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2011-06-30, 03:35
This thread is to be used for discussing the entire episodes of AnoHana ... your thoughts about the show, overall impressions, expectations and hopes about the DVD only footage etc.

A few subjects you might want to ramble on about:
General impression of the series.
Opinions on the overall story, writing & plot devices.
Thoughts about the animation quality.
Characters/Character Design
Voice Acting

Which kind of footage (DVD only) you feel you'd really like to see.
What the show meant to you.
What could the creators/animators/writers have done better.

And so on.

The poll represents your total series rating. In other words, how you would rate all the episodes combined (1-10)? If you'd rather rate the whole series by technical/artistic merits, you can do so. An example:

Animation Quality: 1-10
Voice Actors: 1-10
Script: 1-10
Soundtrack: 1-10
Editing: 1-10
Enjoyment: 1-10
Emotional Involvement: 1-10

Average = Total Series Rating

Or a combination of the two. Or your general gut feeling.

Feel free to discuss and more importantly, have fun :)

2011-06-30, 05:50
I almost passed this anime up, since I never heard of it til it aired a few episodes, and usually not into this kind of show. I also almost dropped it after seeing a possibly dead loli rubbing against the male lead in a strange way. But I'm glad I didn't. :heh:

Ano Hana (We still don't remember the name of that anime because it was too damned long) is a powerful anime that mixes emotion with the nostalgia of childhood memories. Throughout the anime, we follow a group of characters that was once very close, but a single incident caused them to break apart, and as unfortunately as it would seem, time doesn't heal every wound. These characters are stuck in the past, unable to move on, trying to compensate the emptiness in their lives in their own different way. The 11 episode journey of Ano Hana leads viewers down the path of memories, and eventually the road to recovery. This proved to be a fulfilling journey as we followed them through their joy and their (especially) tears

Visuals: 8
Ano Hana's visuals are nothing spectacular, but the colors are nice and vivid. It's umm... very bright. The character designs them, are per the anime trend, cutesey looking but not overboard. And everyone has different outfits. (Yukikatsu, yay!) So that's always a plus. Overall, it's pretty smooth, and there's little to complain here about-- It's nice to look at

Audio: 7
Again, nothing that will knock you off your feet, but the 2 OP/ED songs are very nice. Aoi Shiori goes for the whole nostalgia feeling thing. I did prefer the ending song "Secret Base"; it's kinda sentimental and sappy, but fits the anime very well to a tee. I also loved how the episodes will lead into the ending song. I haven't seen them do it that well since Mai-HiME.

Story: 8

Ano Hana's story is a case of YMMV. It will depend on how much suspension of belief you can grant to the ghost girl of Menma. It can be a bit jarring that given Menma's ability to influence objects (especially stuff like muffins), that people seem strongly able to not notice it. The rules of the supernatural are pretty unclear, but on the other hand, explaining them too much would be kinda silly-- it is the supernatural afterall, Menma doesn't really want to interfere that much, congnitive dissonance is very strong (People are incredibly able to deny the obvious if it contradicts their ideas of reality), and well she's a ghost.

The other problem with Ano Hana is that it frequently meanders a lot, with many of the episodes feeling episodic for an anime that has little time for this. Sometimes this works very well, the "Nokemon" part really helped in establishing character bonds and Jintan's inability to go to school is a pressing issue and leads to a number of amusing moments. But it leads to situations where the individual episodes are good, but the anime itself can feel like it's stringing you along. There are also a number of loose ends involving Popo's flashback and Menma's parents that kinda get glossed over.

And of course, the overacting, tears flow every episode, but the last episode makes me feel like the VA's were probably laughing their asses off. :heh:

Despite all of this, Ano Hana's story still works. Why is that?

The story is simple and straightforward. Sure, it feels like we're being dragged about not knowing where to go, but it doesn't matter. This is one of those stories where it's about the journey where you are following the characters' experiences and finding out revelations when they are finding them out. Oh sure, you might have landed on the solution before they did, or the solution itself isn't that spectacular, but does it really matter?

Through the anime, I was taken through the characters' lives and experiences. It was fun to see the SPB start meeting back together reluctantly, then eventually starting to pick up their old activities and come to realizations, helping each other by discovering each others' problems, and then pulling together so nobody gets left behind. Although Menma is the driving force behind their efforts, it was really the effort of the 5 remaining peace busters and their will to live on Menma's memories.

The anime never abandoned this, and thus the narrative itself felt pure, honest, and without pretentiousness. Sometimes I'd wonder where it was going, but I never felt lost.

Characters: 9

There's many ways to make memorable characters. One is by making the characters' as distinct as possible. The other is by having the characters prop each other up, through interaction. Ano Hana's characters individually don't seem like that much, but together they really bring up the experience. Of course, being a screwed up bunch helps too. I always had the feeling of wanting to cheer for them, and for them to face their own demons and overpower them. But they couldn't do it alone so...

Jintan, the lead, would probably have killed the show had this been a regular anime. He's unmotivated, selfish, and indecisive. But he also carries the huge burden of seeing the cause of his guilt constantly, and it'll never go away. He's glad to see Menma, but at the same time it's the source of his troubles. He has to balance between his feelings for Menma and for his own well-being. Menma and Anaru try to pull Jintan out of his self-destructive behavior, but it's no good when he won't help himself. And after all, Anaru's kind of like that too, with no will of her own, following her terrible friends, and drifting off without purpose. And they come across Poppo, who seems to be all happy and over it, but he was merely just running away from his problems and still acting like a kid. None of them had grown up, and it's tragic. These are good people, but they are just stuck.

Even the ones that seem to have matured and grown beyond this are unable to face the past. Tsuriko and Yukiatsu are succesful in school and probably life, but it seems as if overachieving was their way of overcompensating for what they lacked, and their own guilt over Menma's death. Yukiatsu's actually the most messed up, sniffing people's dresses what? Of course, he knew that nobody would accept it, so he decides to act like a huger douchebag to make up for it. Even during the later part of the series, he tries to hang on to logic, but it betrays him.

Tsuriko is actually much like Yukiatsu but was able to keep a clearer mind, but that has more to do with Yukiatsu feeling that he could have stopped Menma. Like her love interest, she also tried to use logic, becoming cold and detached, to block out her feelings, but it was no good when faced with reality. She felt that it was no good dreaming about what couldn't be, and it just ended up tearing her apart inside, leaving her feeling that there was no point in expressing something anyways.

