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  1. Mai Hime / My-Hime
  2. Favorite girl?
  3. What is Searrs and First District?
  4. Airing time?
  5. Episode 13 discussion thread [SPOILERS]
  6. Kanzaki/Mai/Tate/Shiho and others
  7. [Manga] Does Natsuki truly like Tate, or...
  8. How many episodes will My HiME contain?
  9. My HiME/Otome Q&A Thread
  10. Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome GIF Request Thread [Read Guidelines]
  11. [Mai Otome] Episode 11 Discussion/Poll
  12. [My Otome] [SPOILERS] Future Episode Synopses/Series Predictions
  13. My-HiME/My-Otome Image Thread (Wallpapers, Screen shots, Scans, etc.)
  14. The GEM Thread
  15. Main Otome song
  16. Mai Otome OST
  17. Welcome Back! (Please Read - Poll Results)
  18. Mai HiME Marriage Prospects
  19. Things Arika's Grandma Taught Her
  20. Mai Otome Episode 10 Discussion Thread
  21. Mai Otome Episode 9 Discussion Thread
  22. Mai HiME/Otome Fanfiction Thread
  23. Mai Otome Episode 8 Discussion Thread
  24. Mai HiME Omake Translations
  25. Restoration Mai HiME/Otome thread
  26. Mai Otome - Program change
  27. Mai-HiME DRAMA CD Translations~
  28. Mai-Otome Official Popularity Poll *hosted by BigGlobe*
  29. Frightening Otome Pictures Thread
  30. My-HiME stuffs
  31. HiME vs ZHiME
  32. My HiME the movie?? (Fake)
  33. Char Appearances Checklist
  34. Which Mai-otome character to go down first?
  35. [Mai Otome] Episode 12 Discussion/Poll
  37. My HiME/My Otome Artbooks
  38. Who is the real queen of Windbloom? (possible spoilers)
  39. What a Mai Hime/Mai Otome character would never say??
  40. OP2: Crystal Energy by Minami Kuribayashi
  41. How to neutralize an otome?
  42. Who has the coolest and strongest gadgets/weapons?
  43. Looking for english Otome fansites...
  44. Character review: Shizuru Viola
  45. Mikoto is not just a fat cat
  46. Mai Hime/ Otome Collections
  47. I proclaim that Miya's forehead is just too big...
  48. Character review: Arika Yumemiya
  49. Are there Guys who watched Mai Hime/Otome ?
  50. Alyssa's MIP in Mai hime
  51. [Mai Otome] Episode 13 Discussion/Poll
  52. Mai Hime Doujin game.
  53. Mai HiME and Mai Otome favorite episodes.
  54. Mai otome episode list
  55. Looking for something.. omake?
  56. My Hime and My Otome favorite quotes/parts
  57. Otome's Greatest "Hits"
  58. MH/MO clothing discussion
  59. Quick fan sub comparison (Mai-Otome)
  60. [Mai Otome] Episode 14 Discussion/Poll
  61. Favorite Mai Hime theme?
  62. Will Kazu be Akane's master?
  63. HiME/Otome Haiku
  64. Mai-Hime Special 14 (Miyu)
  65. Could Sunrise pull off a 3rd HiME series?
  66. Mai-Otome Romantic Relationships (Possible Spoilers)
  67. My HiME dvds by Bandai
  68. Mai-Otome: Mid Season Report Card
  69. anyone else here think this series will be longer than 26 episodes?
  70. Parts of the Harmonium
  71. Arika's and Nina Appearance In Mai-HiME
  72. Fan service in Mai Otome compared to Mai Hime!
  73. What episode is this from HiME
  74. CHALLANGE FIC! Rare pairing!
  75. [Mai Otome] Episode 15 Discussion/Poll
  76. Schwartz, Aswald, and the Black Valley what's their deal?
  77. does rena has a daughter or daughters?
  78. Would Natsuki Kill For Revenge?
  79. Is Tomoe mad enough to kill?
  80. Whats the differnce between MH Shizuru and MO Tomoe
  81. [Mai Otome] Episode 16 Discussion/Poll
  82. Character review: Sergey Wong
  83. Who do you think the Shadow Otome is? *SPOILERS*
  84. My-HiME joke "Movie Trailer" Discussion *SPOILERS*
  85. Who's Your Favorite Mai-Otome Character?
  86. Which Mai-Otome Character Do You Hate The Most?
  87. Here's your chance to make Doremi's translations better...
  88. [Mai Otome] Episode 17 Discussion/Poll
  89. What scenes do you most want to see in MO?
  90. My-Otome NetTV and NetRadio
  91. Cultural References in My HiME / My Otome
  92. [Mai Otome] Episode 18 Discussion/Poll
  93. Mai Hime/ Otome possibly shown outside Japan?
  94. Mai Hime Role Playing Game Character Stats Writeups
  95. My-Otome Plot Holes (Real or Imagined)
  96. Does anyone have the Coral/Pearl class list?
  98. The Chie/Aoi Relationship Discussion (Otome/HiME)
  99. Who would YOUR Otome be?
  100. Why do you like Mai Hime/Otome?
  101. Who's your MH/MO Valentine?
  102. Looking for a scene (My HiME)
  103. [Mai Otome] Episode 19 Discussion/Poll
  104. Mai HIME / Mai Otome Sheets
  105. AceMan - Un Mei [song inspired by Mai HiME]
  106. Why can't a guy be an Otome???
  107. ShizNat and the MO equivalent
  108. Otome School Must be rough
  109. Take your pick, it won't hurt. Doremi needs your input.
  110. Where is Mai now?
  111. [Mai Otome] Episode 20 Discussion/Poll
  112. Mai-Otome DVD Vol.2 Omake: "This Week's Armitage"
  113. Background for Miss Maria?
  114. My HiME / Otome AMV thread
  115. Which Hime/Otome characters have shed tears?
  116. My-HiME Ending Discussion (split from Episode 20)
  117. Whom does Sergay love more?
  118. Nagi: The proud, the bratty, and good intentions?!
  119. [Mai Otome] Episode 21 Discussion/Poll
  120. The 5 Pillars
  121. Mai HIME Unmei No Keitojou (Old Topic Rebirth)
  122. Favorite Couples (Shoujo-ai Discussion Thread)
  123. [Mai Otome] Episode 22 Discussion/Poll
  124. Favorite Couple (non-Shoujo-ai)
  125. Mai-Otome Cosplay Thread
  126. Aswald, Asward, Aswad or Asuwado?
  127. MIYU is the best!!!
  128. [Mai Otome] Episode 23 Discussion/Poll
  129. I'm totally confused! HELP
  130. Final predictions on Who is Who
  131. Mikoto's Dearest One?
  132. [Spoiler]Should Sergay take one for the good of the world
  133. Speculations/Theories on who Killed Aswald's Previous Leader. ( no spoilers please)
  134. (MH) Is Fumi an android?
  135. [Mai Otome] Episode 24 Discussion/Poll
  136. DVD Special 3: Juliet's Plot ~Otome Lingerie Party~
  137. Anyone else get a feeling there will be a second season of Mai-Otome? (spoilers!)
  138. How many times....
  139. Are we gonna get HiME'd?
  140. My Otome fic is on! A MASHIRO/ARIKA pairings starts it off!
  141. DVD Special 4: The Wind-Up Maki Maki Shiho
  142. Radio drama translation? Anyone? O_o
  143. Mai Otome Fandub
  144. Mai-HiME/Otome name origins
  145. A Question with Dialects!
  146. Mai Otome OAV
  147. [Mai Otome] Episode 25/26 Discussion/Poll
  148. Mai Otome DVDs?
  149. Shizuru's dubbed voice that bad?
  150. Mai Otome is done
  151. What do you want in the third Mai series?
  152. My Otome: My Purpose?
  153. Mai-Hime or Mai-Otome, Which do you like more?
  154. Do you wish that Yuri really become main theme in next release?
  155. Mai-Otome 25 parody
  156. SO, were HiME and Otome connected?
  157. What Shizuru Sees in Natsuki?
  158. Mai Otome Marriage Prospects
  159. Prediction: Which type of romance will be main focus in Otome OVA?
  160. The Seniority of Otomes
  161. Why does Mashiro end sentences in "-ja"
  162. Most developed character in My Otome?
  163. Uh oh... Not good news for the OVA.
  164. SchoolMAiDs, the original Mai-Otome? (Spoiler)
  165. crossover question "spoilers"
  166. Mashiro Diamond
  167. The Mai Otome Season Rating and Final Discussion Thread
  168. What replaced Otome on the air?
  169. Mai Otome Live Action Movie
  170. Nina's Inability to be an Otome
  171. Mai-Otome Manga [Chapter 35]
  172. Mai-Otome manga [CHapter 36]
  173. DVD Special 5: "There in the Crimson Sky" ~Akane Soir's Day of Suffering~
  174. Otome Second Official Poll! (every one can vote!)
  175. Mai-Otome manga [Chapter 37]
  176. Mai-Otome manga [Chapter 38]
  177. Mai-Kinoto HiME
  178. Mai-Otome manga [Chapter 39]
  179. DVD Special 6: "Graduation memories, Erstin Ho's last smile."
  180. Who is your favorite between HiME/Otome Rivals and Pairings?
  181. Favorite and Least Favorites
  182. Mai-Otome manga [Chapter 40]
  183. Otome Kiss
  184. Mai-Otome manga [Chapter 41]
  185. the outfits and what it means
  186. Mai Otome Manga [chapter 42]
  187. Mai Otome Manga [chapter 43]
  188. Hmmm... A new SuperH...
  189. Mai-otome Drama Cd Vol2
  190. DVD Special 7: "In the village of the Aswad ~ Midori and her pleasant companions ~"
  191. Mai Otome Manga [chapter 44] END
  192. Himes and their Children: Names of Them?
  193. Mai-Otome licensed by Bandai Entertainment
  194. Mai HiME / OTOME The sims 2 Style!!
  195. Fic search
  196. Official My-Otome poll website for best character
  197. DVD Special 8: "The Legend of Fire String Ruby ~The truth of Meister Mai~"
  198. Make a Summary
  199. Otome/HiME Music Discussion (OP/ED & OST, etc.) [NO DOWNLOADS]
  200. Bandai Visual and Mika-chan have just hit new a low...
  201. You know you watch/read too much HiME/Otome when...
  202. Mai-Otome- Something Interesting
  203. DVD Special 9: Mai-HIME VS Mai-Otome Part 2: Mai VS Arika... Battle... Again...
  204. Cosplay Assistance?
  205. Fuuka Gakuen The Third Chapter??
  206. HiME sightings in Otome
  207. "Mai Otome" Doujin Game
  208. How could the series have been improved?
  209. What Mai Otome might have been (YouTube Video)
  210. DVDs/Torrents/Games
  211. What If Fukuda Had Been Director?
  212. Gender Politics of Mai-Hime, First Season
  213. Mashiro's Use of "I"
  214. Mai Otome OAV 1
  215. My-HiME: Kokuyouguu
  216. Arika's Mom's Robe
  217. Somethng intresting
  218. Fuuka Taisen PC game
  219. Reito Kanzaki...?
  220. Change in opinion towards HiME/Otome
  221. Mai Otome OVA 2
  222. Mai Hime : Fuuka Dai Sen
  223. My-HiME Big-Bang Project!
  224. The case for and against Nao's virtue
  225. Is my mind in the gutter or do I sense some Yuri(not ShizNat)?
  226. Mikoto's element and child
  227. Questions regarding MIP's and child's
  228. The Shiho-Tate-Mai triangle, why Tate's an ass and why people hate Shiho
  229. 2nd OP seemed to resemble SEED
  230. Everyone seems to think that Natsuki rejected Shizuru in Hime... not the truth
  231. the last volume of my-hime vol7 included a director cut episode 26
  232. Mai Hime movie and my claim that it was simply abandoned and not a fake
  233. :help: About Mai Hime drama cd vol.1 translation
  234. My Hime series..who is Fumi?
  235. How to bring Erstin Back *Huge MO Spoilers 0___0!!!*
  236. Mai Otome OVA 3
  237. Mai Hime Destiny
  238. Otome Zwei - Anyone notice...
  239. Is Yuri becoming a predominant theme in the My-Hime franchise and is this a bad thing
  240. Mai Otome The Movie
  241. Mai-Otome chronology
  242. Your Mai-HiME/Otome dreams
  243. Who has the best/worse robe?
  244. My Otome Zwei licensed by Bandai Entertainment
  245. My HiME, My Otome, My Otome Zwei & 0 ~S.ifr~ are all licensed!
  246. My-Otome 0
  247. Mai Otome OVA 4
  248. The Dubbing of My HiME / Otome
  249. Are Otome a metaphor for WMDs?
  250. Favorite moments in Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome?