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  1. What happened to Anime Junkies?
  2. Make sure to put this in all of your fansubs :)
  3. Translators
  4. Translators
  5. Which fansub of Kanon is best?
  6. PopoloCrois fansub?
  7. Public translations(fansubbers must read) !!!!
  8. Wild Striker
  9. Cromartie High? and ANBU?
  10. Best subs for Avenger?
  11. Anime Kingdom Recruitment
  12. Batching up older series
  13. Animejunkies ...is their website up?
  14. Timing Guide
  15. Help in finding 'Meremanoid.'
  16. Aikousha is looking for new members!
  17. Best fansub for Mententei Loki Ragnarok
  18. Best subs for Tsukihime?...help me><....
  19. help ... is japan-tv's site down?
  20. AirMaster 19 and SA
  21. Sazae-san subs
  22. Triad. Talk In Colors!!!!
  23. I have translators, no projects :)
  24. Narutaru DVD
  25. Subtitling Help
  26. Spectre-Anime - just a little feedback!
  27. Trying to Start a Freelance Group
  28. Why do fansubs release two versions?
  29. F-Zero Falcon Densetsu
  30. "New" Low - Hacking
  31. How are fansubs created?
  32. File size of episodes
  33. ANBU subs down??
  34. in need of encoders
  35. subbers/Encoders looking for advice
  36. Top 10 Wishlist to see subbed
  37. Are -all- anime series subbed?
  38. Why do some fansub groups make it harder for us to get the eps?
  39. "Best" Onegai Twins Subs?
  40. condor hero (Live-eviL)
  41. group in need of distro!!
  42. Best Subs
  43. intro-outro 2 long
  44. Suteki-Yume, Requesting Feedback
  45. where is tokyo mew mew 14-19
  46. fansubs=illegal
  47. Submarine Super 99 being fansubed?
  48. Why not 29.97 fps?
  49. Fansubs in danger?
  50. solar&aoshi STELLVIA OF THE UNIVERSE
  51. Thank You Anime-Keep for finishing Happy Lesson Advance
  52. Are You In Favor Of Being Hacked?
  53. DarkAnime Confusion...
  54. Many thanks to Shinsen- subs
  55. Kaizoku-Fansubs, why leave out the credits?
  56. is it me or does darkanime suck
  57. Open letter to all those parties who are traslating anime Peacemaker Kurogane
  58. Grappler baki ep.11+
  59. ANBU still doing Gunslinger Girl?
  60. Avenger A-Keep
  61. #Anime-Xen
  62. series suggestions
  63. What's up with Japan-TV
  64. favorite fan groups for favorite subs?
  65. I need some translators!
  66. SD Project, wacha guys think?
  67. question for the fansubbers
  68. Web designer wanted !!!
  69. Can anyone lend Neko-Factory some help?
  70. Anime-Realm looking for quality checkers and distro
  71. Whose fansubs would you NOT download?
  72. Gundam X wheres eps 1-17?
  73. "we have positions open"
  74. Timer seaking group
  75. New Hunter X Hunter ep.
  76. created by mistake
  77. Who's Getbackers releases were better?
  78. Anime4Life, opinions...
  79. Editor Openings?
  80. ***help Wanted***
  81. Transformers : Superlink
  82. A request for translators
  83. We Suck's script releases for Popotan
  84. Best Get Backers fansubs?
  85. Gundam X ReSeed Eps
  86. Seichi is doing Tsukihime, is it worth the redownload?
  87. E's Otherwise Opening
  88. New Anime Called Submarine Super 99
  89. Live-Evil, I love you.
  90. concerning chrno crusades fansubs (and others)
  91. Wheres Anbu & AonE sub for naruto?
  92. Any Fansubbing tutorials available?
  93. Timer/typesetter Needs Group!
  94. Is fansubbing still relevant?
  95. Question for Hikari no Kiseki members
  96. New Subtilte Group
  97. Anime Blitz's next series sub format?
  98. ChibiDraghon Fansubs - Sub Test
  99. Need Yu Gi Oh dubbed eps
  100. Comic Party Revolution
  101. Initial D fansubs
  102. Who's taking dibs on what?
  103. Japanese game shows, looking to start a group
  104. Raws
  105. A-M subbing Sakigake!! Cromartie High
  106. Gunslinger Girls fansubs that respect the 16:9LB?
  107. Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children
  108. Looking for a translator to do oldschool robot anime.
  109. Searching for group to sub a really really girly anime.
  110. Fmws
  111. What is the the fansub group that subbed Ajimu Beach Story?
  112. "We Suck" and IRC
  113. to download by 3NA
  114. Looking for Web Designers and PhotoShop Artists!!
  115. A request to Lunar's translator...
  116. ILA-fansubs torrents: gone "Poof!"
  117. Licensed.
  118. Gokusen (warning: long)...
  119. Question: why is Anime Fin not listet ?
  120. GITS 2nd gig and Paranoid Agent
  121. Translator Needed desperatly! We have a series very new and unsubbed!
  122. Which Scrapped Princess release is best?
  123. How to choose between multiple funsubs groups
  124. Which fansub group subbed the Good Morning Call ova?
  125. Old School Subbers In Need of Encoder
  126. This Ugly and Beautiful World
  127. The generic "What happened to this Fansub Group" thread
  128. Detective Academy Q
  129. Looking for Help
  130. Bakasan's Naruto
  131. help on karaokes ??
  132. [AKeep-ANBU]Full Metal Alchemist
  133. Does anyone know how I can contact these fansubbers?
  134. The Hawks
  135. Anyone Subbing Jubei Chan 2??
  136. Akazukin Cha Cha
  137. Spanish Naruto subs?
  138. Comic Party Revolution - 01 By Miyuki-Fansubs
  139. Looking for subs LoveHina episode 11
  140. Doesnt anyone watch #konichiwa subs?
  141. GetBackers - Best Quality?
  142. Japanese scripts
  143. Discussing #konichiwa subs
  144. Anyone else tired of A-kraze's constant font changing?
  145. This is rediculous
  146. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo
  147. Anime-Works group name a trademark violation
  148. Hyaku Monogatari (100 Stories)
  149. 5% of ya anime are only good to watch!!
  150. darkanime info inquiry
  151. Has DarkAnime improved?
  152. How do you like your fansub typesets?
  153. Most downloaded fansub ever?
  154. Best fansub for Maburaho?
  155. Fansub Group KAA?
  156. How Many Of You Watched Triangle Heart ep 4, did you like it?
  157. Ace wo nerae!
  158. Live-evil Dead? And who killed it?
  159. Timer in need of group (again)
  160. Halo ->Tokyo Underground
  161. Siawase Apartments no Okojo-san
  162. Fansub group in need of typesetter
  163. anyone want a encoder??
  164. Alot of Sort of Interesting Questions
  165. Whoa
  166. Gizmonic - Let me into your stinkin' site!
  167. B-Densetsu! Battle Bedaman
  168. Gokusen Live Action Fansub Request
  169. Looking For...... (new group looking for staff)
  170. Dragon Quest: Dai's Adventure (Dai no boken)
  171. Translator needed for Okojo-san
  172. Is Anime-Keep ok?
  173. Wanted: Translator for Touch
  174. props to seichi for subbing chibi maruko chan
  175. Nandayo seeking staff (translators and timres, look here!)
  176. Newbie fansubber needs assistance! Please?
  177. Looking for group to fansub a shoujo series...
  178. New fansub group looking for skilled translator
  179. Who fansubbed Handsome Girl OVA
  180. DVD Fansubs
  181. *still* looking for a translator (this time with options)
  182. Looking for a translator for the continuation of Jubei Chan 2
  183. Sugar-Cube - Maburaho?? What's up this group?
  184. Koneko Fandubs!
  185. New Fansub Group : Dodgy_subs
  186. FANSUB Help
  187. More who fansubbed this question???
  188. Licensed Anime on Group's BT Page!
  189. Best fansubgroup for the following series?
  190. Nandayo - Possible Fandub Division
  191. L00king for Raw Provider and Editoz
  192. Anime Distro group needs your help
  193. [N-O] Kita-he ~ Give me your opinion
  194. Is BT really that slow?
  195. Eiken Ova
  196. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito: who's releases to get?
  197. Why do Fansubbers put OP/ED on anime files?
  198. ISO: Spanish Subber
  199. #animechounin looking for translator and Karaoke
  200. Onigiri! Some help...
  201. Anime-Otakus
  202. New fansub group: Nanime (finnish)
  203. Thanks from the bottom of my heart ANBU and AnonE
  204. Anime-Blitz looking for a raw provider...
  205. Where are the mermaids?
  206. Anyone subbing Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie?
  207. Detail about Live-evil
  208. AnimeSuki's Fansub Help Wanted Classifieds
  209. AnimeSuki's Fansub Help Wanted Classifieds - Discussion
  210. gits second season(the link to the goods)
  211. Fansub Groups' Views on Licensed Subbing
  212. Wish to contact torrent page admin
  213. Nano fansubs:.Typesetting help, members, etc...
  214. Anyone Fansubbing Mousou Dairinin (Paranoia Agent)?
  215. Gilgamesh- Thanks AnimeForever!
  216. Fansubs and Licenses - rivals?
  217. Infusion anime - Where for art thou?
  218. L-E Looking for someone to time japanese PVs (music videos)
  219. Lunar speeds up but at what cost?
  220. Looking For........
  221. Need karaoker for SES and HyoLee vids
  222. [cbtm]
  223. Ruin Explorers Translation?
  224. Translator for King Gainer and/or Wataru wanted
  225. Has your translator gone awol !!!!
  226. Osamu Tezuka's Experimental Animations
  227. Translations offered for Japanese songs/Music Videos (concept)
  228. How does an Group choose its projects
  229. Pretty Cure is anyone gonna sub it?
  230. Anyone subbing Pretty Cure?
  231. New Anime
  232. Is Onigiri MIA?
  233. Why do so many groups size their encodes just so they *don't* fit on a CD? [PhA] [XF]
  234. does a fansub lead faster to a licenced release??
  235. Any Fan Sub groups planning on subbing HxH OVA 3?
  236. Naruto, whats the difference with all the releases?
  237. Lunar releasing separate versions in WMP9?
  238. Monster
  239. free web hosting for fansubbers !!!
  240. tokyo mew mew licensed
  241. Lost the link
  242. an open plea for a group to pick up Gakkou no Kaidan
  243. Why I can't find a good fansub group for Naruto?
  244. Public anime/manga script database operational please contribute and take fansubbers
  245. B-F group tag: Bishoujo-Fansubs vs. Baka-Fansubs
  246. Need Link
  247. Website down?
  248. Thank you animeone
  249. calling all FRENCH anime fans or whoever wants to help
  250. Gah too many fansubs; not enough time