But you know, this is why people with mental issues have such a hard time. They won't seek help. After all, it's not easy to seek help, when you know people will judge you and most of them won't understand you anyways. And one can't solve these issues on their own.

So in any case, catharsis was absolutely necessary for people to get over their issues and inner demons. Menma, being unable to understand these thoughts and feelings perfectly, since she's just a kid, had the goal of getting them together and being honest with each other. Naturally, this was a difficult process, so she had to use her remaining time reaching out to them in the way she knew best. And with a word from Menma, they all realized they weren't alone and life could start again.

It ended with Jintan finding the courage to go back to school, and realizing Anaru cares for him, and for Anaru to stop drifting around and to think for herself, pursuing her own thoughts and feelings. And it ended with everyone to finally stop blaming everyone for everything. And more importantly, stop blaming themselves.

In other words, this was one hell of a therapy session that analyzed the connections between the characters.

Of course, we will never forget the experiences they had, young and old. The BBQs, and catching silly Yukikatsu. Or being able to detect Menma and being scared. Or the fireworks.

It was fun for them, and hopefully it was fun for the audience.

Enjoyment: 10
Despite the somewhat sappy moments and simplistic plot, I could just say that Ano Hana worked. It kept me watching, it left me wanting for more, and I really wanted the leads to succeed. I wanted the show to succeed. Ultimately, it made me give a damn about the show, and in a genre I don't appreciate too much, that's just great. Many times, I have to ask when I'm watching: "What's the point of this?" Well, Ano Hana always had its goals in mind, and thus I was enjoying practically every moment without complaints... til after I watched. :p

Overall: 8.5/10
I've gained a lot of respect for Mari Okada for writing this wonderful work, and it definitely has a place in my mind for great anime. Now that's the kind of show I want to see. Spring 2011 FTW!

2011-06-30, 09:51
Very close... Very close...! If only it didn't slip at at the end.
The first 2/3 of the anime was indeed excellent. Very emotional, in a good way. The characters were interesting and the story and atmosphere were great too. Of course, the ED was awesome.
Anaru's nickname sounds the same as Anal and that was entertaining in a different way.
Oh yeah, and Yukiatsu.

Just... it couldn't tie everything up and slipped up at the end.
For instance, Menma and her interaction with others. So she could just move objects in front of others?! Then do that in the first place!
What reason does the show give for this? "That's just the way they are" Haha, oh yeah, sure. I'm not buying it. Come back after you prove to me that Jintan and Menma are retarded and have no ability to use logic.
I thought that perhaps Menma couldn't interact with others. But no, she can, it turns out. Now explain to me why Poppo didn't react to Menma eating food right in front of him earlier in the anime.

Another thing was Anal's friends. There were signs that foretold that maybe they were not as bad as we thought. So surely they will have some interaction later that will certify this, right? No, they don't appear until the end of the anime.

Then there is Poppo's confession in the last episode, the over-dramatic presentation in the last episode, Tsuruko looking like cross-dressed Yukiatsu, etc.

All in all, it was still a good anime. Just not as perfect as it seemed earlier on.
It also taught me not to expect anything from Noitamina. They have interesting ideas that don't attach themselves to moe and all, but for both C and this, they just couldn't tie up their ideas together. So I'll probably think about avoiding their shows from now on.
A good show can become a bad memory with a bad end (like this or C)
A bad show can become a good memory with a good end (like AYAKASHI)
It's interesting to see shows like this and C start out so good and turn out mediocre while shows that started out bad like Sengoku Otome turn out good.
That's just the world, I guess.

2011-06-30, 10:43
I already wrote up a review for the show over at my blog (http://narrativeinvestigations.blogspot.com/2011/06/anime-review-anohana.html) so to summarize, yes I enjoyed the show quite a bit (good thing too, I did start the original thread for it after all XD). Menma being a ghost didn't bother me, all the characters had their ups and downs but (with the exception of Yukiatsu) I was able to understand and like them in the end, the voice-acting was solid, the music worked and the art was pretty to look at. What I liked best about the show was that it fit really well into just 11 episodes which, as past noitaminA shows have shown, is really tricky to do so kudos to all the writers who managed to pull this off. The show gets an 8.5/10 for me and I'd love to see it licensed in the US and get a copy of it.

Guardian Enzo
2011-06-30, 11:56
I also wrote a lengthy blog (http://lostinamerica-deeg.blogspot.com/search/label/AnoHana) review/summary of the series. In brief - the best show of 2011 so far in a walk for me. And I'm delighted at how popular it's turned out to be.

2011-06-30, 15:32
I was set to give it a perfect ten before the ending, but the ending was a bit of let down imo. It's strength was obviously in it's characters and the way their relationships have such depth and complexity to them.

Overall score: 9/10

2011-06-30, 16:31
Before this season, A-1 pictures has done little worth noting for me, but when I saw the synopsis for this anime coupled with the fact that it landed a notamina block spot, I was certain that this was going to be a winner.

The first episode was emotionally riveting, and surely I knew we were in for something a little special this season.

I've always enjoyed stories that manage to make connections to you personally. To me that's one of Ano Hana's greatest strength, its ability to pull on one's nostalgic chords. The whole story about old friends split apart (And in this case it's about something emotionally traumatic for the group) and managing to come back together and move on was a fairly straight forward, but effective means of drawing interest from the viewers. Most of if not all of us have probably gone through similar experiences where we split with old friends for one reason or another, and I'm sure many of us have thought about those so called "glory days" as well. In that regard, it managed to make an emotional connection with me from the synopsis alone.

However, this strength may also be Ano Hana's greatest weakness. Due the nature of having to follow the series intermittently week by week, and the fact that the series drives an emotional punch right from the start, there were many moments throughout the anime which failed to elicit the proper sympathetic response. No, one does not necessarily have to tear up or anything, as I never expected that sort of emotionally involving standard, but the anime still should be able to properly maintain the emotional involvement that it started with.

The series was weakest on this front during the middle portions of the story. However, I felt they managed to come full circle by the end, so Ano Hana gets points from me there. Though I will say that the last episode could have been a tad less melodramatic.

Perhaps not necessarily secondary to this strength/weakness though is Ano Hana's characters. Almost everyone in the group was developed extremely well, and each had their own little story, and each had their own problems and frustrations. Couple this with the fact that there's actually 3 guys and 3 girls in the Super Peace Busters instead of the usual harem or 4-5 girl ensemble, and it provided a much more interesting composition of characters in the main cast than you'd typically see in any other kind of show.

Really, the first thing a story should always do after creating the premise to make sure you have characters worth caring about. None of these stock cardboard cut out archetype characters that can't stand up on their own when compared to all the other stock cardboard cut out archetype characters. There needs to be some sort of substance, something more to see that just their quirky personality traits.

And no, it's not simply about giving them some sort of dramatic past like "my parents died in an accident, or my family, or my friend," and then showing them to be sad or distraught. Sure you can throw details like that into any story, but if you don't manage to successfully detail each character's personality, their woes and likes, how they respond to different events, why they think a certain way, then it's hard to understand what these characters even really think about in the end.

While melodrama and magical realism has been done to a certain extent before (See KEY animes), I feel like Ano Hana manages to separate itself and its narrative significantly. One large reason being the length of it, but also the type of story it wants to tell. Melodrama doesn't define a narrative, and people shouldn't try to pin Ano Hana as a story about cheap emotional involvement. I always felt it had a genuine and honest feeling to its story, something that shines true all the way to the end no matter how sappy it got.

That's probably the best word to describe Ano Hana, genuine.

I fully recommend the story to anyone who can accept the premise as is and whose sole goal isn't to make themselves cry. Ano Hana is a story that is more about the journey than the destination.

Animation Quality: 8
Voice Actors: 9
Script: 9
Soundtrack: 8
Editing: 9
Enjoyment: 9
Emotional Involvement: 8

Overall: 8.6/10

2011-06-30, 17:11
I think Anohana was definitely one of the most notable series of the season if not of the whole year. The plot centered around a group of friends, their past and their loss seen through a realistic and mature perspective was certainly a refreshing breeze over a sea of overused tropes and stereotypes.

The story was well defined and had a precise goal from the start, the absence of dilly-dallying and filler subplots is certainly praiseworthy. Notable is also the fact that there aren't really many unanswered questions left in the air apart from the nature of Menma and the related strange phenomenon, but that's acceptable.

Great care was exercized on the characterization of the main cast and this is a given considering this was a character-driven story. The execution was anyway very well done and this was well proven by the degree of affection that the super peace buster managed to attract from the audience.

I have however two complaints:

The first is that I wished that this story showed more about the childhood of these friends rather than the few fragmented flashbacks we have seen. In comparison 20th century boys was a lot more fascinating precisely because past and present unfolded in paralel binaries. Anohana had all the premises to become such a story, but the creators decided to focus on the present and left the past undeveloped.

My second complaint is that the ending pushed the drama way too far for my tastes rendering it awkward and somewhat hilarious, the exact opposite of what it should have been.
It's clear that different people had different reaction to this, but it cannot be denied that about half of those who followed this series with enthusiasm weren't positively impressed, and that's certainly not a good thing.

Overall I gave this series a 8.0 which from me is a very high score. Having seen more than 300 anime series I have become quite critic and hard to please.

2011-06-30, 21:07
This was a very powerful, genuine, dark anime that really had me until the last episode gave it a very drawn out, saccharine and inconclusive ending. I think the last episode should have focused less on Menma the ghost and more on a mature, serious examination of the emotions of those who survived and how they are going to move forward via real actions. Menma herself was the weakest link, and it seems ridiculous to develop her more since she is already dead and going to disappear forever no matter what--so for me the buildup was based on these well-fleshed out, living characters that I wanted to see find change.

I loved the music--both the ED and OP were excellent. "Our summer together has ended" is a beautiful, sad statement of the emotional center of this anime, which is bitter. 7/10

2011-06-30, 21:21
8/10 for me. It lost a lot of quality towards the end for me. I know there was no good way to end it, but seeing a bunch of teenagers cry their eyes out... not my cup of tea. But everything before that was great and the was music good too.

2011-06-30, 22:19
Is it a cultural thing? I don't mind all of the crying in the show. It was pretty elegant and not overly melodramatic. In fact Poppo's breakdown and final scream are one of the most potent and visceral emotions I've seen in a show. Also, I thought Poppo was very well foreshadowed with a lot of a subtle hints. The more I look at it, Menma is more of a symbol than she is a character. She represents something the characters want back into their lives.

Interesting Ano Hana tidbits I caught after 2nd viewing.

In Episode 3 when Menma first prays to Touko she tears up without reason... or so we thought.

In Episode 8 when Jinta finally cries, instrumental version of "I Left You" is playing. Menma tears up again and the promise being fulfilled kick starts her memory which is slowly revealed until Episode 11 where we find out what the wish was and "I Left You" is playing.

If anyone listened to the lyrics of "I Left You" It's about not hiding your pain and you'll eventually get over you loss and that you should not be ashamed to show your grief.

I really liked how Menma wasn't there for herself but for Jinta and a promise to Touko. It was just a bonus that Menma was able to spend time with her friends again and help mend their wounds. The Busters Reconciling wasn't a requirement for her to go to heaven.

8/10 for me because it would be a 10/10 if given a couple more episodes.

Also, I wonder if this would have worked better as a feature length film like 5cm/sec or Tokikake?

2011-06-30, 22:49
I am not going to break this masterpiece into pieces and rate them. Just going with my guts and feelings :

10/10 for being one of those few anime that will leave a mark in my memory forever.

Thank you A-1 pictures and the cast for such a masterpiece.

2011-07-01, 05:33
It definitely starts out as 10/10 for me, but the latest doesn't make me "moved" as much as the earlier episode, so I have to give this 9/10 instead. Tempted to give it 8/10, but considering anime lately weren't that good storywise, I'll leave it at 9.

2011-07-01, 07:57
Well, this series moved me to tears. That makes it an automatic 10, from me. 'Nuff said.

2011-07-01, 08:15
Review of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (http://www.nihonreview.com/anime/ano-hi-mita-hana-no-namae-wo-bokutachi-wa-mada-shiranai/) by me, up at The Nihon Review

Once again, here's the review of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, at The Nihon Review.

2011-07-01, 08:20
ahhh... finally the overall thread is going out

I don't watch this show until I hear the wonderful ending song.... (yeah! It's because of the ending song!)
so I will give the audio : 10/10

I must agree that this anime is original! I never encountered such plot and story.... It's simple but have many complicated and development.... involving emotion so much and maybe moved the watcher into tears....
then, I will give the story : 10/10

I don't have any comment about the seiyuu... It's just like the seiyuu are perfectly perform their character... I must give many credits to Anaru's seiyuu especially (for most of crying scenes, her performance is really good)... Jintan's seiyuu is little plain but the rest is perfect especially in last episode...
Each character has unique traits and some unpredictable problems. Each of them have special connection with 10 years ago's scene and still haunted by their own problems... How they finally can unite and move forward are the best part of this anime
10/10 for the characters and seiyuu

finally, I must say that this anime is satisfy me... I don't really like the genre but this anime really one of the best slice-of-life anime I ever watched (so realistic and emotional)
My only wish is they made this become 12-episode anime... Just split the last episode in two part, man! You can give better result, I think!
but overall 10/10 from me

2011-07-02, 00:08
AnoHana is all about the setup, to me. Delightfully animated, and blessed with a strong cast, you know most of what you need to within the first few episodes. From there, it's just a matter of coasting to the end, riding the winds of what made it great in the first place. The result is that it peaks a bit early, but still delivers on the promised laughs and tears.

I seem to have a thing for emotionally messed-up anime characters; I really enjoy analyzing and sympathizing with them, and AnoHana has a main cast full of these characters. It's all perfectly justified by the central conflict.

That brings me to AnoHana's other strength: Even with a sizable cast, it is laser-focused on a single plot and theme. They had 11 episodes, and they didn't mess around. Very little wasted motion here.

8/10 (Very Good), with a special mention that this is one of the only times where one series had both my favorite OP and ED of the season. Both used to tremendous effect.

2011-07-02, 14:30
But for the more story-centric issues, well I'll need spoiler tags

Here I'm mostly gonna be talking about the story and how it developed over the whole series. First off I will admit, I found Yukiatsu annoying. But I'm not so hung up on
that because I feel the viewers were supposed to not like him anyway. Plus except for his cross-dressing antics, he was just coping with Menma's death in his own way. Plus
Tsuruko kept owning him throughout the show anyway and that more than made up for it. Aside from Jinta and Menma, Yukiatsu and Anaru were the 2 other characters with the most obvious
issues in the show. Mostly because they wear their hearts on their sleeves, leaving their emotions out for others to notice. But I came to personally like Tsuruko and Poppo
more. They both kept their emotions within, but in very different fashions. Tsuruko was more observant, elegant and tended to speak without holding back, but without betraying
her true feelings. While Poppo was more cheerful and happy-go-lucky, but all the while holding onto something heavy. His confession at the end was thoroughly heart-wrenching.

I've heard people say his part in the ending came out of the blue and seemed rushed. I don't agree that it came out of the blue, since what he says, that he travelled and
left school because of Menma's death was something I questioned at the beginning. Plus I wondered too why no one seemed to have seen Menma's body when she died, given that
they all chased after her. So it made sense to me. Perhaps it could have been touched on longer, God knows it was a bigger issue than everyone elses, but I think the change
of tone from serious to laughter was a decent way to end that section. As for everyone else, I was glad they addressed the selfish issue. It was so prominent to me that it
made the fireworks moment feel weak, but they did well to correct that.

As for the ending itself, the hide-and-seek moment didn't bother me at all. I assumed it was something they would have played before during childhood, and the whole gang
was back together without any hidden agenda. And honestly, Jinta losing sight of Menma was heart-wrenching too. The rest of it was just beautiful.

I also hope people don't linger on Menma's wish. Sure she wanted Jinta to cry, but remember back at the scene between Menma and Jinta's mom. Jinta's mom wanted him to not be
reclusive with his feelings. And of course crying is an obvious one. It was a simple promise, but to me the honesty behind it allowed Menma to return. I also like how a simple
wish allowed Menma to start so many healing processes within the show.

As for what I guess would be called the epilogue. I don't care that no love issue is ultimately resolved. We can assume things, but I like how it doesn't give a definitive
answer, allowing us to draw our own conclusions. I will say though, Tsuruko's moment on the train was tooo cute.

Lastly I wanted to touch upon one of my favourite parts of the show, the end of episode 9 where Jinta is worried about Menma and finds her by the river. Some say it was just a
red herring to throw viewers off, but to me, the pure emotional impact of that moment was great. There was no logic behind it, no reason for Jinta to fear Menma stepping
into the water except he didn't want her to go. It was a brilliant moment.

2011-07-02, 15:26

That was a fine review and it was nice of you to link a video for the lazy, however I think the sound from the anime was a bit too loud-- it's extremely difficult to talk over it and hear what you have to say.

2011-07-02, 17:32
Cheers Archon. I tried messing with the volume a number of times, but the outcome was always hard to predict using movie maker. Plus when talking about characters and sound I kinda wanted the background to be heard. Perhaps I could've considered being quiet at times.

But I'll keep that in mind for future reference. I'm sure there are plenty of ways I can improve just getting used to movie maker.

2011-07-03, 02:31
I also found the part in the end where they were all looking for Menma despite not being able to see her. Some people called it illogical that they were looking for something they couldn't see or hear but that doesn't matter. What matters is that they genuinely wanted to move forward and find her.

It seems after the last episode a lot of negative reviews come out which always involves "forced drama" and "rushed ending" and "why didn't Menma do anything earlier?"

2011-07-04, 13:24

Actually I should really ask what are you thoughts on the matter.

2011-07-04, 13:49
I dunno it all seems to be parroting the same complaints that could have been rectified if people payed more attention to the show?

2011-07-04, 19:23
I wonder what is the ideal ending everyone expected?

Personally I thought the show was perfect, I just wish there would be some OVA to explore the possibilities of everyone's future.

2011-07-04, 20:32
I dunno it all seems to be parroting the same complaints that could have been rectified if people payed more attention to the show?

"Forced drama" and "rushed ending" are most certainly valid complaints for the series. It's up to one to provide justification for the series, if one wants some kind of reconciliation of opinions with others.

I mean, I'm sure people write all kinds of unjustified opinions and outright bashing, but those kinds can be safely ignored anyways and aren't worth the time to discuss.

Edit: Though I guess it's a bit hard to see without some actual reviews.

2011-07-04, 22:07
I was debating with myself for the longest time on whether I should do an indepth review of this little series, since that would involve me thinking and analyzing its story, characters and the like. And the problem with that is that I feel it would make me lose the pivotal point of the series.

AnoHana is a show best watched with your heart, not you head. With your past memories, not your current expectations. Your unhealed emotions, not detached logic. The shows fee of entry is that you allow yourself to be submerged under all of the melancholic tones, to be carried away by the emotional flow without every resisting. It's a show that is asking the viewer to not think, but feel.

There is a lot of things I didn't like in this show. Menma to me was nothing more than a dressed up plot device that was poorly handled. The melodrama was ludicrous if not chessy many times, to the point where the finale made me laugh out load from all the crying, which was a damn shame since I actually cried back at episode 8, and had been chocking up many times since then whenever I watched this show. I was even ''in the mood'' to watch the episode, same as every past one, and I couldn't stand how overly dramatic it ended up being. I liked very few of the cast as characters, since not one of them really came across as likable. I could sympathize with all of them, but I loved no one. The writing was pretty tight, but I kept on wondering whether they ended up biting more than they could handle by having everything conclude in the last episode, rather than pace it so each issue was closed in the last two episodes separately rather than have everything warped in the final.

And perhaps my biggest issue with the series, it appealed far too many times to my own sentimentality. Sometimes it worked well enough, but I honestly felt like the show had been trying to wriggle additional tears from me or try to make me nostalgic even more so than I was. I would've threw this as being something that might have to do with me, but I noticed a lot of posters here and elsewhere where always bringing up their personal experiences that were similar to the show. It ended up lowering the show in eyes since it was a trick it didn't need to move me.

But ultimately, with all the faults, there is some powerful pros to offsets them far away. The characters themselves were an unlikable bunch, but I felt their pain, and understood their actions well enough and where each of their problems came from (even if I thought some were being idiotic, but that's beside the point). The story for the most part was well crafted and kept to a single tone without veering away from the central theme of the show, and each episode managed to bring more to the table, without a single one feeling like they had wasted time on it.

But most importantly, the show fulfilled the conditions it's given. If I allowed myself to not think about it too much, and simply allow myself to go with the flow of each episode, it did move me. So for all the problems I had, that point at least makes me able to put them aside to enjoy the show more.

AnoHana is a drama. That much is clear. It's a very good drama. That's even more apparent. Other than that though, I wouldn't be able to recommend it to anyone unless they are going through some emotional problems and/or love dramas.

Other aspects to note: I hold no love for Mari Okada, but I did gain a ton load of respect for Nagai Tatsuyuki for being able to handle her haphazard writing and manage to bring this story to life. The animation was competent for the most part, with some hiccups that I'm sure will be fixed in the BD release. The Voice Acting was great, and the score was pretty decent, fulfilling it's job on every scene.

Finale Rating: 8/10, since that's what I feel the series deserves.

2011-07-07, 12:42
What is the reason why over 95% of my watched anime get less than an overall rating of 9/10, yet over 80% of those very same shows get an overall rating 8/10 or higher? I can explain by pointing to my little handy spreadsheet log, which I update after each new episode. In my opinion, most anime is passable - as long as I harbor no active dislike for an episode, a passing grade is assured. By extension, most series are satisfactory. Yet when I start talking about the anime I enjoy... the curve gets very, extremely steep. For each strong episode there are likely 4 or 5 weaker, less enjoyable ones. Therefore, when the cumulative average is calculated, the ratings indicate mediocrity.

Now... why exactly did I write the above paragraph? This show makes the viewer sad, and tries doing so in every episode. You can't watch five of an episode without Menma leaking blue whale tears. For some viewers, the effect wears off over time. Just like a baby crying gets less annoying after the first 10 wails; one gets used to their ear bleeding. Likewise, most people cry after watching the first episodes, but then adapt and are no longer phased by overwhelming grief.

Luckily, I didn't have the above experience. I was unable to cry until the finale; after viewing said finale, I could have filled a swimming pool with only my tears. But, don't get me wrong. I could have broken down in any one of Anohana's dramatic episodes. I held back because I believed the next episode would build off and surpass the emotional weight of the one I was currently watching. Heh, going back to the baby example... I held my anger in until I couldn't take the wailing any more and yelled furiously. With Menma, I felt not anger, but a rush of deep sadness. With many of the show's scenes, that sadness was replaced by a deeper sadness. Naturally, as Anohana came to a close, the finale was an entire season's accumulation of grief, emotion, despair, and hope.

Definitely, there were a few episodes when the characters came up short in invoking deep emotions. Tsuruko never made me angry, despite the writer's intention to make her seem like a total bitch to Anaru. Of the contrary! I enjoyed Tsuruko being the only rational character who seemingly was unaffected by past circumstances. Of course, the ending is a clear exception, where Tsuruko is revealed to have love problems of her own - she's just like everyone else. In the same train, Poppo is riding. The fat dude never seems to be sad... in a show where everyone is supposed to be sad, he's quite strange (although the ending, once again, solves all problems). His pressing desire to see Menma again seems to be far less justified than anyone else in the group. I mean, I would understand why Poppo would be overjoyed to see Jinta - Poppo admired him as a leader. But, from what I gather and remember, Menma and Poppo were not really that close. An exclusion from the love-polygon, Poppo also has no visible romantic feelings for Menma. Everyone else either loves Menma or is jealous of her. So, I didn't like Poppo. Seems Poppo is an expendable character.

I used to believe I had to watch every anime episode to the fullest. Cry hard every episode, adrenaline rush full blast, unless I'm watching a fanservice anime (in which case, something else also rises full blast). Yet, before I started watching Anohana, I started to realize what makes an anime great. Not individual, singular episodes of greatness; it's one connected, continuous stream of stories. A lot of people (including myself) have the habit of breaking down something into smaller discrete pieces, because it helps one focus on each section. To enjoy Anohana, one should look at the entire season as one long episode. You might be asking: Why this show in particular? Each character starts out with little background about their past: With each episode, more of their thoughts and feelings become clear. And as one sees different points of view of the same depressing event, the show increases in emotional intensity. It's a good story-telling method, putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. Yet, as noted above with Poppo and Tsuruko, some pieces come out of nowhere. Even a little more foreshadowing would have been appreciated; a lot more character depth would have been applauded.

Hey, this isn't a perfect show. I'll conclude by stating one statistic: No anime has received an A (9.3/10) from me. Seriously... no 12 episode anime has been able to survive my constantly shifting moods. If I feel bad one day, consider the anime doomed. But, those able to withstand my tripolar disorder are the ones I cherish for quite some time. Huh? Hold on just a second here. Doesn't this mean Menma crying on one of your bad days mean death by low ratings for Anohana? Normally, yes. The only reason Anohana survives is because I know what to expect next episode... as if the story flows naturally from every point. I know what I'm getting is undiluted tears, over and over again. All the show has to do is bring the same effect each episode, only more compelling and moving than previously seen. Has Anohana surpassed itself with each new iteration? No. However, every time an episode fell short, the writing simply picked itself back up and went back to the tradition of making me feel like a crying baby. No show can be completely consistent... however, some writers realize their faults and put forth an effort to redeem themselves with the next scene. This show just keeps trying to make me sad, and eventually I gave in. What can I say; part of me actually wanted to believe in the storyline.

