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2003-11-15, 15:39
What are the best anime :bash: fights you've seen? I'll start with my list:

Naruto - Sasuke vs. Orochimaru in the forest
Naruto - Rock Lee vs. Gaara
Rurouni Kenshin - Kenshin vs. Saitou
Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. the druggie (Red Eye)
Cowboy Bebop - Spike vs. Ed's Dad

And I remember there was one in Scryed, Kazuma vs. Ryuhou probably, but I forgot it. I guess I'll watch Scryed again...

2003-11-15, 16:14
Mine would all be from Evangelion:

The fight from episode 2,
The second half of episode 19,
And Asuka vs the winged Evas.

2003-11-15, 16:26
Char Vs Amuro. Especially in Char's Counterattack
Domon vs Master Asia in G gundam
Gohan vs Cell.

2003-11-15, 16:48
Ranma vs Saffron - too bad it never made it into the anime
for in anime fights, Ranma vs happosai right after learning the Hiryu Shoten Ha

2003-11-15, 16:53
Nine tailed fox - Haku [naruto]
Pikachu - Bulbasaur [pokemon]

can't think off anything else my long term memory is broken :p

2003-11-15, 16:58
lol it my sound weird but i like the fights from sailor moon, not the crappy part when serena gets the moon crystal tho coz it always prevails and stuff but when the scouts are fighting ^_^ oo i liked it at the end of the first series, when they were all in the snow and died one by one.
I also like the fights from Evangelion ^__^

2003-11-15, 17:28
Scrapped Princess: Any of the fights w/ Zefiris
Naruto: Rock Lee vs Gaara

Those are really the only ones that really stand out that I can remember. I smile when I think about how good those fights were^^

Mr. Bushido
2003-11-15, 17:35
just about every fight from One Piece

Lee vs Garaa
Sasuke vs Orochimaru

Love Hina: Motoko vs Seta

2003-11-15, 17:52
Motoko vs. Keitaro XD

2003-11-15, 17:52
great fights

Kenshin vs Saito (rurouni kenshin)
actually kenshin has many great fights

Kazuki (threads) vs Juubin (knives guy)(GetBackers)
Akabane vs Ginji (GetBackers)

Chise during sapporo air raid(Saikano); not really a fight but i thought it was impressive nonetheless

Asuka vs the EVA's (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

all i can come up with at the moment :)

or maybe one more : Naru vs Keitaro (Love Hina) :heh:

2003-11-15, 18:40
Lee vs. Gaara
Gokou vs. Broly
Kenshin vs. Seijirou
Sasuke vs. Orochimaru
Spike vs. Vicious
Bonta-kun vs. Yakuza

2003-11-15, 19:00
Gaara vs. Rock Lee from Naruto
Girly Ranma vs. Shampoo from Ranma 1/2:D
Gaul'n vs. Kashim/Sousuke from FMP
Frieza vs. Goku after Goku turns SS (best fight ever from all fighting animation put together IMO) from DBZ
Kenshin vs. Seta from Rurouni Kenshin

2003-11-15, 19:43
gon vs hisoka - hunter x hunter
lee vs garaa - naruuto

2003-11-15, 19:50
Chun Li vs Vega - Street Fighter Movie

Yu Ominae vs Fatman - Spriggan

Jubei vs Lord Gemma - Ninja Scroll Movie

Spike vs Vicious - Bebop movie

Roy Fokker vs Ivanov - Macross Zero OVA

2003-11-15, 20:04
Hmm there's so many... but, of all fights, I choose:

- Kenshin vs. Shishio - Rurouni Kenshin
- Kenshin vs. Saitou - Rurouni Kenshin
- Spike vs. Vicious - Cowboy Bebop
- Spike vs. Vincent Volaju - Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Orochimaru vs. Sarutobi the 3rd Hokage - Naruto

That's all I remember by now.

2003-11-15, 20:33
hmm I am having trouble thinking of a really cool fight since so many awesome ones were already listed, but I have to say the opening fight from Berserk, in the first episode. That was a pretty cool fight. Heck, all the fights in Berserk were good lol. :p

Mad Cat
2003-11-15, 21:13
Asuka vs the winged Evas [Neon Genesis Evangelion]
Shinji Vs The 3 Angel [Neon Genesis Evangelion]
Yuij and Marlene Vs Blue [Blue Gender]

2003-11-15, 21:59

Alucard vs Incognito - hellsing

Mystic Gohan vs Majin Buu - Dragonball Z

Naruto vs Kiba - Naruto

2003-11-15, 22:12
Here are some of my favorite fights from a couple of my favorite anime's

Perfect Cell vs. Hercule (DBZ) one of the funniest fights i've seen in the series...
Gogeta vs. Janenba (DBZ Movie 12) lasted a good 10 secs...if only Gogeta had played around a bit more
Goku vs. Broli (DBZ Movie 8) Broli just kicks ass!!
SS4 Gogeta vs. That guy with the Black Star Dragonballs...Shenron i think...(DB GT) an obvious one sided fight...
Iria vs. Zeiram (Iria: Zeiram the Animation) normal human vs. creature of mass destruction...

2003-11-15, 22:22
Here are the best anime fights i could think of

Gaara vs Rock Lee (Naruto)
Zefiris vs Peace Makers (Scrapped Princess)
Akabane vs Ginji GetBackers
Sasuke vs Orochimaru (Naruto)
Eclair and Lumiere vs Everyone in GOTT (Kiddy Grade)

Moon The Cat
2003-11-15, 23:01
1_Asuka vs the EVA series....it is just.....wonderful...:bow:
2_Kenshin vs Shishio.
3_Rock Lee vs Gaara.

2003-11-16, 15:19
Asuaks last stand i my favorite, when you hear the bloodthirst in her voice when she says "Erste... after sheŽd taken down the first EVA-series.

2003-11-16, 15:41
YEAH!! i thought that was sooo kool in evangelion, aww shame that she got devoured in the end tho :( she rocked! aww that was truly brilliant, stupid shinji! should of been helping instead of worrying about poopy things ^__^ but they wouldnt of been able to win anyway coz the new eva series just kept regenerating :(

2003-11-16, 19:05
Peace Maker Kurogane:
Okita vs Tetsu
(and the Shinsengumi fight at the start of ep 1)

Sasuke vs Orochimaru
Hinata vs Neji (when they wern't talking, anyway...)

Gad Guard:
Katana vs anyone XD But especially Hijiki.

Subaru vs Seishirou ;-;
Well, a lot of fight scenes in X were good. Like Sorata vs Yuuto, but that was just funny.

2003-11-16, 19:08
goku/gohan vs cell

Kempis Curious
2003-11-16, 21:37
Chun Li vs Vega - Street Fighter Movie

Hell yeah! :D I was wondering if someone would mention that. If a woman is going to be in a fight, she should be in her panties! :love:

My favs were also the Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop fights mentioned above, along with the many mecha fights in Macross Plus.

Utena kickin ass with a .... uh... was that a rake handle? ... was pretty cool too.


2003-11-16, 21:47
Eva fights are the best, same with trigun and Bebop

Also Mokoto vs Seta in Lova Hina, along with anything with my love Mokoto ^_^

and i know what would be the best anime fight- a cat evangelion fight between Rei and Asuka. That would kick ass

2003-11-16, 23:36
Welll, i am not too sure if this would qualify as a fight, but here it goes! In the later eps of Hikaru no go, when Hikaru was 'fighting' the guy in Shusaku's home town. It got me so pumped up with adrenalen even though it was a game of Go (ancient chinese game, like othelo or chess, but more complecated).

2003-11-17, 01:23
jubei vs that dead sword guy in ninja scroll movie
gingi vs akabane
lee vs gaara
vampire hunter d. the fight on the bridge
some dbz fights way back then
some airmaster in there too
blood last vampire

Nagare Ryouma
2003-11-17, 09:33
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
-Ryu vs Sagat, Ryu vs Fei Long, Ryu+Ken vs Vega (M.Bison)

DragonBall Z
-Gohan vs Cell, Trunks vs Android 17&18, Goku vs Vegeta (Prince of Destruction, Majin Buu saga), Gogeta vs Majin Buu

MazinKaiser OVA
-MazinKaiser vs Baron Ashura Robot

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
-Final showdown of Amuro Ray vs Char Aznable

Mobile Suit Gundam Z
- Camille vs Scirocco, Camille and Qutaro (Char) vs Scirocco and Hamman (Gryps 2)

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
-Judau vs Hamman

Mobils Suit Gundam G
-Domon vs Master Asia Final Duel

Change! Shin Getter Robot: The Last Day of Earth
-Getter 1 (Ryouma) vs Pro. Satome and his Getter G army
-Shin Getter vs Getter G (inside Shin Dragon)

-Naruto vs Neji, Naruto vs Kiba

Hajime No Ippo
-Ippo vs Ozuma, Vorg, Sendoh

Nothing Special
2003-11-17, 16:02
Ghost In The Shell - Motoko Kusanagi vs. spider-tank thing
Street Fighter II - Chun Li vs. Vega
Ninja Scroll - Juubei vs. blind samurai

2003-11-17, 17:13
-Naruto vs Neji, Naruto vs Kiba

Naruto vs Neji is not on the anime yet. Though i can't wait to see Neji get his @$$ kicked!!!!!

2003-11-17, 18:12
Me vs a Sailormoon Live Action episode :joke:

2003-11-17, 19:34

Oh and when Ranma fought Kodachi in the martial arts gymnastics, funniest fight ever!

Youko Recca
2003-11-18, 01:12
Yusuke Urameshi vs. Sensui(YYH)

Mikagami vs. Kai(Flame of Recca)

Fuko vs. the pervert(Flame of Recca)

Spike Spiegal vs. Vincent(Bebop)

Spike vs. Mad Pierrot(Bebop)

Spike vs. Applederry(Bebop)

Zoro Roronoa vs. 100 bounty Hunters(One Piece)

Hiei vs. Mukuro(YYH)

Vash vs. Knives(Trigun)

Wolfwood vs. Chapel(Trigun)

2003-11-18, 03:52
Most of the fights i liked already were mentioned. Except....
Hajime No Ippo
Ippo vs Vorg
Ippo vs Sendoh

2003-11-18, 04:00

Alucard vs Incognito - hellsing

Mystic Gohan vs Majin Buu - Dragonball Z

Naruto vs Kiba - Naruto

I thought the Naruto vs Kiba was one of the worst fights but part of that was due to the poor animation.

2003-11-18, 06:01
Hajime no Ippo OVA... Kimura vs Mashiba
Gundam W... Mercurius and Vayeate vs Wing Zero
Lodess War OVA... Battle of the Kings
Berserk... Gatt's 100 men slash
Pokemon... Heracross vs Scizor... *ahem I really think its quite good*

A few that I can remember... :p

2003-11-18, 07:06
Gaara vs Rock Lee

The only scene in an anime were my jaw shattered as it hit the floor.

2003-11-18, 15:35
Lee vs Gaara (Naruto)

Kenshin vs Saito (Kenshin)

Kenshin vs Sojuiro (Kenshin)

Vash vs Knives (Trigun)

Usopp vs Chew (One Piece, one of the funniest fights ever)

2003-11-18, 16:28
Dont forget, The fite with Kakashi and Zabuza, with all the hand seals and the sharingan, that was just awesome

2003-11-18, 18:01
bebop vs vicious from Cowboy Bebop
yf-21 vs ghost from macross plus.

2003-11-18, 21:13
Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru - inuyasha

2003-11-20, 00:47
- Sasuke vs Orchimaro (from Naruto).

- Kenshin vs Saito (from Rurouni Kenshin Series)

- Garaa vs Lee (from Naruto)

- Jubei vs Utsutsu Mujuro (The Blind Swordsman) (from Ninja Scrolls the Movie)

- D vs the Barbarones (Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust)

- Ryu vs Fei Long (Street Fighter II the Movie)

- Kenshin vs The Leader of the Assassins (Rurouni Kenshin OVA 1 - Betrayal)

- Gatts vs The 100 Men (Berserk)

- Gatts vs Griffith (Gatts leaving scene) (Berserk)

2003-11-20, 02:02
i have to say.....i hated most of the fights from Berserk...i just didn't like the way they were animated....but.....favorite fights...the only ones that stick out are

gaara vs rock lee

gotta love the music...and i loved the cg backgrounds

neji vs hinata...
sorry...this was my favorite...i was cheering for hinata the whole time....and...that cliff hanger in between the two eps..really...REALLY killed me...LOVED IT

Moon The Cat
2003-11-20, 02:06
i have to say.....i hated most of the fights from Berserk...i just didn't like the way they were animated....but.....favorite fights...the only ones that stick out are

gaara vs rock lee

gotta love the music...and i loved the cg backgrounds

neji vs hinata...
sorry...this was my favorite...i was cheering for hinata the whole time....and...that cliff hanger in between the two eps..really...REALLY killed me...LOVED IT
Yeah, Neji vs Hinata was a good fight, I liked how Hinata kicked Neji's pride down to the floor.

Mr. Bushido
2003-11-20, 02:21
Zoro vs Moon the Cat
It was so crazy u couldnt even look at the screen properly
in fact if you did, ud get a seizure.
too much action too much. We both came out tired and beaten. The winner? ill let u guess *points to myself*

haha no really tho:

Zoro fights are great.

2003-11-20, 02:48
Kenshin vs Saitou, Shisho Makoto, & Soujiro
Spike vs Vicious
Vash vs Knives

Ranma vs Saffron
D Knight & 3 Gigas vs Peacemakers
Inuyasha vs Seshoumaru *2nd fight*
Lee vs Garaa
Naruto vs Haku
Sasuke vs Michael Jackson

Sakura vs Sound Nin
Pikachu vs Bugs Bunny

2003-12-12, 06:39
sasuke vs orochimaru in the death forest
lee vs gaara
all mecha fight in macross zero ova
gundam seed ep 28 1 vs 4 where the bliz gundam --ba boom!!!

2003-12-12, 08:52
-Goku v Vegita part 2(during Buu saga)

-Sasuke v Orochimaru

-Ippo v Sendo

-Gaara v Rock Lee

-Orochimaru v Sandaime

-Itachi v Kakashi

2003-12-12, 12:38
Hajime no Ippo - super tense fights kept me on the edge
Air Master - ubnbelievable stunts
Berserk - i only wished they continued the anime bloodiest fights
Gundam Seed - super cool robot fights
Full Metal Panic - just cool fights

2003-12-12, 16:10
yu yu hakusho is pretty good and also flame of recca.

2003-12-13, 15:00
Best fight for me had to be Kuroro vs. Killua's grandfather and father in the last episode of Hunter X Hunter.

2003-12-13, 18:08
- Gon vs Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

.....(a lot of other good fights in HxH)......

- Sasuke vs Orchimaro (Naruto)
- Gaara vs Rock Lee (Naruto)
- A fight from star ocean ex but i dont remember the names.
- Akabane vs Ginji (GetBackers)

2003-12-13, 20:12
1) Vandread 2nd stage - Earth Harvest Fleet vs Hibiki's fleet (Crzyass fight)
2) Naruto - Garaa vs Rock Lee
3) Rurouni Kenshin, Running from memories (Reminisence) - Kenshin vs all those other guys
4) Rurouni Kenshin, Seisouhen Part II - Kenshin vs Tomoe's brother (HELLZ YEA)
5) Full Metal Panic - Arbolest vs Guron (Spelling?)

2003-12-14, 11:27
Yuske Yurimeshe vs. Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Genkai vs. Guy with Banshee Shreek Sword/The Beautiful Sazuka (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Genkai vs. Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Hiei vs Zeru (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Kurama vs Karasu (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Kenshin vs Saito, Lord Shishio, Aioshi
Saito vs Guy with "Eye of Heart" technique
Rock Lee vs Gaara
Naruto & Sasuke vs. Haku
Kakashi vs Zabuza
Zabuza (with no arms and just a kunai in his mouth) vs crowd of swordsman
Rock Lee vs Sound Nin
Sasuke vs Orochimaru
Spike Speigel vs. Group of thugs who foolishly mistook him for "Vicious"

Those are all the ones I can come up with off the top of my head. I think there are some pretty good ones in there.


2003-12-14, 15:48
IMHO :p the best fights are those from Evangelion (especially Asuka vs the Eva series in EoE) and the fights in Street Fighter 2. The fights between Chun-Li and Vega, and Ehonda (sp?) and the shaman guy at the beginning was very well choreographed.

2003-12-17, 21:45
Iria vs Zeiram
Alucard vs Andersons, both of em
Alucard vs Incognito
Vash vs Knives

surely there is more but i dont remember them

and for those who would say that Alucard is correctly spelled as Arucard take this in the teeths http://www.thehellsing.org/alucard/index.php?page=dracula

and in japanese R and L are the same

2003-12-17, 22:15
Wow...I never knew that. Thanks for that interesting tidbit Nightmare. :)

2003-12-18, 05:30
I loved the fight between Kid Buu and SSJ3 Goku
Gatsu vs the God Hand demons in Berserk--he cut off his hand damn!
Naruto vs the Ice dude Naruto
Lee vs Gaara Naruto
Spike vs the Syndicate vs Vicious Cowboy Bebop
Dknight w/3 Gigas vs the Peacemakers Scrapped Princess
Jubei vs Lord something Ninja Scroll the movie
Asuka and Unit2 vs the Perfect Eva's EoE
Baki vs Gaara Grappler Baki tv season 1
Gau vs Kain aka "G" Shadow Skill tv
Katana vs Hijiki the second time in unit blue Gad Guard
Vash vs Wolfwood Trigun
Wing Zero vs Epyon Gundam Wing
Char vs Amuro Char's Counter-Attack
Gundam GP01 vs GP02 in space at the end of MS Gundam 0083
Yusuke vs Togoro Yu Yu Hakusho
Goku vs Tien in the tournament Dragon Ball
Goku vs Perfect Cell
The Vanship Brigade vs The Guild Ships Last Exile
Yuugi vs Marlene Blue Gender
Soul Taker vs Soul Anubis The Soul Taker
not anime but what a great fight it was
Jehuty vs Anubis Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner

2003-12-19, 22:26
Ippo Makunochi Vs. Date Eiji
It was this fight that made Hajime no ippo better then any other sports/fighting anime out there...period...hands down. Although it pains me to watch it now.

2003-12-20, 07:17
Rock Lee vs Gaara
Kenshin vs Saito
Naruto vs Haku

2003-12-21, 12:37
Hmm... ^_^

Kenshin vs Shishio

That's the best I've seen so far... ^_^;;

2003-12-22, 02:59
Luffy v Cpt. Kuro was cool
Airmaster v. the Asphalt guy
Airmaster v. every fight in that show is bound to be awesome.
And just about any sequence in Macross Zero.

2003-12-25, 08:15
1 VS 4
uchiha itachi VS kakashi, kurenai, asuma, gai

shikamaru's fight don't hav great anime but the way he fight is way too COOL!

gaara vs rock lee
sasuke vs orochimaru

scrapped princess
all fight between dragoon and peacemaker

all fight that lead by asuka

dragon ball Z movie
all fight with brolli

gundam seed
2 VS 3 : kira asuran VS shani, orga, ? at Orb
1 VS 4 : kira VS asuran nical dearka issac where nical die

when sagara compete with issei to fix the bench

2003-12-25, 22:41
Lee vs Gaara
Shikamaru vs sound female genin (forgot her name)
Shikamaru vs Temari
Sasuke vs Oro

Goku vs Majin Vegeta

2003-12-27, 02:42
Cell vs Hercule - it was so damn close ok, really it was

Asuka vs winged evas - that was freaking epic, i mean shes just tears thru the evas like it aint no thang

2003-12-27, 14:24
Since no one mentioned it;

Escaflowne - Van's teacher (Big guy with bigger sword) vs large mech.

2003-12-27, 15:52
Goku vs. freeza, the best fight hands down.

