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2003-11-15, 14:00
I was inspired to make this thread after finishing Juuni Kokki. Ive' seen a lot of anime but this is the first time a character left something more meaningful in me.
Rakushun is such a person that all of us want to have as a friend. He is the glue that held Juuni Kokki together. Without him, Youko would not have been the empress that we wanted her to be. He also lent a helping hand to the fallen princess who eventually became Youko's friend. Eventhough he's a half-beast and suffered discrimination for it, he continued to strive to fulfill his dreams. A great character indeed.

Who do u think is the most inspirational character in Anime and why? (Doesn't have to be your favorite character)

2003-11-15, 14:29
Vash from trigun, he's such an unbelivably good person I just wish I could be that good.

2003-11-15, 17:30
Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha - he can control his anger extremely well and make it seem as if nothing can get him irritated...and if it does he will always act so calm and collective...but with his evil side he also has a very good side that he doenst show all that often except for a specific little girl...i just wish i didn't have as much anger/rage as i do and be more calm and collective like he is

2003-11-15, 18:03
Aoyama Motoko : she is quite inspiring because she is so devoted to whatever she does and is able to concentrate herself completely to reach a goal. Also she has a strong sense of justice which I find very admirable.

Himura Kenshin : another strong willed character with a strong sense of justice.

2003-11-15, 18:46
Naruto or Sakura from [Naruto]
Naruto never gives and neither does Sakura

2003-11-15, 19:10
Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Kabuto and Gaara from Naruto
Faye and Spike from Cowboy Bebop
Kazuma from Scryed

They are my picks because all of these characters have got two things in common. They are all unpredictable and only work for themselves.

2003-11-15, 22:54
Here's mine:

Honda Tohru from Fruits Basket
Mitsuki from Full Moon Wo Sagashite


filipino heat
2003-11-15, 22:58
ippo makounouchi from hajime no ippo, keitaro urashima from love hina, and naruto uzamaki from naruto for their determination

Moon The Cat
2003-11-15, 22:59
Kenshin for some reason inspired me a lot. And there is also the main character from Mononke Hime. Can't remember his name....(some help would be aprecciated)

Kempis Curious
2003-11-15, 23:58
Kenshin for some reason inspired me a lot. And there is also the main character from Mononke Hime. Can't remember his name....(some help would be aprecciated)

That would be Ashitaka. I remember that because I have the soundtrack and one of the songs is names after him. :)

My list:
Sana from Kodocha. Friendly, boundless energy and love for people, and the ability to turn bad people into good.
Alpha from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. Friendly, powerful, and chatty, but appreciates that peace and beauty are why we are alive.
the Misago from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. She lives the way she wants even though it's very strange... naked, carnivorous, silent, and mysterious. But still will protect and love people, though only from a distance.
Vash the Stampede Kept a good attitude even though he coulda been a real jerk
Hale from Jungle wa. Put up with a lot of crap from just about everyone around him, only finally lost his temper when he got drunk.
Sakura from Key the Metal Idol. She was guilted into doing what was right by the presence of Key, but she did right. Doing what's right when you're very tempted to do what's wrong is a real sign of a strong character.
Narue and her boyfriend Narue no Sekai. I can't remember what the boy's name was. :( At the beginning those two were understandably very nervous about having a relationship, since it was the first time for them both. They finally found the courage to overcome their shyness and the anime went from there. That took a lot of bravery and I found it very inspiring. :)
Captain Tailor from Irresponsible Captain Tailor (tylor). He summed it up when he said. "You should do what's right in order to avoid stress." I wrestled with that statement for years before surrendering to the truth of it. (and no, it doesn't mean avoiding stress by doing right is a selfish action)

wow I kinda wrote a lot there

2003-11-16, 12:59
ippo makounouchi from hajime no ippo for their determination

Ippo inspired me too way too weird. I bought a sandbag set w/ stand ($230), Everlast boxing glove set ($45) and I've been running and boxing since then.

2003-11-16, 13:48
hiko seijiro 13 from rouroni kenshin for being the strongest master i've ever seen with great ideals and a great student (kenshin)
hamba yujiro from grappler baki for being the embodiment of strenght
saito hajime from rouroni kenshin fro being to faithfull for his ideals

2003-12-12, 06:33
asuka from evangelion

she is such a perfect girl except her personality
i want to change her................... so she can be more perfect

2003-12-12, 12:04
asuka from evangelion

she is such a perfect girl except her personality
i want to change her................... so she can be more perfect

Soo...aside from how she LOOKS...you don't like her at all. Gee.

Kempis Curious
2003-12-12, 17:46
asuka from evangelion

she is such a perfect girl except her personality
i want to change her................... so she can be more perfect

I'll be more gentle than Lain :D and ask:

But how is that inspirational to you? Did Asuka make you want to go and help troubled teens or something?


2003-12-12, 17:52
vash da stampede and kenshin

2003-12-12, 22:53
For me its my nick...... Asakura Yoh from Shaman King

I feel that he's really different from me in that he is able to always calm his mind... I'm not... I'm always worrying even about tiny little things... so I hope to be more like him....

2003-12-12, 23:03
Miyazawa Yukino and Arima Souichirou (Kare Kano)

Perfection is such a hard thing to obtain...

2003-12-12, 23:24
I do have a rather limited knowledge of anime but from what I have seen so far I'd have to say Vash from Trigun.

Just his extreme, unmatchable level of kindness, that's how I try to act every day, try to be the nicest person I can, help anyone who needs it.. A great rolemodel of sorts.

2003-12-13, 00:01
Luffy (One Piece) - Has the determination to achieve his dream of finding One Piece and becoming the Pirate King. He's a great friend and cares about his crew. Even if he does fail, he atleast knows that he tried.

2003-12-13, 00:27
Spike Spiegel was the most inspirational character to me. Always remain calm, always think before acting.

Makoto Shishio. Why? Because he fought for his ideals. He wasn't wrong after all. Every swordsman fought for his ideals, and that what's everyone should do in their life.

Luffy and Naruto. They never give up and always keep fighting for their dream. But specially the hard-working Rock Lee, he's very inspirational.

Saitou Hajime for his sense of justice. Aku. Soku. Zan.

2003-12-13, 01:19
Kabuto Kouji (Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger)
Kodai Mamoru (Uchuu Senkan Yamato)
Captain Harlock (Captain Harlock)
Mertle (Galaxy Express 999)
Char Aznable (Gundam, Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Char's Counterattack)
Amuro Ray, Camille Vidane, Judo Ashita (Gundam, Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ)
Anabel Gatteau (Gundam 0083)
Roy Fokker (SDF Macross)
Captain Nemo (Nadia, Secret of Blue Water)
Nero & Patrash (Dog of Flanders)
Marco (Haha o Tazunete 3000ri)
Heidi (Alps no Shoujo Heidi)
D'Artagnan (Anime Three Musketeers)
Amaterasu [Ladios Sopp] & Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos (Five Star Stories)
Akko-chan (Himitsu no Akko-chan)
Sarry-chan (Mahou Tsukai Sarry)
Nephrite (Sailor Moon)
Tsukimiya Ayu (Kanon)

characters that have become a primetime standard in front of the TV during dinner time:
Sazae-san (Sazae-san) - been on air since 1969
Doraemon (Doraemon) - airing began in 1973 first on Nihon TV, was cancelled in less than a year (TV producers failed to see a market), put onto TV Asahi and has been on air since (along with Shougakukan, Fujiko Pro, and TV Asahi, they share an annual market of over $300 million from Doraemon merchandise alone)
Chibi Marukochan (Chibi Marukochan) - airing began in 1990, except for 1993 and 1994, resumed broadcast in 1995 due to viewer response...and has been on air ever since.
Crayon Shinchan (Crayon Shinchan) - has been on air since 1992

2003-12-13, 01:46
Wow.. A lot of old anime series.^^;;


I'll say Vash too.. Because he doesn't have the type of "kill everyone to survive" mentality.. He loves peace, and he is always cheerful..

I think a lot of characters from Naruto are very inspirational.. Rock Lee and Naruto always fight and they never give up, no matter what people can tell them.. Even though she has low confidence, Hinata decided to keep fighting.. Sakura always supports her team and never runs away.. You might think she doesn't do anything, but she's there for them. ^^;;

Onizuka Sensei is a really inspirational character to me. He doesn't let society's rules make him into a puppet. He really did his best to help his students without trying to change who he is. I admire that.

I think Makoto [ Sailor Jupiter ] is inspirational too.. She really doesn't fit into any place. I mean, she doesn't like school and things like that. She has a lot of trouble in her soldier role too. She wishes she could get married and do normal things, yet she finds the strenght to help her friends ... Also, even though she lives alone after her parents die.. She has the strenght to go on. ..

I admire Sakura and Tomoyo from CCS a lot. ><;;; I'm even jealouuus... Because both of them are always so nice. ^^;;

There's too many characters I could name @_@;;..

2003-12-13, 02:58
Luffy is defenatly high up on the lists. The type of person who puts 100% into his dreams and doesnt look back. Keeping a positive outlook on life despite the circumstance. Trusting, careing, faithful, understanding, sympathetic, etc.. (you get the point)

2003-12-13, 03:52
hmmm I never really had thought about this, but lets see hmmm...I liked Jinto (srry don't know Baronh translation or Jap for taht matter) from Crest of the Stars, Battle Flag of the Stars I and II....aka Banner of the Stars I and II because of how he acted and the things he said to himself about the person he had fallen in love with.

He would never leave her side even though he hasn't told her his true feelings he still continues to stay by her side over everything he has lost. I guess I like the story too. It may not hold flashy action, but the relationship that you want to happen slowly progresses kinda of like the way my love life goes. So in a sense he is inspirational by saying to me that waiting for a relationship is something good because good things take time ne?

Kempis Curious
2003-12-13, 03:59
Roy Fokker (SDF Macross)
Nephrite (Sailor Moon)
Crayon Shinchan - has been on air since 1992

Could you explain the above three? How are they inspirational?


very curious

2004-01-05, 05:56
Takumi fujiwara from Initial D, his lousy car can win all !!

2004-01-05, 13:05
Maron from kamikaze kaitou jeanne, because no matter wat happened to her, she would stay strong and never let anything bring her down.

2004-01-05, 13:50
Ippo inspired me too way too weird. I bought a sandbag set w/ stand ($230), Everlast boxing glove set ($45) and I've been running and boxing since then.

Haha, I have the Ippo inspiration too. Although I haven't bought any equipment (due to lack of money and space), I shadow box all the time without even thinking about it. Also I've been able to get myself back into running again after 2 years. I can't wait for the DVDs to come out :D

Oh and Kenshin too because he has an ideal that he lives for, and no matter how hard it gets for him he refuses to betray himself. I have an ideal of my own and Kenshin helped me to back my confidence in supporting it.

2004-01-05, 14:28
it's cliched i know, but:
Kenshin and Vash: after all they've seen and done in their lives, they're able to live and conduct themselves as true "heroes"
Naruto and Rock Lee: Hard work and determination will help you go places (or, in Lee's case, get your arms and legs smashed by a sand freak)
Pai and Yakumo from 3x3 Eyes: also very determined, both spent many years searching for a way to become human (i still dunno how it ends though...)

strangely enough, Kenshin, Vash, Lee, and Pai were the inspiration for my 4 main characters in a story i'm writing (mostly because certain aspects of them were very cool: kenshin's swordsmanship, Vash's gunmanship, Lee's physical strength, and Pai's 3rd eye)

2004-01-05, 17:44
Vash- He is such a gos person with such a good heart

Leo/Kimba- (not many ppl know about him) he has the most infulence on me he is just perfect :)

Ayu- Because she has a good heart and makes life wonderful :)

2006-03-12, 21:52
Who is da man (or woman) in the anime?

Eikichi Onizuka:
Why he's the man?: When you look at Onizuka-kun's profile of being a high school dropout-turned motorcycle punk with a low IQ, you would think that he has less chance of becoming a teacher, let alone a good one than a yakuza gangster. That was what everyone else in the GTO world thought but he proved them wrong. He used a different style of teaching from ordinary average teachers but being a social outcast, he understood those teenage kids' problems a lot better than the adults who led a privileged life and had a privileged childhood, therefore they wouldn't understand the unprivileged, problematic kids but rather saw them as mere "trash". At first, Onizuka's becoming a teacher had been motivated by his dream of having a 16-years old wife by the time he's 40, but later on, he discovered not only that it's wrong to take advantage of youngsters but also that he seriously discovered the responsibility of being a teacher, when he sees himself in any kid in school. He aims to become a teacher and his goal is met with success as he used his "special counseling" to reach out to every student including Yoshikawa, Kikuchi, Kunio, Urumi Kanzaki, and even Miyabi in the manga and anime.
Defining moment: in the manga volume 25, when Eikichi was seriously injured from his skirmish with an insane lunatic kid and was brought to hospital, he was on the brink of death with doctors futilely trying to revive him. Everyone was worried. So worried that Urumi Kanzaki sliced her wrists and promised that if Onizuka dies, she'll join him. Ryuji Danma pounded his fists on Onizuka-sensei's chest in order to try to revive him. Just after Onizuka was pronounced dead by the doctors, Yoshikawa refused to accept the news. He yelled out that the school is on fire and principal Daimon and the school director Sakurai are trapped inside. He added that only Onizuka can save them. Suddenly, as if Onizuka heard Yoshikawa's words, he suddenly woke up back to life and stormed out of the hospital on his way to the school. He crashed his motorcycle into the burning school and then rescued Daimon right out a fourth floor window, riding on his motorcycle in the mid-air and laughing like a lunatic. It seems like a miracle that he came back to life just after pronounced dead because there is still someone else in danger but Onizuka would never know when to quit. He refuses to let even death stop him.

Kenshin Himura
Why he's the man: He's the battousai. perhaps the greatest anime swordsman in all of Japan. He gradually had realized that he's committed grave sins so he vowed never to take a life again. But he promises himself to devote his life to fight for justice, fight to protect his friends and fight to atone his sins. He often risked his life to protect the innocents and refused to back down when he's in danger. He even stopped Shishio in order to save the people and government of Japan.
Defining moment: In the Christian saga storyline, he was facing a new deadly foe called Shogo Amakusa who proclaimed himself the Son of God. Shogo was so dangerous, even Kenshin’s mentor is rather wary of him. Even when Kenshin got blinded by Shogo’s attack, he could run away but he didn’t. He still adheres to his goal of defeating Shogo who is far more powerful than him because he knew the lives of innocent Japanese Christians are at stake. Kenshin knew If he ran away and refused to stop Shogo, many or all of Shogo’s Christian followers will get slaughtered. So Kenshin had to stop him, even though he‘s still blind. Kenshin would lose if he sought a rematch with Shogo But in the end, the blind Kenshin managed to defeat his vastly superior enemy, Shogo.

Sakura Kinomoto:
Why she rules: At first Sakura was reluctant to accept her card captor role. But later on as she saw the cards’ somewhat destructive potential to harm innocents, she realized the importance of her responsibilities as a card captor. Meaning she was more than willing to assume the mantle of the card captor in order to protect her friends, family and other residents of the town. It was not just her magical skills that made her a worthy card captor. But also it was her own compassion and kindness. She fought hard to capture cards in order to save people from Watery Card’s drowning them, free Rika from the Sword Card, release Tomoyo and her mom’s treasure box from the Shield Card, to save the doll shop “Twin Bells” from the Jump card, etc. She struggled so hard to transform each Clow card into her own Sakura card, which draws a lot of her magical energy making her sleep. But transforming Day and Night cards was no walk in the park at all. But still she went to VERY great pains to change the Day and Night in order to free her beloved hometown from Eriol-kun’s control. And she succeeded with Syaoran’s help as well as Kerberos and Yue’s, too .
Defining moment: In the episode 46: “Sakura & The Last Judgment”, When Yue, at Kerberos’ nomination, was ready to test Sakura and Syaoran for whether they were worthy to be their master. Syaoran failed and Sakura was about to fail, too until she was experiencing a dream in what the world was like, if she should fail the judgment test. She saw how everyone forgot their own feelings for each other and it saddened her. She felt it was the worst thing that could happen to anyone. She refused to allow this to happen, so she decided to fight back vigilantly until she passed Yue’s judgment. And so she did successfully, because of her desire to protect people’s happiness, love and memories.