It is with great pleasure (and a little sadness) for me to review Anohana as my favorite anime of Spring 2011, and as the one I will be forgetting last. I hope the ratings on ANN are indicative of the general opinion, because I certainly enjoyed this show. I hope this review has also helped others understand why the show has such popular acclaim. If not, then my final hope is someone else also tries to justify their feelings about the show. Sometimes, I just suck at putting things into words.

Cumulative Average Rating: 8.95/10

2011-07-09, 18:34
Animation Quality/Design: 8
Beautiful colours abound throughout the series, and the OP and ED look fantastic. Additionally, I really liked the character designs and loved the many different outfits each character had (Poppo’s clothes were particularly fun :)). Still, I hated that Tsuruko’s glasses disappeared into her hair (often making her glasses look like they are floating on her face), and I despised Anaru’s twintails.

Additionally, the architecture and design of the cityscape was very realistic and had a nice “lived-in” feel. But, I disliked that so little of the individual character’s houses were ever explored (I’m not saying I wanted to see their bathrooms…but you can learn a lot about a character from seeing their medicine cabinet :)), but I did like how individual and defining their personal spaces were (from Anaru’s clutter, to Tsuruko’s flower patterned carpeting, to Yukiatsu bland room) .

Voice Actors: 9
Due to the emotional nature of the series, a single false note from any of the Vas could have spelled doom for the story being told. Thankfully, the cast was chosen wisely, and there was nary a hint of false emotion (I especially liked Ai Kayano (as Menma), who bore much of the emotional burden from episode to episode, but handled herself quite well.)

That being said, while the lead cast was all quite good, I was very surprised by how good the secondary characters voices were, particularly Kaoru Mizuhara as Menma’s younger brother Honma (who, while only shown a few times in the series, has some surprisingly emotional moments) and Mitsuru Ogata as Jintan’s father. Fuyuka Oura as Menma’s mother was also very good, sadly she, and the others I listed, was never given enough time to really explore the characters…but that is a minor complaint considering the story being told.

Script: 8
Unlike many others, I felt the series started strong, muddled its way through the middle episodes (many of which were badly paced and overwrought), before ending on a high, if somewhat ridiculous, note. I always loved the dialogue between the characters, but felt many of the introspective moments were a little forced. As for the story, while very simplistic, there was much depth to the story and Mari Okada managed to plumb much of that depth in a realistic, if somewhat kid-friendly, way. And, while the emotional realism began to subsume the actual realism of the earlier episodes, I was still hooked.

Soundtrack: 7
The OP/ED were both fantastic (especially the ED), with great visuals and great sound (I loved listening to them through my television’s speakers, and I can’t wait to rewatch the series on an actual Blu-Ray with 5.1). Additionally, the incidental music was quite nice and greatly added to many of the more emotional scenes. Still, there was nothing monumental about the score, and ultimately the OP/ED is the main highlights (though they are amazing highlights).

Editing: 7
The series was badly paced (either moving too quickly, or far too slowly), especially the middle episodes which feel downright lackluster compared to the beginning and ending of the series. It certainly doesn’t help that there were transition problems throughout the series. Still, this was more of a minor annoyance rather than actually detrimental.

Enjoyment: 8
Again, the middle episodes dragged on needlessly, and the simplicity of the story was somewhat distracting. It certainly didn’t help that several of the characters, while still feeling “authentic”, were somewhat annoying or had strange changes in character (this is most obvious with Anaru and Yukiatsu, who have whiplash inducing story moments). Still, the gentle boil of the series was quite enjoyable, and the eventual catharsis was well earned for all the characters.

Emotional Involvement: 8
Despite some missteps, I was heavily involved with these characters, and genuinely wished to see them find a way to positively express themselves. The ending was a pitch-perfect, if a little stagy, example of just how in-tune the writing and acting had allowed me to become with the characters.

Overall: 8
Cumulative Episode Score: 7.6

2011-07-28, 00:05
Man, not going to review the series in detail.

I think the series is a perfect 10 in my eyes. It just fufilled me, satisfied me, made me content. I feel like my life is complete. I don't know why, but the series taught me so much and it pulled on my heartstrings.
It got to me. One of the few animes, if not the only anime, that touched me this way before.

Von Himmel
2011-08-02, 04:51
...I cried like a baby when I watched the ending, like literally. I've heard that marathoning watching anime will have a different feel than when watching it 1 episode per week...and oh boy, how right he was.

I don't feel that it was rushed or forced. In contrast, I feel that all the plot flows naturally and there were many instance that I think, "ah I know this will happen sooner or later and how good their presentation is!", that kind of thing :uhoh:

2011-08-08, 08:42
Once again somehow I'm late to the party.

For me, AnoHana is currently the best anime that I've encountered so far. I know there's some other tearjerking-comedylike anime, such as Angel Beats! or CLANNAD, and yes, I used to be a CLANNAD fans even till now, but this one really snatched me away from CLANNAD which I've been keep liking for whole 4 years.

The storyline is something I really like, the episode 11... might be a bit rushed, but it's the episode with heaps of pain. When I watch anime, I put myself, my feelings in the anime, and it was painful enough to make me even cried suddenly when I tried to remember it, even in middle of my class.

Personally, AnoHana is probably the only anime that I really want to make it keep alive, until the end of everything, or at least.. I felt that the series ended too fast. There's still a lot of thing I wanted to know, a lot of things I expect to be shown officially, such as 'the future that will happens to Menma and Jinta', or something really touching? The series... what made me keep watching them over and over is Jinta, and Menma of course. The others weren't that bad but two of them are the reason why I keep watching AnoHana , until today.

If I had.... a chance to contact the story maker of this, I would really beg down to the foot for another season release.... cost wise never matter for me, I don't even mind if I had to pay for the whole production, although I know it cost really lot... I know it's the selfish part of me, but thats what I wished for now

The episode 11, it was a fast separation. All left is memories and promises. The moment I see episode 1 and 2, I expected that this kind of ending would happen, except for the 'tag play' but I myself still not satisfied with the ending. I felt there's something really missing and I want that to be filled once again.

Personally, again... I wish for an impossible season two, no matter how hard it could be. I don't want AnoHana become a 'dead' or 'retired' anime. I want AnoHana keep alive. I know it's impossible, but there's none said it would be 0%...

Their art probably not the best around there, and there's an anime with far better art, yet.. The character arts itself make the stories feels real.