2003-12-28, 16:01
Rock Lee Vs. Gaara (Naruto)
Sasuke Vs. Gaara (Naruto)
*Does it count if you've read the manga?
Ryuji Vs. Junta (DNA)
*Manga fight
Gohan Vs. Cell (DBZ)
Goku Vs. Vejita (DBZ)
*Manga fight
Takumi Vs. Ryosuke (Initial D)
*Well, they call them battles :uhoh:
Takumi Vs. Wataru (Initial D)
*Manga one
Takumi Vs. Kai (Initial D)
*3rd stage movie
Ranma Vs. Ryoga (Ranma 1/2)
*When Ryoga learns the bakusai tenketsu

Man so much more don't know where to put them

2003-12-28, 16:26
Since no one metioned it;
Escaflowne - Van's teacher(big guy with bigger sword0 vs large mech

OMG, how could i forget Escaflowne, another great fight was when Van went berserk in Escaflowne and wiped out the Dragon Slayers and almost killed Dilandu and at the end when Van fought against Allen and damn near killed each other. Man that was a great series.

Nine Devil
2003-12-28, 17:33
Every single damn fight at Hajime no Ippo(IMO one of the greatest Anime ever)

Favorite---->Makunouchi vs Sendo

Every single damn fight at DBZ

Favorite----->Goku vs Kid Buu


Kakashi vs Zabuza

Naruto vs Haku

Kimimaro vs Naruto!

Every single damn Fight off One piece

Favorite---->All of them!

Da Gamez
2003-12-28, 18:34
I believe that the best fights of anime are

Tien vs. Yamcha (DB tournament)
Tein vs. Jackie Chan (DB tournament)
Tein vs. Goku (DB tournament)
Goku vs. Vegeta (DBZ first encounter)
Piccolo vs. Android 17 (DBZ cell saga)
Goku vs. Perfect Cell (DBZ cells tournament)

Chun-li vs. Vega (Street fighter movie)
Ryu vs. fei-long (Street fighter movie)
Ken vs. Vega (Street fighter 2v)
Gau Ban vs. Elle (shadow skills)

Yu-gi-oh vs. Panic (yu-gi-oh card duel - duelist kingdom)
Yu-gi-oh vs. Pegesus (yu-gi-oh card duel - duelist kingdom)

2003-12-30, 20:28
Edward Eleric vs Colonel Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist)

It was short, but prity cool, then again, there weren't any real fights in the series yet to compare with.

2003-12-30, 20:55
Gokou Vs. Brolly

Vital Remains
2003-12-31, 18:29
Sorry if this was already mentioned but what immediately comes to mind is when Alucard fights that Vatican knife-chucking dude in Hellsing. If I remember correctly, they only fought twice but those were some sweet duels.

Whatever his name is, that Vatican fighter is one serious badass. In fact, his sheer awesomeness actually made the church look cool. Too bad his opponent is practically invincible.

2004-03-17, 19:18
gon vs hisoka - hunter x hunter
hiei vs bui - yu yu hakusho
m vegita vs goku -dbz
naruto vs neji - naruto

Slade xTekno
2004-03-17, 19:22
YAY! I didn't know this existed.
The below are ones I liked:
Sousuke v Karate Club [FMP: Fumoffu?]
Tessa v Mao [FMP, in Arm Slaves with paint. That was so cool]
Baki v Anyone [Grappler Baki. Very nice fight scenes. I don't think I've seen a repeated frame]

2004-03-17, 20:13
(Cowboy Bebop) Spike vs. Vicious in the church on episode 5. Short but sweet.

(End of Evangelion) Asuka vs. the other evangelions - Would of been even better if Shinji Ikrybaby showed up to fight alongside her.

(Ninja Scroll) That rock dude vs. the bunch of ninjas - More like a slaughter rather than a fight but still pretty badass. Also the fight between Jubei and the blind swordsman in the forest was good.

(Inuyasha) Anytime where its Sesshomaru vs. Inuyasha. Also whenever Inuyasha's demon blood takes over its good :p

Vash vs. Spike in the Tainted Donuts video - I know, was a music video but was pretty funny and very well put together.

And if they ever make more Berserk with better animation:

Guts vs. Roshinu
Guts vs. Wyald
Guts vs. Zodd on the hill of swords
Guts vs. Serpico

Hell ill just say Guts vs. Anyone stupid enough to oppose him.

2004-03-18, 15:17
UMMM..........lets see..........
Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru
Kenshin vs. Saitou
Yoko Kurama vs. Karasu:love:
Hiei vs. Bui
Yusuke vs. Older Toguro
and many others :argue:

2004-03-18, 15:43
Amuro vs. Char in Char's Counter Attack.


2004-03-18, 18:25
Mech fights:

Norris Packard vs. The 08th team(The 08th MS Team)
Apsalus(first form) vs. The 08th team(The 08th MS Team)
Forbidden vs. Duel(Gundam Seed)
Kira, Athrun, Orb vs. EF(Gundam Seed)
Asuka, Rei, and Shinji vs. The 14th angel(Evangelion)
Asuka vs. Eva series(End of Eva)
Final battle w/ Tartians(Voices of a Distant Star)
The Kugai vs. Fakes(Gasaraki)
TAs vs. American Fakes(Gasaraki)
Alex vs. Kampfer(Gundam 0080)

Non-mech fights:

Karen vs. Yuto(final battle)- X TV
Gunslinger Girl episode 12 mission(does that count?)
Kirika vs. last of the "bad guys" in episode 1(Noir)

2004-03-19, 11:56
Recca vs Kurei in flame of recca.

2004-03-19, 12:08
Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Kenshin vs Saitou in the episode immediately before Kenshin went off to Kyoto (or Edo or something) to fight Shishio. That has got to be one of the best choreographed, best animated fight scene i have EVER seen.

I'm pretty sure it elevated the status of Rurouni Kenshin to a whole new level for me (actualy the whole Kyoto arc pretty much did that)

2004-03-19, 15:40
Rock lee fight in naruto
Sasuke vs. orochimaru

3x3 eyes... except it seems so low quality now that i have seen so many higher image quality animes.

2004-03-19, 17:44
Rock lee fight in naruto
Sasuke vs. orochimaru

3x3 eyes... except it seems so low quality now that i have seen so many higher image quality animes.

I think 3x3 eyes still looks great.

2004-03-19, 17:47
In no particular order:

Isamu vs. Names Zentradi Newstyle Power Suits - Macross Plus episode 1

Max Genus vs. Millia (around the Macross and through the streets of Macross City) - SDF Macross

Max Genus vs. Millia (repeating the same battle in an arcade) - SDF Macross

Guld Bowman vs. Isamu Dyson (right after peneatrating the Earth Defense Grid/through the streets of Macross city) - Macross Plus Movie Edition

Roy Fokker vs. Ivanov - Macross Zero episode 2

Max Genus vs. Millia - Macross the movie 1984 'Do You Remember Love?'

Il Bueno
2004-09-09, 15:33
My definate, all time top favorite is Alucard vs Palidin Anderson from Hellsing, these guys just hate each other soooo much. They tease and ridicle each other almost from the start.

Some others that I liked were.

Gohan vs Perfect Cell
M Vegeta vs Goku (Vegeta really has self esteem issues and focus it on Goku)
SSJ3 Goku vs (fat) Buu Goku had been holding back his power until he takes it for a test run in this fight slinging Buu around by his antenna too funny Spike vs Vincent I have only seen the Bebop movie, but these were pretty good scraps
Vegeta vs anyone more powerful, he gets so frekin mad and has a fit, its great

2004-09-10, 03:03
My favorite has to be

Goku vs napa (not sure on spelling) how he rapes him so hard

gaara vs lee

lee vs gaara

2004-09-26, 21:50
Some of the best fights for me were

Hokage Battle on the roof (Naruto) surprised nobody mentioned this
Ryu & Ken vs Vega (SF movie)
Yu vs Fatman (Spriggan)
Red Alien fighter dogfight (Macross +)

2004-10-04, 17:40
Ranpha vs Forte ( Galaxy Angel 3)
Chrno vs Aion (Chrno Crusade)


2004-10-04, 18:10
Some of the best fights for me were

Hokage Battle on the roof (Naruto) surprised nobody mentioned this

the hokage battle took far too long IMO.
I don`t generally watch a lot of action anime.
Rock Lee vs Gaara was quite spectacular I`ll go for that

2004-10-04, 20:28
The best fights, just because no one has mentioned them:

1) Black Wing vs. Darkness from Shadow Skill

2) Evangelion Unit 02 vs Production Series Evangelions from Neon Genesis Evangelion

There's more but these are good enough for now.

2004-10-05, 12:02
The best fights, just because no one has mentioned them:

2) Evangelion Unit 02 vs Production Series Evangelions from Neon Genesis Evangelion

While that's a good fight I must say that personally, I loved the one with the sea monster more. When asuka and Shinji crawl together in Eva's and jump from boat to boat, wrecking the UN fleet completely, also first time we see asuka's "energetic" character in full action, absolutely fabulous!

2004-10-05, 12:59
Hyoga vs Camus



Ikki vs Shaka



Mime vs Shun and Ikki



2004-10-05, 15:27
ermm.. lets see
Getbackers: The battle of Akabane Kurod aka (the Jackal) Vs Ginji Amano aka the (Thunder emperor)

and lets see...

Rock lee vs Gaara of the sands

and and and


DB : piccolo vs goku in the tournament :dots: and

Jubei Chan - Siberia Jagyuu : in the end where Jiyuu vs Felicia as both (jubei yagyuu transformed modus battled) :love: hot hot hot ... burn

2004-10-05, 15:37
Someone mentioned the fight between Kakashi and Itachia, but that was a damned shitty one , compared to Rock vs Gaara (the only fight in naruto that really stood out).

