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2011-07-03, 04:48
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2011-07-03, 05:31
Voted Jintan.

He's such a composed guy who just takes the raging of his friends without flinching. I like his sense of fashion (want that black jacket). His desire to apologize to Menma for 'that day' is pretty touching, although slightly cliched.
But the knock-out argument has to be:Menma's true wish gave him much more depth than the other characters; it accentuates the grief he's trying to hold in.

2011-07-03, 05:40
Tsuruko grew on me pretty well. I loved how she was so composed and witty through the series, even though the events of the end proved to be too much. I just appreciate the characters that can keep sanity and reasoning even when the shit's hitting the fan.

Anaru's great too. Despite her indecisiveness and selfishness, she does fine time to care for others, kinda like Jintan. She's definitely a very genuine and honest person; she's also a very careful person with a lot of attention to detail (Or maybe OCD), that I find endearing. And of course, the best moments of the series are with her and Jintan; so much silliness. :p They do a good job propping each other up.

Yukiatsu aka MANMA, I liked because I like laughing at him. :heh: You sick, sorry fuck; Ano Hana wouldn't be nearly as amusing without you. But hope you get better.

2011-07-03, 06:53
Voted for Jinta, Anaru and Tsuruko. The character's design itself is naturally important, but to me, the seiyuu behind the character is almost equally important in anime, because having the right seiyuu can bring the character to life, while seiyuu mismatch can destroy even the best designed character. Having said that...

Jinta: as much as I sympathesize with Jinta, I can't really bring myself to like him as an anime character. I voted for him mainly because of Irino Miyu. Irino gave me the impression of being the voice stereotype of "good boy" or "nice young guy" so his performance for Jinta brought me pleasant surprises.

Anaru: I'm not really a Tomatsu fan, but I have to say she did a very nice job for Anaru. Anaru is a likable character to begin with, and Tomatsu just gave her the right voice to make her the Anaru that she's supposed to be. Kudos, Tomatsu.

Tsuruko: to be honest, I think this character didn't give Hayami the chance to bring her talent into full play. Nevertheless, Hayami is best fit for voicing calm characters who don't show much emotion so they certainly got the right seiyuu for Tsuruko. I have to admit that Hayami being one of my favorite newer-generation seiyuu's contributes to part of the reason I voted for Tsuruko. :heh:

Guardian Enzo
2011-07-03, 11:44
More than any time ever, maybe, I wanted to vote for "everybody". I just don't see any poor or underdeveloped characters here. They're really all great. But forced to choose, I picked Anaru for her straightforward emotional vulnerability and adorably insecure tendency to change her look. Satoshi for stepping in late and emerging as an emotional center of the story, and being decent despite catching some lousy breaks. And for Jintan, because he's criminally underappreciated and a thoroughly decent person who had so much taken away from him and so much dumped on his shoulders.

2011-07-03, 11:49
Yama-san not there? LOL

2011-07-03, 13:19
Yama-san not there? LOL
But if I put all the characters, there would be no room for your complaints. Furthermore, the "Others" option is your friend. :)

2011-07-03, 20:43
I voted for Menma, Jintan, Yukiatsu, and Tsuruko. All the characters are great though.

Wow, it's amazing how Menma (at least going by pixiv and Newtype) is easily the most popular in Japan, but, here, well... :heh:

Guardian Enzo
2011-07-04, 01:53
Japanese fans always go for the white-haired option. Look at Ayanami Rei.

2011-07-04, 01:59
I thought she had blue hair?

2011-07-04, 02:00
I'll give my votes to Super Peace Busters + Menma's bro + Jintan's parents
they are awesome

2011-07-04, 05:08
Wow, it's amazing how Menma (at least going by pixiv and Newtype) is easily the most popular in Japan, but, here, well... :heh:

Just a culture difference in taste with respect to you-know-what. I really don't feel like using that word. I hope you get it if you compare the character traits and looks of Menma and Anaru and their respective popularity among Japanese and Western audience.

2011-07-04, 22:25
Let's see voted for Anaru, Tsuruko, Jintan, Touko[Jintan's mom], and Satoshi[Menma's brother]. Plenty of reasons listed here for the three mains I voted, so I'll just comment on the side characters.

Touko for being such a loving, and good parent even when she was in the hospital :). And Satoshi came off the best and most reasonable of the male to me in the show, and that's with his mom still being hung up on his sister, so I find his character admirable in a sense.

2011-07-05, 01:42
Touko for being such a loving, and good parent even when she was in the hospital :).

I thought about giving my vote to Touko too but ended up deciding not to. This is the time when Key comes into my mind; got to say Key has some really desirable, oh-how-I-wish-I'm-her-son/daugther moms. Akiko and Sanae are two of the names that are on top of my mind.

2011-07-05, 03:25
of course
anaru =)
big boobs ftw

2011-07-05, 05:55
She is more then just boobs!

Seriously the writers planned ALOT for her, giving her a sexy figure, a fashionable wardrobe, a faucet to turn on her tears, a somewhat tsundere characteristic, familiar with video games and manga.

No wonder she is leading!

2011-07-05, 07:19
I voted for Anaru, Tsuruko & Yukiatsu

Anaru and Tsuruko were my definite two favorites. Although I ended up caring about all the characters they were the two I felt I could emphasize with & relate to the most.