My commentary might sounds too realistic? or maybe I guess it's too childish, but that what make me myself. I take every single account in anime as part of my life, so my commentary might sound biased. Sorry, but I really want to say this loud

and of course I'm serious for this.

That is something called 'devotion' .. I guess?

2011-08-16, 03:49
Animation/Character Design - 7

The character designs are pretty eye catching and each character has a distinct style that reflects their personality. There are times when the characters movement looked like its missing a frame but I guess its minor issue. The backgrounds are gorgeous.

VA - 10

I have no complaints whatsoever. Every one of them are perfect for their roles.

Sound/Music - 8

The opening theme song is one of my fave this year. Its pretty catchy and for some reason gives me a light hearted/uplifting feeling. The ending song is ok I guess. The BG musics really did its job pretty well. I mean it actually enhances the mood of some scenes.

Story - 10

For an original anime, the story is pretty well developed. The plot maybe simple compared to some anime drama but the way the characters interact with each other is enough to build up tension to the important scenes. But what I really like about AnoHana is its straight to the point storytelling. Unlike Clannad(no offense to its fans), AnoHana doesn't have unnecessary scenes that ruin the tension or filler subplots. Less moe/jokes, more drama. It just builds up to a certain part and then you either cry or feel sorry for the character. Well I guess I'm biased because I watched this show, all 11 episodes, in one go. I mean its obvious that when you watch this once a week, you will forget some details or the tension that was build up from the last episode.

Characters - 10

I think the characters are somewhat one dimensional. I mean each of them have a certain purpose(Yukiatsu creates tension, Menma does her cute stuff and cry, Jin-tan tries his best to fulfill Menma's wish, etc) and they don't go beyond what they are meant to do. But the story still worked. Well I guess it can't be helped. The show has 11 episodes and 6 main characters. There is no point giving multi-dimensionality to their characters if it will only serve to distract the audience from the main plot. For that reason, I'll still give them a 10.

Emotional Involvement - 10

I'm not really a drama fanatic but I do occasionally watch movies or anime drama like Clannad. But this is really the first show that made me cry. I guess the story hit the right spot and probably because I was able to relate to the characters. Well I'm impressed...Kudos to the writer.

Total Score - 9

AnoHana the best Anime of 2011

2011-09-11, 16:59
Just finished seeing it a few hours ago.

Very touching and emotional anime. On the exact contrary of many people, I actually felt that one of its main strength was how it was NOT trying to "overdramatize". It managed to bring a lot of emotion through very modest, simple situations (really, I could never imagine that seeing someone playing Pokemon would draw tears from me 0_o) and handled them mostly with a light touch.

As someone said earlier, it's a serie best felt, that puts its emphasis on ambiance, overall tone and diffuse feelings.
I also appreciated a lot how the characters were very human, very flawed, not (save for Menma, but that was the point) all-white and above reproach. It made them all the more endearing and sympathetic to me, and their pain even more touching.

A great serie about human feelings that managed to be both sad and positive, teary and yet not depressed. Easily the best I've seen so far this season, and deserving of a solid 8, perhaps even a 9.

2011-09-13, 01:32
Haha, glad all you folks enjoyed it. Ano Hana's strength is in its simplicity and I guess it really hits strings in a broad fashion with people. :p

2011-10-14, 09:46
Writer: AnoHana Originally Had Slapstick Erotic Elements via ANN (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-10-13/writer/anohana-originally-had-slapstick-erotic-elements)

I noticed it in the first episode a lot, from the fist minute the erotic elements were present. After that, are only centered in Anaru.

2011-10-17, 22:40
This series was a 8-9 for me. Yes it was great an enjoyable but I felt that this series forced sadness a bit, at least in my opinion.

2012-04-27, 22:46
I have heard so much about this series before coming in, and how I would bawl my eyes out and how great it is.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad series, it's actually very good, but I seriously think it's overrated.

One, I keep hearing people saying how flawless the plot is...really? Due to 'anime reasons', the entire group never even tried to prove Menma actually existed (via writing/moving objects) until very late onto the series. I mean..it just didn't feel natural, because when they did acknowledge this, the explanation was "I guess Menma and Jintan aren't very smart!"

Secondly, this is just my opinion, but I can't stand the whole little girl act in anime series. I find it very annoying, and I don't approve of lolis. So I didn't feel sympathetic for Menma one bit during the entire series, especially when I realized everyone's troubles all stem from her. The whole baby attitude that Menma had really irritated me.

The only character I enjoyed was Tsuriko, mainly because she was the only character to actually show some composure. Jesu, Jintan has no spine whatsoever. He makes Shinji from EVA look like a badass. You won't attend school because of a crush in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL?! And going through all the troubles with the fireworks..you can't man-up at the end?! JESUS. He really pissed me off, especially how he handled Anoru's confession.

While the ending was heartwarming, it was incredibily corny and cheesy with the yelling and the mass crying. I did get somewhat teary for the last episode, but nothing more than from watching any good anime with a solid ending (steins;gate, FMA:B, etc.)

I did enjoy the epilogue though. Nice little closure.

Overall, the series is good, but its vastly overrated which tainted my thoughts on the show. It really just felt like a sadder, crappier romance version of Toradora.

8/10 in the end.

2012-07-05, 13:32
Everything Nagai touches is like gold to me. Had to watch this after ToraDora and Ano Natsu and am so glad I did.

Can't say I was thrilled with the melodramatic ending, it just felt forced to me. Doesn't mean I didn't cry... but yeah you know how that is.

8/10 would ban-... er watch again.

2012-07-07, 11:18
Am I the only one who was completely unwhelmed by this series? I'm up to the second to last episode and it just seems quite dull? I heard that the writer originally intended it to be a raunchy romcom but then the director forced her to change it to some ghost story. Can't help but feel like that destroyed the show for me?

2012-07-10, 10:12
Am I the only one who was completely unwhelmed by this series? I'm up to the second to last episode and it just seems quite dull? I heard that the writer originally intended it to be a raunchy romcom but then the director forced her to change it to some ghost story. Can't help but feel like that destroyed the show for me?

You'll find mixed feelings on that. Personally I can't picture the story as a raunchy romcom, even though I do enjoy such stories. I think people who enjoy AnoHana are more likely to be attracted to sentimental elements of coming of age stories. In this case, it's honestly rather irrelevant that Menma is a ghost. It's just a plot device which serves to pull the rest of the cast together. This isn't a story that appeals to logic, just emotions, and for many people it hit the right ones.