All the fights from Street Fighter. (at least they did 5 years ago, can't remember jack from it)

And, of course, Dragonball Z is awesome at making great fighting scenes. So many I liked, especially the ones in cell and buu saga. In how many anime have you seen the very earth you're standing on shaking whenever you power up? :bow:

Spirit Chicken!
2004-10-06, 21:02
So many good memories...
-Kenshiro vs Jagi- FOTNS
-Kenshiro vs Shin- FOTNS
-Ryoma vs the 3 guys's Saotome sent to "test" him in Shin Getter Robo 2004
-Hyouga vs Christ(Southern Cross)- Saint Seiya: Golden Apple movie
-Shaka vs the 3 Fallen Gold Saints- Saint Seiya Hades Chapter
-Yusuke vs The Cave that tried to kill him when he absorbed Genkai's powers- YYH
-Getter Dragon and Shin Getter vs Invaders Highest evolution- Getter Robo: End of Days
-Yamcha vs Tien- DB
-Lee vs Gaara- Naruto
-Piccolo vs 17- DBZ
-Seiya vs Shiryu( Galaxian Wars )- Saint Seiya
-Hero from Black Lion vs Ginnai Doma- Black Lion...freaking violent

...and still several times more that don't come to mind. Best things is to just think how many more great moments each of us bear witness to in the years to come.

2004-10-06, 22:14
Hyoga, Shiru and Ikki have always had one of the best fights I have ever withness in anime...

These fights were one of the best too...

Shiru vs Perseo Argol (The one who transforms his opponets into stone with the power of his Medusa Shield... That fight was just excellent, I remenber that it was so badass that Shiru had to blind himself to fight him)




Shiru vs Okko (This was one those fights in which you get to like the enemy as much as the main characters or even more.... I wish Okko didn't have to die :( )



Ikki vs Loto Argora and Sheeva (That was a very cruel fight, poor little girl... :( )



2004-10-08, 00:05
Saint Seiya does indeed have some of the best fights among the many animes that I watched. If any of you have a chance, watch Shura no Toki (liscensed) because it has some very exciting, yet still realistically believable fight scenes. Highly recommend if you want to see swordsmanship versus martial artist. Anyhow, here is my list:

Saint Seiya
- Ikki vs Shaka
- Most of the God Saints vs Bronze, particuarly Fenrir vs. Shiryu, Ikki vs. Alberich + Bud and Siegfried vs. Seiya + others especially come to mind.

Saint Seiya: The Hades Sanctuary Chapter
- Shaka vs Saga + Shura + Camus <= My favourite fight from all Saint Seiya fights!

Macross Plus
- Isamu Dyson vs. Guld Bowman, best mecha fight I've ever seen.

Shura no Toki
- Miyamoto Musashi versus Mutsu Yakumo
- Yagyu Jubei versus Mutsu Takato
- Hijikata Toshizo versus Mutsu Izumi

2004-10-08, 05:00
The Major Vs Saito, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nD Gig
Maybe not the best, but definately the coolest

2004-11-01, 02:11
just about every fight from One Piece

Lee vs Garaa
Sasuke vs Orochimaru

Love Hina: Motoko vs Seta

I like the fights in One Piece. My favorite that I've seen so far was the battle between Luffy and Zoro when they're at the first second island where all the bounty hunters are on the Grand Line.

2007-03-06, 18:59
Maybe Ichi Vs Byakuya on SS arc in Bleach....

and Sojiro vs Kenshin in Samurai X :)

2007-03-06, 19:15
Gohan vs. Cell

Hands down.

2007-03-06, 22:15
I think I've answered a thread like this one but I have so many fav-fights I won't be such a liar I don't think...

Of the well known shonens I'd say...

Gundam CCA: Amuro (in Nu) vs. Char (in Sazabi)

Yu Yu Hakusho:Yusuke vs Sensui

DBZ: (So many really, but this one stands out) Majin Vegeta vs. Goku

Scryed: Kazu-kun vs Ryu-hou (The Final Fight)

Naruto: Kimmimaru vs. Rock Lee vs. Gaara

Getbackers: Ban Midou vs. Mr. Jackal

DeathNote: Light vs L everyweek

God that's not even the crust of the iceberg, anyways...If this thread gets going a bit I'll return with some great fights in less popular shows or some unapreciated great fights...

Goofus Maximus
2007-03-06, 23:18
The fight between Honoka's Sand Tank and the anti-tank AI helicopter, in "The Third", episode 20 or 21; I can't remember...

Kaioshin Sama
2007-03-07, 13:12
In case nobody mentioned it:

Isamu Dyson(YF-19) v. Guld Goa Bowman (YF-21)
Domon Kashuu (God Gundam Hyper) v. Master Asia (Master Gundam Hyper)
Yuusuke v. Sensui Shinobu
Kamille (Zeta Gundam) v. Paptimus Scirocco (The-O)
Judau (ZZ Gundam) v. Haman Karn (excluding the last minute or so)
Evoluder Gai (Genesic Gaogaigar) v. Palparepa Prajna
Too many other mecha fights to name.

Zu Ra
2007-03-07, 18:13
I would say all the fights in GunGrave . Yep all ist hard to nominate one fight in the anime as the best .

Also Sanzo Ikkko Vs Kamisama in Saiyuki Reload

2007-03-07, 18:30
A lot of fights are flashy with pounding special effects... but my favorite fight sequences include these:
1) the swordfighting sequences in Tsukikage Ran: Carried by the Wind.
They are subtle, superbly animated, and emphasize grace and skill.
2) the Data Entity fight in Haruhi Suzumiya ... short but an amazing sequence.

There are others.. but mainly my criteria involve less shouting, beautiful animation, and the communication of the feel of mass in motion, coordination, and movement.

2007-03-07, 18:45
hellsing...badass is an understatement...
black lagoon ~ revy vs roberta...allow me to demo...

Red Herring
2007-03-07, 19:49
Tsukikage Ran was a great choice to the person who said it. There is some real Mifune-esque badassery in that show. Ran was a great character...too bad the series was only 13 eps.

Yusuke Vs. Sensui blew me away. I didn't think any villain could surpass Toguro, but man...they really threw me for a loop with Sensui.

2007-03-07, 21:26
Yusuke Vs. Sensui blew me away. I didn't think any villain could surpass Toguro, but man...they really threw me for a loop with Sensui.

A man of my own heart...I too had no idea the boss following Toguru would be infinatley more incredible in everyway...Sensui is top 5 villain ALLTIME in my book, and his fight with Yusuke was the stuff of mythical canon...

Red Herring
2007-03-08, 21:34
Has anyone mentioned Chun Li Vs. Vega in SF2? That one was brutal and intense.

2007-03-08, 23:11
Has anyone mentioned Chun Li Vs. Vega in SF2? That one was brutal and intense.

Chung Li Vs. Vega? How bout Chung Li vs. Bison which was waaaaaaaaay more brutal...Ken vs.Cyberchip Ryu was pretty dope too...

Red Herring
2007-03-09, 00:12
Chung Li Vs. Vega? How bout Chung Li vs. Bison which was waaaaaaaaay more brutal...Ken vs.Cyberchip Ryu was pretty dope too...

I've only seen the movie. How is the series anyway?

2007-03-09, 23:20
~One Piece~
Luffy VS Usopp
Luffy VS Lucci
Luffy VS Crocodile

Ichigo VS Byakuya

Shikimaru VS Hidan
Naruto VS Deidara

~Negima~ (manga)
Negi VS Chao
Negi VS Takamichi

2007-03-10, 20:19
This is one of my favorite ownage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy60DCSvrGw) clips.

One Piece:
- Luffy vs. Leopard Lucci
- Luffy vs. Usopp
- Luffy vs. Bleuno
- Zoro vs. Kaku
- Ace vs. Blackbeard

2007-03-10, 23:46
I'm surprised no one mention Samurai Champloo, granted the story is pretty much nonsense but the fights in there is beautifully animated and choreographed with the music.

Mugen vs Jin (episode 1)

Jin vs Sara, the blind assassin
Mugen vs Sara, both awesome fight in episode 21

2007-03-11, 03:18
Favorite battle of all time is Sojiro vs Kenshin in Rurouni Kenshn TV the second one would be Ichigo vs Byakuya and the third one Ichigo vs Zaraki

2007-03-11, 03:56
Initial D: Ryosuke vs. Takumi - The birth of a new street legend.
D.C. ~ Da Capo: Nemu vs. Sakura - catfight on the school roof would be a hard one to top.
Ai Yori Aoshi: Kaoru vs. Hanabish - the reason why I was hooked onto the show... the whole harem deal was lame by comparison.
Magikano: Ayumi vs. Maika - Can't pick just one; they're all great!

2007-03-11, 04:42
Bleach: Ichigo vs. Byakuya
Naruto: Rock Lee vs. Gaara, Naruto vs. Sasuke (near the end of main plot)
SHnY: Yuki vs. Ryōko

2007-03-12, 12:32
The best Anime fights:
Naruto/Sasuke vs. Haku, simply the best character in the series. (Naruto)
Kuririn-san vs. Bacterian, Smelly Finger would have knocked me out atleast. (Dragonball)
Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro, drunken boxing always owns. (Naruto)
Higurashi Akane vs. MIYU, the best emotional fighting scene ever. (Mai HiME)
Puni Puni Poemy vs. Alien 1 in his should I call it "GundamTransformer-make-fun-of-all-mecha-MechaMachine", because it's just to wrong! xD (Puni Puni Poemy)

2007-03-12, 17:36
Ichigo VS Zaraki
Ichigo VS Renji

~Death Note~
L VS Raito every week.

2007-03-12, 18:27
Hunter X Hunter

Kuroro Lucifer x Pops and Grandpops of Killua (forgot their name)
Kurapika x Uvogin
Gon x Hisoka ~ (Tower)

Bleach - adding Ikkaku's fight (Mr. pachinko head is cool..... :heh:)

2007-03-13, 07:16
Alright. I'll start off and say Ichigo vs. Byakuya in Bleach as well as Rock Lee Vs. Kimimaro or Gaara in Naruto even though they've been mentioned about a million times. I also very much enjoy many of the fights from Tenjou Tenge. Any time a bento is used as a secret weapon to distract and get the upper hand I have to give some credit.

Zu Ra
2007-03-13, 08:52
I forgot to mention this is from Speed Grapher (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_Grapher) Saiga VS Father Kanda . Its a fight with lot of style and complimented with really cool diaglogues . Right after that fight Saiga escapes with his lady love on a chopper higher by Bobu . Its come out really cool . First Saiga destroys a weddding stealing the Bride and kills the Priest . oops I forgot Bride is kidnapped and loves Saiga :D

2007-03-13, 23:25
1. Kenshin v. Saito. Both kept getting better but not in the traditional Dragonballz way. Rather than they got more creative a desperate. Throwing broken swords, using a belt as noose the hilt of a scabbard. Just great.

2. Nagato v. Asakura. The animation was just that fluid.

2007-03-14, 00:02
Fullmetal Alchemist
Edward Elric vs. Greed (way too short, but amazing animation and choreography)
Wrath vs. Gluttony

Dragonball Z
Chibi Trunks vs. Goten (at the junior championship at start of the Buu saga. The world wasn't at stake, so it was genuinely suspenseful, because you really didn't know who was going to win.)

Naruto vs. Sasuke at the Valley of the End
Rock Lee vs. Gaara
Sasuke vs. Orochimaru

2007-03-14, 11:57
Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love

Hiyokokko vs (beating the crap out of) Dōjima Kyōhei


2007-03-14, 12:54
Goku vs. Majin Vegeta
Saber v. Rider (too bad they were in clothes!)
Naruto fights are too pint-sized to be any good except Kakashi vs. Zabuza

2007-03-14, 23:15
simple as this...
Every Gundam Fight
Nirvash vs theEnd
Every Code Geass fight
every fight....that has to do with cars!
I thought Bleach was just a tad bit exaggerated with their fights
Every fight with guns
Every fight that does not include girls with high pitched voices.....PERIOD!

2007-03-15, 07:02
FMA: Ed vs. Greed

FFVII: Advent Children: Cloud vs. Kadaj and his brothers (the freeway chase)

Innocent Venus: Jin vs. Jo

Samurai 7: the entire chapter 25 (the last battle)....on second thought....make that all the fights in the entire series:heh:

Samurai Champloo: Mugen vs. Jin:heh:

Red Herring
2007-03-15, 19:34
Here are some of my other favorite battles from YYH besides Yusuke Vs. Sensui

Yusuke Vs. Suzaku: The first big fight of the series. It doesn't disappoint.
Hiei Vs. Makintaro: This is short first battle of the semis in the tournament arc. Isn't much of a fight. Hiei slaughters this fool...its freaking hardcore.
Kurama Vs. Karasu: A real rollercoaster. Lots of surprising reversals. Bloody as Hell too...I really thought that Kurama was dead.
Hiei Vs. Bui: Epic. When Hiei returns after absorbing the dragon I got chills up my spine
Yusuke Vs. Toguro: The big throwdown that you've been waiting forty episodes for.
Hiei Vs. Mukuro: This was a big deal for me since Hiei is my favorite and this fight was essential for his character development. It was really touching when Mukuro embraces Hiei at the end
Yusuke Vs. Yomi: This is the last battle of the series and it is appropriately big and flashy. Like Hiei's last fight, this battle closes with Yusuke finally coming to self realization.

2007-03-15, 20:24
~One Piece~
Usopp/Nami/Chopper VS The Zombies (Thriller Park Arc) Funny "fight"
Sanji VS Jyabura (Enies Lobby) Sanji's "Devil Leg" was awesome

~Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
Yuki Nagato VS Ryoko Asakura. Damn straight awesome.

Hentai Guy
2007-03-16, 03:44
Alright...in no particular order:

Zeiram vs. Iria and the Myce Security Force, Iria: Zeiram the Animation - Nothing like a combination of hand-to-hand fighting backed up by uber-powerful beam weaponry.

Asuka vs. the JSSDF and the MPME, End of Evangelion - I love the insane usage of the Absolute Terror Field against the SSDF, the gut-ripping ferocity of the MPME fight that follows puts the icing on the cake.

Gohan vs. the Cell Juniors, Dragonball Z - Say what you will about it, DBZ did occassionally get it right. The cold fury of Gohan's transformation combined with the easy dispatch of some very tough foes and the use of an awesome song (Day of Destiny - Spirit vs Spirit) seals the deal.

Shin vs. Bunshichi, Tenjo Tenge - The fight itself is pretty standard...I like it due to the simple badassatude of Bunshichi...I mean, the dude punches a car to throw himself at the enemy after getting stabbed about 76 times in the legs.

Kusanagi vs. Murakumo, Blue Seed - Eh...what's there to say, I just really enjoy their fighting.

And, for shits and grins, I'll throw in some of my favorite manga fights...

Uchida vs. Etsuko, Domu - Super-ultra-mega-psychic battles rock...but they rock even more when they're followed up by a silent exchange of unimaginable power.

Alita vs. Mukaku, Battle Angel Alita (GUNNM) - Alita's Panzer Kunst style is awesome, that being used in a battle at Mach speeds is just plain REdiculous. Plasma Bissen rules.

2007-03-16, 12:54
Hyouma vs Koshiro (Basilisk)
Kurapica vs Uvogin (Hunter X Hunter)
Any fights involving Lee in Naruto.
Ranma vs whoever were his opponents in the Martial Arts Dinner Contests.

2007-03-18, 09:45
Kenshin VS Soujiro (Rurouni Kenshin)
Van VS Woo (Gun X Sword) <- this is a mecha fight though

Can't recall anymore...

2007-03-18, 17:38
naruto vs sasuke
nana vs lucy (elfen lied)

2007-03-19, 06:24
Guts vs Griffith in their first duel,who would expect anyone to use his teeth like that?

2007-03-21, 17:33
The huge ass battle at the end of Banner to the stars.

2007-03-22, 10:33
Mutou Kazuki vs Captain Bravo (Busou Renkin)
Renji vs Byakuya (Bleach)
Ichigo vs Byakuya (Bleach)
Baki vs Yujiro (Grappler Baki)

2007-03-25, 06:25
Ichigo vs Byakuya [Bleach]
Naruto vs Sasuke [Naruto]

2007-11-18, 22:00
Yomiko (The Paper) vs the airplane dude R.O.D.
Yomiko vs samurai dude - R.O.D.
Ms. Deep vs "herself" - R.O.D.

Kenshin vs 3 disposable characters (one of which was his wife's EX) - Rurouni Kenshin OVA
Kenshin vs random ninjas - Kenshin OVA

naruto and sasuke vs haku

CardCaptor Sakura vs The Windy Card

2007-11-18, 22:02
Oh!! i forgot!

Gurren Lagaan vs Virus (first fight)

2007-11-18, 22:19
Ichigo vs Kenpachi - Bleach
Ichigo vs Kuchiki Byakuya - Bleach
Naruto vs Sasuke - Naruto
L vs Light - Death Note - (I call this a fight of wits!)
Yuuske vs Sensuib - Yu Yu Hakusho

Gosh there are just so many... but those come to mind for myself.

2007-11-18, 22:21
CardCaptor Sakura vs The Windy Card

That one was the most beautiful fight I have ever seen.

2007-11-18, 23:13
I definitely think it is =D.

Please kick me for forgetting Seirei no Moribito episode 4... the choreography for the fighting was simply spectacular. It's what chinese vs japanese martial arts shoud look like *droolage*

The Chaos
2007-11-19, 10:29
Ichigo vs Kenpachi .........Ichigo vs Byakuya........Ichigo vs Grimmjow ....----> bleach

Naruto vs Gaara.....Itachi vs Sasuke ( i love it when Itachi say You are Weak)...
Kakashi vs Zabuza........ Sasuke & Naruto Vs Haku....Gaara Vs Rock Lee..-----> Naruto

Kenichi Shirahama VS Ryuto Asamiya "Odein".....----> History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Clare Vs Priscilla..----> Claymore

Kenshin Vs Makoto Shishio...-----> Rurouni Kenshin

Gennosuke Vs Oboro....----> Basilisk

Lelouch Vs The whole Britannia ..-----> Code Geass

this the best Battle I ever Seen ....

2007-11-19, 21:26
Gurren Lagann: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs the Antispiral galaxy size robot FTW
Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin vs Shishio
Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin vs Soujiro
Gundam SEED: Freedom vs Providence
Saint Seiya: Seiya vs Valentine

Ash Falls Town
2007-11-19, 21:35
Best Fight?
Tutu vs Kraehe-Princess Tutu Episode 13

If you want a more narrow view of the word fight. I would have to say it would be the Koga battle from Pokemon. Pokemon actually has some quite nice battle choreography.

Terrestrial Dream
2007-11-19, 21:50
Gurren Lagann: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs the Antispiral galaxy size robot FTW
Agreed that was one of the most epic fight ever.
Genesic GaoGaiGar vs Palparepa more epic then the fight mentioned above imo.
The whole GGG crew vs EI-01 that was also epic.
Domon vs Master Asia in G Gundam

2007-11-19, 23:34
Tenjou Tenge:
Souichiro vs. Masataka (More of an ass-whooping than a fight but whatever)
Shin vs. Tawara

Rurouni Kenshin:
Kenshin vs. Aoshi (Both times)
Kenshin vs. Shishio

Gaara vs Rock Lee (Wow)
Naruto vs Gaara
Naruto/Tsunade vs Kabuto
Shikamaru vs. <insert ninja name here>

Cowboy Bebop:
Spike vs. Vicious
Spike vs. Vincent (In the movie)

Wolfwood vs. Chapel the Evergreen
Vash vs. Hoppered the Gauntlet
Vash vs. Knives

Hitsugaya vs. Gin (Not much of a Bleach fan but Gin is awesome)

2007-11-20, 02:44
Rigardo vs all claymores from CLAYMORE

2007-11-20, 03:20
Hm, I'm impressed with the fights in Karas, although Naruto has good ones, such as Lee vs. Gaara.

2007-11-21, 13:45
I think the fight between Rock Lee and that guy that shoots bones out of his finger tips way out did the fight with Gaara.

Another worth mentioning would be Seirei no Moribito (TV) aka Guardian of the Sacred Spirit, episode 3, I so wish we could see more of that.

Hotaru Suzume
2007-11-21, 15:45
Every fight in Utawarerumono, hee~.
Of those, I think my favourite would be the taking of... Inkara's castle, I think it was.

2007-11-22, 20:33
Ichigo vs. Byakuya

Naruto vs. Sasuke (at Valley of the End)

Dragon Ball Z
Teen Gohan vs. Perfect Cell

End of Evangelion
Asuka (Eva 02) vs. JSSDF

Street Fighter 2 The Movie
Chun Li vs. Vega

Gundam Wing
Heero Yuy (Gundam Epyon) vs. Zechs Marquise (Wing Zero)

~ Lawliet ~
2007-11-22, 20:55
I enjoy very much the various Tomoyo versus Sunohara fights of Clannad.

2007-11-22, 23:49
Cowboy Bebop: Everything
Tsuiokuhen: Everything :D
Kenshin: Kenshin and Saitoh Hajime. That one blew my mind.
Evangelion: Shinji (or more like berserk unit 01) and the first Angel. That one made me start loving anime :)

2007-11-23, 23:57
ichigo x byakuya
uryuu x mayuri
toshirou x gin

naruto x sasuke
gaara x kimimaro
gaara x deidara

higurashi no naku koro ni
rena x keichi

archer x besserker
saber x gilgamesh

2007-11-24, 00:51
Every fight in Utawarerumono, hee~.
Of those, I think my favourite would be the taking of... Inkara's castle, I think it was.

agreed, I was a fan of war movies long before I watched any anime, I prefer large-scale battles.

That said, in RM: Traumend, the final Shinku vs. Barasuishou battle would have owned if only it wasn't so damn short >:(

Enigma 56
2007-12-31, 06:40
1.Yujiro Hanma vs. Doppo Orochi (Grappler Baki II)
2.Guts & Griffith vs. Zodd (Berserk)
3.Kenshin vs. Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)
4.Sesshomaru & Inuyasha vs. Naraku (Inuyasha)
5.Baki Hanma vs. Yasha Ape (Grappler Baki)

(there were a lot of good fights in these series but these ones I remember particularly)

Enigma 56
2007-12-31, 06:50
O & Renji vs. Byakuya also Renji vs. Ichigo almost made my list...bleach has great fights
the fight between Mugen & Shouryuu from Samurai Champloo is worth mentioning
lastly the short fight between Mugen & Jin was also good

2007-12-31, 16:31
Most of the fight scenes in grenadier with the final fight (despite the obvious Equilibrium influence) being the main standout. Boobie reloading FTW. :cool:

The show has a lot of great fight scenes, but the last two fights of Jubei Chan 2 are amazing. Very fast paced, intense, and fluidly animated. Not to mention the music is awesome.

The battle scene that takes place in episodes 5 and 6 of Vandread 2nd stage is very well done. Although it's not quite as epic in scale as the climactic battle, I thought this one was much more intense. Not too mention, a lot of strong character development occurs here.

Full Metal Panic 2nd Raid: episodes 3 and 4: basically Mithril vs. Gates and co. Another very intense and suspenseful battle scene. I was pretty much on the edge of my seat wondering how Mithril was going to get out of this mess. Loved the focus on tactics and strategy, but the physical action was well animated especially the scene where Mao takes on the younger twin.

Magical girl Lyrical Nanoha: episode 11 Nanoha vs. Fate-- The fight by itself is awesome, but in context of everything that came before it, it's made even more dramatic. The fight is so well done, it kind of overshadows the show's actual finale.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's: episodes 1 and 2: the first battle with the Velka knights. A very intense fight. For the most part it's one-sided in favor of the Knights and it's less about Nanoha and co. trying to defeat the knights, but trying to even get out of the fight alive. Very effectively sets up the Velka knights as a convincing threat.

2008-01-02, 13:28

Byakuya vs Ichigo
Zaraki vs Ichigo


Lee vs Gaara
Nartuo vs Sasuke


Sword Impulse vs Gaia, Abyss & Chaos


Ostrum vs All

2008-01-03, 23:10
Full Metal Panic 2nd Raid: episodes 3 and 4: basically Mithril vs. Gates and co. Another very intense and suspenseful battle scene. I was pretty much on the edge of my seat wondering how Mithril was going to get out of this mess. Loved the focus on tactics and strategy, but the physical action was well animated especially the scene where Mao takes on the younger twin

This was one of the most intense fights I've seen. It's not often when you watch an anime fight, and you feel like a main character could really die as a consequence, but I definitely had that feeling for this fight.

2008-01-04, 00:29
1Vegeta vs. Goku
2Goku vs. Freeza
3Gaara vs. Rock Lee

2008-01-04, 11:06
I'm surprised no one mention Samurai Champloo, granted the story is pretty much nonsense but the fights in there is beautifully animated and choreographed with the music.

Mugen vs Jin (episode 1)

Jin vs Sara, the blind assassin
Mugen vs Sara, both awesome fight in episode 21

Thank you. I was frantically searching throughout the Naruto-ish posts so find even a mention of Champloo.

Cowboy Bebop's one on episode 5 should be my favourite, due to the dialog and the awesome flashback afterwards.

(Also, noone liked Ghosts in the Shells' ones?!)

2008-01-04, 11:22
Of the many I've seen, my favorites are:
Haruki Hanai vs Kenji Harima - Sukuran S2 eps 2-3
Kenshin vs Saito - RK
Maximilian Jenius vs Milia Fallyna - SDF Macross
Kana vs Fujioka the Banchou - Minami-ke
Bonta-kun vs Officer Youko Wakana - Fumoffu
Sora Naegino vs Layla Hamilton - Kaleido Star
Mahoro vs Shikijou Sensei - Mahoromatic
Miyu Yamazaki vs Ran Kotobuki - Super Gals
Kiriko Masaki vs Ryoko Balta vs Amane Kaunaq in onsen - Tenchi GXP
Dokkoida bicycle race - Dokkoida
Vash the Stampede vs Legato Bluesummers (not a lot of action, but heavy on the drama as it is the only time Vash was forced to do the one thing he never ever had to before and after) - Trigun
Van Fanel vs Allen Schezar - Vision of Escaflowne
Teresa vs Priscilla + Irene + Sophia + Noel - Claymore
Three Sisters Detective Agency vs Dokusensha - ROD TV
Guts vs legion of apostles during the Eclipse - Berserk
Batou vs Hideo Kuze - GitS 2nd Gig
Shannon Casull vs anybody and everybody - Scrapped Princess
Triela vs Pinocchio - Gunslinger Girl S2 (has yet to be shown)
Keitaro Urashima vs Motoko Aoyama - Love Hina (though this fight was not animated)
Bunshichi Tawara vs Shin Natsume - Tenjho Tenge
Tsukushi Makino vs F4 - Hana Yori Dango
Yawara Inokuma vs Sayaka Honami - Yawara!
S Orchestra vs A Orchestra - Nodame Cantabile
Tamaki Kawazoe vs anybody - Bamboo Blade
SOS Dan vs Computer Club - Day Of Sagittarius III (SHnY)

The Chaos
2008-01-04, 11:43
Of the many I've seen, my favorites are:
Kenshin vs Saito - RK
Kana vs Fujioka the Banchou - Minami-ke
Bonta-kun vs Officer Youko Wakana - Fumoffu
Teresa vs Priscilla + Irene + Sophia + Noel - Claymore
Shannon Casull vs anybody and everybody - Scrapped Princess
Tsukushi Makino vs F4 - Hana Yori Dango
S Orchestra vs A Orchestra - Nodame Cantabile
Tamaki Kawazoe vs anybody - Bamboo Blade
I Scond All Of These Fight ( Tsukushi Makino vs F4 - Hana Yori Dango) --> The Best

2008-01-04, 19:34
My favorites among the favorites are sadly still not animated :(
From Negima:
Setsuna and later Eva vs. this hugeass golem
Setsuna vs. Asuna
Kaede vs. ''Sanders''
Mana vs. Kuu
Setsuna vs. Eva

Ichigo vs Byakuya
Ichigo vs Kenpachi
Ikkaku vs Edrad

Black Lagoon:
Revy vs any xD

Angelic Layer:
Hikaru vs Athena

Claymore (Manga)
Clare vs Lion-kun

Magic Knight Rayearth:
Umi vs. Tatra and Tarta
Hikaru vs Nova

2008-01-04, 21:29
roy Vs Fuhrer bradley
Ed Vs greed
ed vs Shou tucker(because i wish to do that, and worse to tucker!
Full metal alchemist

Inf. Justice Vs destiny on ORB(GSD
freedom and Providence(gs)

2008-01-05, 01:27
sendo vs Makunouchi Ippo from hajime no ippo

Makunouchi Ippo vs Sawamura Ryuhei from the manga

2008-01-05, 05:39
Yuki vs Maki (Airmaster)
Yuki and Maki vs Eternal (Airmaster)
Spike vs Vincent (Cowboy Bebop Movie)
Mugen vs Sara (Samurai Champloo)
Shin Getter + Shin Dragon vs Invaders (Shin Getter Robo)
Genesic GaoGaiGar vs Anything (GaoGaiGar Final)
GaoGaiGar vs GaoFighGar (GaoGaiGar Final)
Kenshin vs Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)
Yusuke vs Yomi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Yusuke vs Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Domon vs Master Asia (G Gundam)
Judau vs Haman (ZZ Gundam)
Kurono vs Giant Buddha Alien (Gantz)
Asuka vs EVA 05-13 (Evangelion)
Jotaro vs Dio (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Konata vs Foreigner (Lucky Star)

Kurono and Izumi vs Oni boss (Gantz)
Guts + Berserk Armor vs Dragon Knight (Berserk)
Jiraiya vs Pain (Naruto)
Priscilla vs Isley (Claymore)

My memory sucks, and reading through other posts hasn't helped, so that's it for now.

2008-01-05, 12:03
Tossing another one into the list

Seirei no Moribito, the whole of episode 3
The animation and choreography of this episode far surpasses anything i have seen... and this is an anime series >.>

If you think sword fights are awesome, the spear fights in this one will keep you off your seat. The fight scenes are sporadic throughout the series but whenever they come on, they never fail to impress.