2006-03-12, 22:20
Why he rules: Unlike Goku (and his sons) who was born a hero, Vegeta was the villian. He was the strongest, the proudest, the last prince of a warrior race. A race of conquerors known and feared throughout the universe. Then Vegeta comes to earth and meets Goku, someone of his own race who is not a prince and who is stronger than him. Imagine the shock. There's fighting, things get broken, people die and come back, life goes on, and a friendship between Goku and Vegeta is forged in the fire. I think we all know the story of Dragonball Z so there's no need to recount it here. Vegeta meets Bulma and eventually has a son named Trunks and lives his life on Earth in peace (sort of) with Goku and his family and all the people of earth. Vegeta's story is one of the great stories of redemption.
Defining moment: In episode 222: "Final Atonement"
Vegeta, overmatched, fighting a losing battle against Buu, hugs his son, Trunks, for the first time in his life, then knocks him out along with Goku's son, Goten, and orders Piccolo to take them as far away as possible. Vegeta then confronts Buu for the last time not just for himself or his own selfish desires, but for his son, for his wife, and for his friend Goku. Vegeta creates a huge burst of energy which completely obliterates the whole area, and in the process kills himself and Buu. Unfortunately, Buu was not finished, though. (And neither was Vegeta for that matter.) But still, Vegeta's sacrifice was enough to buy some much-needed time. It is, in my opinion, one of the great moments in Dragonball Z, and that's why Vegeta is the man.

2006-03-13, 19:23
Maron from kamikaze kaitou jeanne, because no matter wat happened to her, she would stay strong and never let anything bring her down.

ZOMG I'm SOOO glad someone mentioned Maron-chan! YES, that girl is AWESOME!:)

2006-03-14, 10:42
Brandon Heat/Beyond the grave {Gungrave}
All the crap he goes though just to feel wanted is so sad....Coming back to life and getting revenge on his best friend who killed him was great.....

Jin(Samurai Champloo)
Even though played by the same voice actor as Brandon I really like jin. He's strong and brave and silent...I like those types...

Mugen(Samurai Champloo)
I like his bad boy style in everything....His always moody or grumpy but other then that he's fine with me....Plus the voice actor for mugen is ballid bird lee from Gungrave

I just started to watch it and its amazing...I heard about the show but never would have thought it was this good. Its funny and drama and funny.....

Ayato Kamina(RahXephon)
I like him also...He made to re-tune the world I guess....I am having some trouble following this show even though i just started to watch it.........

Quon Kisaragi(RahXephon)
She's the coolest...She's pretty and different then other girls....thats the cool thing she isn't looking for love or anything like that....I read that Quon is Ayato Sister/Aunt/Mother/Daughter....

2006-03-14, 10:45
if i had to pick 1 person it would be Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket

everyone has a whole list but who is your utmost important an inspirable person..
i could make a list but Tohru is my n.o. 1

her kindness, the fact that she is an ordinary girl (there's nothing super about her), she always makes a smile on my face :D

2006-03-14, 13:38
if i had to pick 1 person it would be Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket

everyone has a whole list but who is your utmost important an inspirable person..
i could make a list but Tohru is my n.o. 1

her kindness, the fact that she is an ordinary girl (there's nothing super about her), she always makes a smile on my face :D I definitely agree with Tohru being an inspirational character. Here's a girl who has had a lot of awful things happen to her during her life (i.e. the death of both of her parents, her living in a tent before moving in with the Sohmas). However, despite all this, she still able to remain cheerful, something that is definitely helpful when she moves in with a family who members have rough lives themselves.

Two more character that I consider to be inspirational IMO:

1. Rock Lee (Naruto): I definitely have to agree with a lot of people when they say that Rock Lee is inspirational. Even if he's unable to use ninjitsu, Rock Lee still pushes himself to be the best that he and be, even after he suffered a major injury that almost put an end to his life as a ninja.

2. Nodoka Miyazaki (Negima): Yes, Nodoka-chan is a kawaii, mousy anime girl. However, what sets her apart from other mousy girls (and makes her inspirational) is best summed up fellow Pactio girl Setsuna: "She seems like such a meek girl, but she really has a lot of courage." While most mousy girls watch the boys that they have crushes on from a distance, Nodoka has actually confessed to love Negi early on in Negima manga (something that I believe is very rare, even for a non-mousy girl) and is actually attempting to make her relationship with Negi evolve (as both characters decided to start this relationship as "friends").

2006-03-14, 17:43
Spike(cowboy bebop) and Mugen(samurai champloo) - At least in cool factor. He is just so cool..

Naruto - Has allot of charisma and heart. An example on how struggles can be worth it and how you can turn from being different and considered a freak to become great.

Brandon(from Gungrave) - A real friend. A person who just define loyalty and being good even at the end.