Other people, such as yourself, were underwhelmed, and that's fine. Different things for different people, and all that.

And yeah, I thought the drama often felt forced and overly melodramatic. I still bawled like a baby at the end. :T_T: I didn't want Menma to go! But I really wanted those kids to stop screaming her name! :heh: Ahh, youth.

2012-07-16, 04:04
Oh, I am so glad I pre-ordered this one as soon as I could, despite having only watched one episode of the show at the time. 10/10, and currently my second favorite anime of all time, right below Clannad (including After Story). In fact, the two are practically tied for first in my eyes.

And believe me, I don't say this lightly at all.

A lot of things really got to me in this one. First off, I've always liked childhood friend stories; the themes of shared memories, knowing each other, being there for each other through thick and thin... All of these themes were incorporated in this show, and moreso in a balanced 3-guy-2-girl-1-dead-girl ratio, adding in that "group" sense to it all. Romance was incorporated nicely, too, if you ask me.

Beyond that, though, it's a story about being stuck in the past, and how to move on after tragedy. Where some consider the best way to do so is to deny or forget about the past, this show shows how that is exactly what keeps people stuck there. Which is why the show's most dramatic moment which I guess some people found to be too melodramatic, is also my favorite moment...

...the moment where the entire group spills out their selfish motives in everything.

Honestly, if you ask me, I don't see how it could not have been melodramatic. Here, these five friends finally bare their deepest wounds and their dirtiest parts of themselves out, after having denied them so long in an attempt to assuage their pain over Menma's death. It's an incredibly cathartic experience for all of them (enough to make them all break out in laughter over double eyelashes almost immediately afterwards), and it is what finally makes the estranged friends no longer estranged, and lets them take that final step to move on.

Take all of that to the grand finale, which was equal parts heartwarming and heart-wrenching, and it all closes out this amazing story. Except, it's not really an ending, but the beginning of a new story, one where the characters remember the past but are no longer trapped in it.

There's more to the charm of this whole series, but those are the big things that really make this an absolute favorite of mine.

Hiroi Sekai
2012-07-19, 20:09
I guess it's never too late to post my review (http://hiroi-sekai.com/2012/01/17/ano-hi-mita-hana-no-namae-o-bokutachi-wa-mada-shiranai-the-review/).:heh:

2012-07-22, 05:42



holy crap my mind is totally blown

Akito Kinomoto
2013-06-28, 18:34
Well, this is what happens the emotion a show packs is underminded by the very reason it starts. AnoHana is ultimately disappointing and something I'd rather forget. More thoughts below...
AnoHana is a lite-fantasy drama about the hardships of the death of a friend, growing up and drifting apart, and regaining those lost bonds. A heartwarming story of loss and gain, love and friendship, and life and death. With a set-up as beautifully poignant as this, what could possibly go wrong with the show’s actual quality?

Apparently a Hell of a whole lot.

But let’s start with the good. The character interactions between everyone as –friends- were actually very nice to watch. Not because they were endearing but because it was anything but; that incredibly awkward feeling between people who haven’t met in a long time is conveyed so well when they’re all interacting as –friends- (more on this later). The show also packs a strong emotional punch and becomes a stand-in for how all of the characters are feeling. AnoHana is excellent in that regard.

That is, until you start looking at why everyone is becoming so emotional in the first place.

Most of the show’s story revolves around the ghost of Meiko Honma coming back after dying in a tragic accident 10 years ago to have her wish granted. The only problem is Jinta Yadomi is the only one who can see her, meaning he’s running around trying to grant her wish, whatever it might be, while his (former) friends question what exactly is wrong with Jinta when he’s seemingly interacting with nothing and talking to himself. The tension toward his friends rises because Jinta can’t expect them to accept their best friend is back from the grave. This is despite how Meiko can –interact with the objects around her-. Yup. Avoiding all of this drama is as simple as Meiko picking up an object in the presence of her friends and it’s further exacerbated by how the show points out how a lot of drama could have been avoided if she interacted with an object while around them. Oddly enough I wouldn’t have noticed if the show –didn’t- point this out; failed damage control much?

Now remember what I said earlier about the interactions between everyone as –friends- being very good? Well, the show also has interactions between the characters in a web of –romance-. Every guy who knew Meiko was in love with her and every girl that knew Meiko was jealous of her. 10 years prior to the show, this makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how all of the characters feelings toward Meiko remain largely unchanged even 10 years after her death. No matter how strongly one feels toward someone or how devastated they are after their death, it is something that eventually heals with time and certainly should only be an occasional memory after 10 years. But nope. Everyone is still devastated over Meiko’s death because lolanime. The heavy themes in AnoHana require a realistic touch but instead they get a bombastic slam.

If you’re looking for an anime with an emotional punch, AnoHana can certainly deliver. I found myself choking on my emotions despite how a lot of things were messed up. And while I normally don’t disregard my feelings in an anime like this over some irrelevant plot points, it’s when those plot points actually matter to the emotions that I feel cheated. Jinta and company may have remembered the name of the flower they saw that day but this is one show I’d rather forget.

2013-07-22, 07:01
New OP for the rebroadcast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGu0aYhOtFc!

sky black swordman
2013-07-23, 05:02
^ It's decent. :)
Overall, I prefer the original OP's song, but I like this OP's animation more than the original OP's animation.

2013-07-23, 06:15
^^ Ah, it's so refreshing.... Like it. The animation and the song.

2013-07-25, 13:05
they seem to show off their post series looks in a lot of promotional material for the movie

www.indypressny.org (http://www.indypressny.org/ )

2013-07-28, 05:22
New PV. 1 year after? Jintan and Anaru doing Karaoke?


2013-07-28, 06:46
That new opening song is truly wonderful. Has the whole mono no aware atmosphere in spades.

Too bad instead of "gentle sadness" or "wistfulness" we got a full out theatrical bawfest which still leaves me disappointed to this very day :(. Decent series but could have been so much more.

Guardian Enzo
2013-07-28, 06:55
It seems to have become trendy to bash AnoHana, but I think it holds up as one of the best series of 2011, and I appreciate a show that's emotional without being apologetic about it. As long as the drama is earned, go for it.

2013-09-01, 09:17
A half-season (11 episodes), featuring pure Drama, Slice of Life and Supernatural activity.

Well, it was a fun little watch.
I don't know if there is something wrong with me, but the disappearing scene was meant to be really emotional, and it was, but I think it could have been done a lot better for some reason.

Regardless, a 9/10 overall.