View Full Version : Those Unforgettable Days, For them I live.

2003-11-15, 14:19
Well i just got the Nadisco movie from wizzywig yesterday and finished watching it a few seconds ago. I loved finaly seening the end of Nadisco. But i wounder what did other people think of thier great movie?

Wandering A.I.
2003-11-15, 22:34
I liked it a lot. I think it's a good thing they didn't keep everything the same as the tv series. Akito finally got to be cool and serious this way instead of bumbling between comedy and the more important feelings/concepts he used to cover. Also Ruri was one of my favorite characters before so it was neat seeing her grow up and taking center stage as well.

2003-11-16, 00:22
I liked the movie. Nadesico has been my favorite series since I first saw it. Of course I didn't like the movie as much as I could have since I am a Yurika fan. Anyway have any of you played the Nadesico game for dreamcast? It seems to take place after the movie. I can't really give details on the story since it was in japanese, but the gameplay wasn't bad once I figured out what all the menu commands were.