2008-01-05, 12:46
For me, without a doubt it's the fight between Tohru Honda and Akito Sohma in the last episodes of Fruits Basket. A complete and utter defeat and the only weapon she used was love. A consummate martial artist. <3

The Chaos
2008-01-05, 14:36
For me, without a doubt it's the fight between Tohru Honda and Akito Sohma in the last episodes of Fruits Basket. A complete and utter defeat and the only weapon she used was love. A consummate martial artist. <3

I Second That With All Love..I Like Girl Like Her ...:p

2008-01-06, 18:08
Even though I'm not very fond of Naruto, I have to say the fight between Garra and Rock Lee was one of my favorites. Well choreographed and directed, and I especially liked the conclusion.

Garra did NOT deserve to win! >_<

Another definite favorite were Kenshin's fight vs. Saitou and later Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin). I remember watching them for the first time. So detrimental to my finger nails.

The image of Shishio sacrificing Yumi in an attempt to kill Kenshin was etched in front of my eyes for days.

A few other favorites:

Kenpachi vs. Tousen and Komamura (Bleach).
Yuki vs. Asakura (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya).

2008-01-07, 11:21
I have to say one of my fav's is from Utawarerumono:

Karura vs. Benawi

In this mock battle, Karura broke no less than three of her swords while fighting. She also put a couple craters in the ground cuz she's so damn strong. Woot! :heh:

Okay, so basically any fight with karura swinging that gigantic sword like it's made out of paper never fails to make my day. The above fight is the only fight where you don't see limbs flying off the top of the scren every time Karura takes a swing.


Rurouni Kenshin:

Kenshin vs. Udo Jine

That was a sweet battle, made even cooler in the OVAs. Damn--- Jine is bloodthirsty yet badass.

2008-01-07, 16:24
I would have to say that all of the Samurai Champloo scenes in which battle took place were some of the best fights I've seen in pretty much any anime. Creative and inventive, they really show you how good choreographing plus the individual styles of the characters - especially Mugen and Jin - really can make a battle exciting.

I would also have to add the fight the took place during the majority of Seirei no Moribito's episode three. It was right up there with the most high quality Champloo fight.

Also, there are tons of noteworthy fight sequences in Baccano! that are also ridiculously well done.

2008-01-12, 01:37
Hmmm must be:

Lee vs Gaara (naruto)

Lucy vs all in first episode (elfen lied)

Lucy vs Banto (elfen lied)

Haji vs Amshel (blood +)

2008-01-12, 05:10
All/most of the fights in Bokurano. They're slow, short, and interrupted with many dialogs, but they have meanings. Each and every one of them impresses me and some even left me watery.

2008-01-13, 14:46
Teresa Vs 4claymores irene priscilla etc - Claymore
Asuka Vs Eva Series - Evangelion
Alucard Vs police+card guy - Hellsing Ultimate
Gutz Vs Demons (berserk last episode)

not really a fight but a epic dual :)
Light Vs L - Deathnote

zomg and who can forget

Ash Vs brock in pokemon :D :D

2008-01-14, 07:40

Lee v. Gaara
Drunk Lee v. Kimimaro
Chouji v. Jirobou

Cowboy Bebop:

Spike Spiegel v. Asamov Aranson
Spike Spiegel v. Viscious (final fight)
Radical Edward v. Chessmaster
Spike Spiegel v. Mad Pierrot

Samurai Champloo:

Mugen v. Jin (initial encounter)
Mugen/Jin v. mob (ending ep. 1)
Mugen v. Oniwaka

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rei Ayaname v. Angel 15 (Lance of Longinus)
Shinji, Rei, Asuka v. Angel 9

2008-01-14, 11:51
Motoko versus the tank in Oshii's GitS
TTGL versus Grand Zamboa in Gurren-Lagann 27

2008-01-14, 13:22
Naruto vs Sasuke (Naruto)

2008-01-14, 14:25
Asuka vs. Eva Series - Evangelion
Naruto vs. Sasuke - Naruto

2008-01-14, 14:41
my favs:

Asuka - winged Angel - NGE
Naruto - Sasuke - Naruto
Ryōko Asakura - Yuki Nagato - The melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Motoko - 2 female androids and a guy with a Suzuki Machinegun ( XD dont remember what episode but she beats the two guys up, walks up the wall, lands on the ground and shoots him rofl) - GITS SAC

top favourite fight would be: Asuka - Eva Series - End of Evangelion

2008-01-14, 15:19
Asuka Vs Eva Series - Evangelion
Takano Vs Keiichi's Gang Minagoroshi-hen ver - Higurashi
Ryōko Asakura Vs Yuki Nagato - TMoSH
Shinji Vs Ramiel - Evangelion 1.0
Anno Vs Buget
Keiichi Vs Rena - Higurasi

To be hopefully animated

"Snake of the Festival" Sakai Yuji Vs Shana - Shana Vol 16
Leonard Vs Sousuke - FMP CoMO
Battler Vs Beatrice - Umineko

2008-01-14, 23:00
Nagato vs Asakura - Haruhi Suzumiya
-You cannot get away from this one, considering how expertly it was animated.

Rena vs Keiichi - Higurashi
-Probably one of the most intense fights I have ever seen.

Light vs L - Death Note
-Psychological fights are still fights.

Shana vs Friagne - SnS Movie
-Movie version was SO much better than the anime.

Lucy vs Nana - Elfen Lied
-I don't know why, but this one really amazed me.

2008-01-15, 04:25
I don't know if this is an anime too or not....
Cloud vs Sephirot - FFVII AC

2008-01-15, 21:18
Any fight from Naruto Or Kenshin, I love those Anime fights.

2008-01-16, 01:28
I know they have been mentioned a few times already, but the spear fight scenes in Seirei no Moribito episodes 3, 13, 21 and 22 are amazing. They are probably some of the very best weapon-based animated fight scenes ever created in my opinion, in terms of both aesthetics of the art not using cheap animation or coloring techniques, as well as the actual execution of the animation itself in terms of look and style and accuracy. I've seen most of the other fight scenes mentioned here, but in terms of sheer beauty and brutality of a fight scene, only a few anime movies are close to on par with this big-budget series in my mind.

The Chaos
2008-01-16, 06:35
After Finishing Rozen Maiden ..
Shinku x Suigin Tou

2008-01-16, 10:31
How could I forget!

Onsokomaru vs Kaede - Ninja Nonsense

2008-01-27, 16:00
Haven't seen this one mentioned before:

Cowboy Bebop: the alleyway fight between Spike and Pierrot Le Fou-- this fight is very well animated and choreographed as well as being one of the more intense fights in the series. I really like the dramatic lighting this fight has and the lack of music in it. There isn't really any music that capture the visceralness of this fight.


Macross DYRL: Max vs. Miria-- This version of the fight is a lot better. Aside from the animation the two of them seem more evenly matched this time around, and I thought the part where they fight each other in pitch black darkness was increibly cool and inventive.

2008-01-28, 06:09
Some I like:

Spike Spiegel vs. Vincent (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie)

Asuka vs. MP Evas (The End of Evangelion)

Kurosaki Ichigo vs. Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach)

Jin vs. Kagetoki Kariya (Samurai Champloo)

Sara vs. Jin/Mugen (Samurai Champloo)

2008-02-11, 16:16
Kurosaki Ichigo vs. Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach)

My thoughts exactly! Also Drunk Lee....end of story.

2008-02-11, 18:54
Asuka Vs Eva Series - End of Evangelion
Lucy vs The troops in the first episode - Elfen Lied
All the fights in the last episode of Samurai Champloo
Spike vs Pierrot - Cowboy Bebop
Spike vs Evil guy from movie whose name I forget
Yusuke vs Sensui - Yu Yu Hakusho
5 armed robot fight in FLCL
The Captain Tyler's bloodless victory episode - The Irresponsible Captain Tyler
The whole DBZ crew vs Vegeta - DBZ
Kenshin VS Saito Hajime - Ruroni Kenshin

Those are the ones I can think of right now.

2008-02-11, 19:03
Spike Vs Vicious - Cowboy Bebop Movie
Alucard Vs Incognito - Hellsing
Kenshin Vs Sadosuke - Rurouni Kenshin
Sakura Vs Ino - Naruto
Kiba Vs Lord Darcia - Wolf's Rain
Kamui of the Dragons of Heaven Vs Kamui of the Dragons of Earth
Jin Vs Mugen - Samurai Champloo

2008-02-11, 20:42
These are the ones that I remember
Gohan vs Cell
Naruto vs Sasuke
Lee vs Gaara
Ichigo vs his hollow

2008-02-12, 01:13
I'll agree with whoever said Rena vs. Keiichi in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, quite tense, since it's one of the few animes where you could expect a character to die in a real fight.
Shana vs. Friagne (in the movie) Shakugan no Shana
The fight where Sousuke first pilots the Arbalest in Full Metal Panic! (Tree to the head=pwn.)
All of the closing butler battles in Hayate no Gotoku (haha.)
Saito vs. 70,000 man army in Zero no Tsukaima
Ichigo pwning three lieutenants in the Soul Society Rescue arc of Bleach (the only really memorable moment, though it wasn't really a fight.)
Aka and Fumihiko in REC, though they eventually made up.
Raito-kun and L in Death Note
And of course, the most epic battle ever, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann episode 27.

2008-02-12, 01:25
afro samurai especially ep 1
seirei no moribito ep 2/3 i think
fate stay night quite a few
claymore also a few
gintama lol episode 25
samurai champloo

2008-02-12, 05:36
Nanoha vs Fate (M.G.L.Nanoha)

There are some more in StrikerS where you have instructors vs Disciples.

Nagasumi vs the ecchi guy (Seto no Hanayome)

Macho Nagasumi for the laughs :D

2008-02-12, 12:51
Edward Elric Vs Greed - Full Metal Alchemist.

2008-02-15, 06:10
for me

naruto vs sasuke
Intergalactic gurren-laggan vs black Intergalactic gurren-laggan

and many more epic battles just cant remember

2008-02-15, 12:13
for me

naruto vs sasuke
Intergalactic gurren-laggan vs black Intergalactic gurren-laggan

and many more epic battles just cant remember

That was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs. Anti-Spiral (and the anti-spiral homeworld). It didn't have a name.

2008-02-15, 14:56
Kenshin vs. Hajime Saitō (their fight in the dojo during the TV series and their fight in the OVA)

Fleet battle at the end of Banner of the Stars. This is how an epic battle should be shown.

Isamu vs. Guld (Macross Plus, 4th OVA. One of the greatest animated air-to-air dogfighting scenes to date.)

Balalaika vs. the Romanian twins, Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon, start from Chang's shootout with the twins. This whole fight emits an aura of cold, calculating, ruthless, demented badassness)

Ryougi Shiki
2008-02-15, 15:02
There are many epic fights, like Raoh's final battle for example, but I think if we're talking about recent anime (my favorites of all time will basically be taken for a given here)...

I really think the animators did a great job with the Ichigo versus Grimmjow fight. That was pretty rad.

Also, the fight at the end of Seto no Hayanome, and the final fight between Kazuki and Victor was pretty awesome too.

However, battles like the ones from Harlock or Yamato are a given.

2008-02-15, 15:56
Naruto vs Sasuke - Naruto 1st season

Lee vs Garra - Naruto 1st season

SSJ2 Gohan vs Perfect form Cell - DBZ

Ichigo vs Kenpachi - Bleach

SSJ 2 Goku vs Majin Vegeta - DBZ

not really a fight, but tennis match...

Tezuka vs Fuji - Prince of Tennis

Ryoma vs Kevin - Prince of Tennis

2008-02-15, 16:40
Windy & Watery vs. Firey


2008-03-15, 17:59
I had to bump this simply because no1 mentioned the puppet fight in Naruto. It was badass.

(Evangelion fights owned too)

2008-03-15, 18:09
I had to bump this simply because no1 mentioned the puppet fight in Naruto. It was badass.

(Evangelion fights owned too)

The one in Shippuden? I thought that was really good.

2008-03-15, 19:33
Bleach: Grimmjow versus Ichigo (first fight) - best animation ever like the matrix except better :D...almost

many from Naruto that have already been mentioned so wont bother :p

2008-03-15, 19:42
Shana vs. Friagne (in the movie) Shakugan no Shana
Saito vs. 70,000 man army in Zero no Tsukaima
Ichigo pwning three lieutenants in the Soul Society Rescue arc of Bleach (the only really memorable moment, though it wasn't really a fight.)

Agreed, they might be long or 'best' action wise, but they're extremely memorable.

I'd like to add:

Shinku vs Barasuishou in episode 12 of Rozen Maiden Traumend
Archer vs Beserker in Fate/Stay Night
Ed vs Roy Mustang in the exhibition match in Full Metal Alchemist

2008-03-15, 19:45
Bleach: Grimmjow versus Ichigo (first fight) - best animation ever like the matrix except better :D...almost

many from Naruto that have already been mentioned so wont bother :p

Same, But my list also has Ichigo vs Byakuya and Ichigo vs Ulquiorra in it (both BLEACH fights).

2008-03-15, 20:20
Gutts vs 100 men was sick too.

2008-03-15, 21:57
Second - Gats vs. 100 men (He is the "Century Slayer"; what a great title :))

anything from Hajime no Ippo...anything.

Kenshin vs. Shishio (epic Rurouni Kenshin battle, and the ending is wonderfully powerful).

Princess Tutu vs. Princess Kraehe (first season, last battle (episode 13) wonderful ballet battle).

Eva 01 vs. EVA 03/Angel 13 (epically brutal with body parts being strewn across the land).

2008-03-15, 22:27
Tezuka vs The Dinosaurs, Prince of Tennis

Evil Rick
2008-03-16, 03:12
Kouga Genosuke -vs- Yakushiji Tenzen (Basilisk Kouga Ninpou Chou)
Lizzerg Diezzel -vs- Yho Azakura (Shaman King)
Vita -vs- Takamachi Nanoha (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's)
Any fight of Alucard (Hellsing)

2008-03-16, 15:31
I liked the fight beetwen Orochimaru and the third from Naruto.

2008-03-16, 22:19
Lee vs. gaara from naruto what can I say I love gaara

2008-03-17, 08:13
Kenshiro VS Raoh in Hokuto no Ken...

2008-03-17, 11:41
Not really a fight, but I did wanna know what will happen if Hinagiku Katsura (Hayate no Gotoku) "fights" with Lelouch Lamperogue (Code Geass).

I mean... Kendo Hina vs Empty-handed Lelouch, I think it's a fair battle...

Except if Lelouch use his geas...

2008-03-17, 23:03
I mean... Kendo Hina vs Empty-handed Lelouch, I think it's a fair battle...
Hina beats Gin-style combat butlers, while Lelouch gets owned by one kick from a teenager.
And Hina's too cool to be affect by Geass, so Lelouch would probably have to have a mech for it to be fair.

2008-03-17, 23:05
I like Hina better than Nagisa and Sakura. I think qtipsex knows the significance of that statement. She pwns.

2008-03-20, 06:54
-Kenpachi Vs Ichigo 2nd season
-Goku Vs Majin Vegeta always enjoy DBZ
-Trunks Vs Furiiza/King Cold...haha a Saiyan is nothing without his swords, Trunks looks and King Cold blows up HA think again Cold. i don't need a sword i have fire balls Fool!!
-any fights in DBZ movies
-Lee Vs Garaa...it was like Wow!! wen Lee dropped his weights.
-Puppet fight in Naruto Shipuudden, must agree that was pretty impressive considering how crappy Naruto has been lately.

Supah Em
2008-03-20, 07:17
spike vs sid

nuff said

2008-03-20, 18:25
spike vs sid? is this Cowboy Bebop Spike you talking about or is it someone completely different? :confused:

Now Spike vs Vicious that was a truly awesome fight, one of the best finishing episode i've ever seen.

The fights in Samurai Champloo were well thought out. Cool Movements and squences.

2008-03-20, 21:22
The first fight between Kamina and Viral, the entire thing, including both the blade fight and the mech fight. Viral can really handle a shaving knife.

Evil Rick
2008-03-20, 23:50
Yashamaru -vs- Kazamachi Shougen. Basilisk episode 1

2008-07-23, 07:51
Vandread, Hibiki getting his head stomped by Rabot
Well that wasn't much of a fight but still made me lol'd :heh:

2008-07-23, 09:30
Edward Elric V. Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Gaara V. Rock Lee (Naruto)
Spike Speigel V. Vincent (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie)
Van V The Claw (GunXSword)
Mugen V Jin (Samurai Champloo)
Alucard V Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)
Alucard V Luke Valentine (Hellsing OVA)

There are many, many other fight scenes from anime such as "Elfen Lied", "Cowboy Bebop", "Samurai Champloo", and more, but they will take me all day to type.

2008-07-23, 20:22
the best fight i think is
ichigo vs grimjaw

Satsuki Yuuhi Ramius
2008-07-23, 20:36
Yoruichi Vs Soi Fong

Deus ex Digital Boy
2008-07-23, 20:44
I'm sure it's been mentioned but the last fight in Stranjya is in-fucking-comperable.

2008-07-25, 22:00
I'm sure it's been mentioned but the last fight in Stranjya is in-fucking-comperable.

You beat me to it. Nanashi's last fight was the best. Also Afro vs. Teddy Bear in Afro Samurai, Archer vs. Beserker in Fate/stay night and Zoro vs. Ryuuma in One Piece.

2008-07-26, 01:17
al and ed vs. homoculus (full metal alchemist)
heyro vs. zechs at antartic base (gundam wing)
duo vs. mercreus and veyeight (gundam wing)
laharl vs. sareph lamington (disgaea)
pretty cure vs. valdes (pretty cure: max heart)
pretty cure (SS) vs. ghorun (pretty cure: star splash)
ron vs. mymi (at any time) (super gals!)

2008-07-26, 03:59
Of course it's : Kurapika vs Ubogin...nice fight, and Kurapika looks soo coool!!!
The second....? I don't know...there's too many fights I love....I think it's Kill Bill:D (wahahahaha...it's not even anime...)

2008-07-27, 16:34
The last battle of Gurren Lagann
It was also pure epic and win

2008-07-29, 22:33
Kenshin vs. Shishio - Rurouni Kenshin
-Kenshin vs. Saitou

2008-07-30, 10:24
Harima VS Karasuma in School Rumble Sangakki!!! LOL!!!

fallin up
2008-07-30, 10:40
Ryomou Shimei vs. Ryofu Housen from ikkitousen. the time when Ryofu puts the moves on ryomou :naughty:. ikkitousen fans will know what i mean.

oompa loompa
2008-07-30, 13:17
kenshin vs soujiro ( one of my all time favorites.. )
ichigo vs hollow ichigo ( only in the manga though.. )
this one i havnt seen a lot of - sakura and chiyo vs sasori ( the 10 vs 100 part )
nagato vs asakura :D( haruhi )


I'm going to have to agree with earlier posters on this - the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann final battle gave a new definition to epic

2008-07-31, 20:06
Freedom vs Justice

2008-07-31, 21:07
Naruto- Sasuke vs. Gaara





anime ronin
2008-08-01, 10:16
some great fghts i can think of are

OP: luffy vs lucci and zoro vs kaku
claymore: clare vs priscilla
bleach: ichigo vs kenpachi and ikkaku vs arrancar

and alot of dbz fights but thats all i can think of for now

2008-08-01, 13:21
Spike vs. Andy - Cowboy Bebop (tell me that didn't make you laugh your butt off)

Kiba vs. Darcia - Wolf's Rain (I'm a sucker for animal fights)

Natsuki vs. Shizuru - Mai HiME

2008-08-03, 12:58
kenshin himura vs shishio makoto(rurouni kenshin)
old,but still thrills me

2008-08-03, 22:14
soul eater - stein and spirit vs chrno and medusa
evangelion - eva01 vs 3rd angel, eva 01 and eva00 vs 5th, eva01 vs 15th angel
full metal panic tsr - sosuke vs mr gold and his gang
G gundam - domon vs master asia