And Yukiatsu was just fun bringing in all that extra drama & strife with Jintan (plus he is voiced by Sakurai and I am just a little biased in his favor). :p

I didn't vote for any of the minor characters, but if I had it would be Menma's younger brother. Of the few scenes we saw of him I really liked how stable and well adjusted he was (compared to all the other characters).

Guardian Enzo
2011-07-05, 12:14
Pleasantly surprised to see Jintan get so many votes. He deserves them, but after the beating he took here I wasn't too sure he'd get any other than mine...

2011-07-05, 20:21
^ Jintan redeemed himself in the last episode.

2011-07-05, 20:23
Just a culture difference in taste with respect to you-know-what. I really don't feel like using that word. I hope you get it if you compare the character traits and looks of Menma and Anaru and their respective popularity among Japanese and Western audience.

I get it and expected Naruko to be the most popular here, but the difference is still astounding. :heh:

To echo Guardian Enzo, it's also surprising how many votes Jintan has gotten. At times, it felt as if he were one of the more disliked characters of the show.

2011-07-05, 20:46
wow anaru in the lead :)

well i did vote for her with jintan & menma they,re so cool
surprised tho that menma's pretty low among the main cast

2011-07-07, 05:55
Menma just ranked number 1 in Newtype

2011-07-07, 14:50
^Wow, awesome! Do you have a link to the full list?

2011-07-08, 09:57
I voted only for Menma.

No one else may have my vote. No one.

Menma. I have always loved you. I love you now. And I will love you, forever.

*watches Denpa Onna*

Erio, my love... you must be from outer space, because your eyes shine as stars hanging in the night sky.

2011-07-08, 18:15
Anaru, Marry me. K

2011-07-09, 02:38
I want to marry her too! but she would only be happy with Jinta!

2011-07-11, 15:57
Jintan's dad is the coolest had to vote for him

2011-07-12, 22:44
Voted Poppo for a few reasons

.Was the character that had not been changed much since the friends depart (aside Meiko in a sense)
.Had always been concerned for his friends and would do what he can do do so.
Even though he had been under the "rule" of Jintan as a child, he had his own motives as well.
.Even though I do not like doing this, he could be the character that I "most relate to" in some ways.

.Even though bottled up inside the memory of seeing Meiko's body near the river, he had stayed well minded, on the outside at least.

2011-07-15, 08:16
I love all of the cast but if I have to pick favourites then they are Menma, Jintan, Tsuriko and Poppo.

2011-07-16, 07:28
Voted for Yukiatsu and Anaru. Sorry Anaru though but Yukiatsu is by far the BEST character in this series, heck probably the best character of the year. Yuki-chan!!-- I think I just lost my dignity.

2011-07-21, 13:08
there are many good characters in this show, even the dads of Jintan and Menma are cool too

so i only voted my fav top 3 of Tsuruko, Anaru and Yukiatsu

2011-07-27, 14:41
Poppo and Menma

Poppo is just such a bro

2011-07-27, 23:58
Voted for Jintan, Menma, Satoshi (Menma's brother), Touko (Jinta's mom) and Atsushi (Jinta's dad).
I just had a soft spot for Jintan. I mean he may seem to be rough around the edges, he is still the kind and determined Jinta he was when he was little. Touching character indeed.
Menma was just too cute for words and simple. I guess it was her relationship with Jintan that won me over.
Atsushi's "kawaii" won me over.

2011-08-08, 08:54
I do like Jintan and Menma personally here. Poppo is big and funny but I'm really serious on votings. Anaru, never picked my attention, funny cute tomboyish but no. Tsurumi, is quite alright... but too cold sometimes. Kid version of her is way cute though, less than Menma personally.. Yukiatsu... no, just no

I love how Jintan and Menma get the same vote voices... :D

2011-09-17, 20:46

2011-09-19, 14:11
Cared for all the characters, but my love goes to Anaru and Tsuruko.

2011-10-26, 15:15
I went for Anaru and Tsuruki, theye were the most entertaining people for me.

If Yukiatsu wasn't such an obsessed freak, I migh have voted for him but his obsession is going over board.

2011-11-23, 09:45
Anaru and Tsuruki for me. I find them both hot in their own ways. :)

2011-12-17, 23:52
Voted Menma, Jintan, Anaru and Tsuruko.
If I hadn't of limited myself a bit, I would have voted Poppo and Satoshi as well.
But I felt I needed a bit of restraint, as I love the four listed characters just a tad microscopic smidge more.

Hiroi Sekai
2012-01-13, 21:46
And I came here expecting Menma would dominate the votes; good to see that my favourite Anaru is up on top.

Don't get me wrong here; Menma was a fantastic character and I loved every moment she was around, but Anaru felt like the most realistic and understandable character. Oh, and she's like...the cutest thing ever as a child along with Tsurumi.:heh:

2012-01-13, 22:35
Voted for Jintan only, forgot this was a multi-vote...damn. :heh:

2012-01-16, 08:59
As far as male leads go, you could go with far worse than Jintan, so no problems! Pretty ace character, actually; he had a lot of emotional depth, and I personally found it really easy to sympathize with the guy. Favorite character, easy.

Filia Nox
2013-10-31, 02:02
wahahahaha!!!!! Anaru is leading! :hyper-^v^: heheheh....I love her character the most because I can relate to her. I like Menma's seiyuu more though. :heh: