime
  246. Turn anime studios into Hollywood directors!
  247. Summer 2011 Initial Impressions: Post Your Current Opinion and Grade
  248. Coincidence in character names related to Rie Kugimiya
  249. Best Moe Tournament 2011 (Korea)
  250. History of Anime Panel I performed at AVCon 2011 + the Mecha panel my mates did