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2011-12-16, 21:06
I've been thinking about doing some Christmas/holiday-themed AMVs, and that started me thinking as to what are some of the best anime Christmas/holiday specials.

They don't need to be "officially" that - It could just be a random episode with a Christmas-y backdrop for it (I vaguely recall a Big O episode like that).

But for AMV purposes, as well as just out of general curiosity, what would people here say are their favorite Christmas/holiday-focused anime episodes? :)

2011-12-16, 21:14
Does the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya count? :heh: Lots of snow and holiday cheers

(It's really weird Kanon 2006 never had any like that; I mean those uniforms are like miniskirt Christmas ones ;))

Christmas also serves as the bridge between the second and third season of Shana. YMMV.

2011-12-16, 21:17
Does the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya count? :heh: Lots of snow and holiday cheers

You know, that's not a bad idea. Thanks, Archon! :)

(It's really weird Kanon 2006 never had any like that; I mean those uniforms are like miniskirt Christmas ones ;))

Indeed, lol.

2011-12-16, 21:21
Itsudatte My Santa! perhaps. It's nothing exceptional, but there are few anime that are solely geared towards Christmas, and this is one of them. It has it's moments, and it's cute to say the least. Though I won't deny the fan-service is a lot of the focus at times...

2011-12-16, 21:29
Tokyo Godfathers is the first that comes to mind.
Toradora has a whole arc around christmas
Gunslinger Girl episode 4 has christmas in it
Shugo Chara has at least one christmas episode
Cross game has holidays celebration but it's more like going to the temple on new years day so I don't know if that's what you're looking for (this is just me trying desesperatly to get you to watch cross game more than anything)

My memory's fuzzy but don't either k-on or/and Ika Musume have a christmas episode?

2011-12-16, 23:57
Definitely Tokyo Godfathers for an excellent heartwarming holiday fare from a usually edgy maestro. I usually find "miracle happens in Christmas" to be awfully cheesy, pedestrian kind of affair, but Satoshi Kon nailed it with his homeless protagonists, charming adventures and genuine human goodness. Alas that such talent would pass on so young. :(

Another anime that comes to mind is Tokyo Marble Chocolate, a two-parter romantic OVA set during Christmas. It's sort of a look into what Christmas actually is in Japan -- a couple's day as opposed to a family day as in the USA.

2011-12-17, 01:24
Was going to mention Aoi Yori Aoshi's Christmas OVA, but then I looked it up on TVTropes and found this instead: Christmas Episode (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChristmasEpisode). :D

2011-12-17, 02:06
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, obviously. A nice christmas anime.

Seriously, though. I can recall a lot of anime having a Christmas episode, but it's hard to pinpoint them aside from the obvious ones like the Love Hina Christmas special. I'm pretty sure I've seen episodes in:

Azumanga (ep 17?)
Cardcaptor Sakura (ep 35?)
Yumeiro Patissiere (ep 12?)
SDF Macross (ep 35?)

(? because I went by the likely episode titles)

edit: Maybe this AniDB thread (http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=cmt&id=11374)will help too.

2011-12-17, 02:35
Thanks to everyone for their feedback and answers. It's much appreciated. :)

Was going to mention Aoi Yori Aoshi's Christmas OVA, but then I looked it up on TVTropes and found this instead: Christmas Episode (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChristmasEpisode). :D

You know, this is one of the best uses of a TV Tropes link I've ever seen. The reason being that I'm looking for examples of anime Christmas/holiday specials, and TV Tropes has a lot of them listed as examples of the Christmas Episode trope.

So thanks a lot for the link!

2011-12-17, 03:31
Holy crap, how did we not mention Nanoha A's? The entire climax and conclusion is during Christmas.

Though it was a very bad Christmas for some. :p But for AMV purposes, the later part is gonna be pretty useful. (Happiest tome in the world... hmm)

2011-12-17, 09:40
Well I don't know about actual specials but I do love listening to this One Piece song. It really puts you into a festive mood. :p


edit: Oh for AMV purposes I think Honey & Clover has a pretty good Christmas episode from what I can recall.

2011-12-17, 10:03
I also watched MM!, when Taro confesses Mio in the last television episode, under the snows.

2011-12-17, 10:17
My favorite anime Christmas episode has to be Gintama's last two episodes(200 & 201). Boy were they hilarious:heh:

2011-12-17, 10:35
The whole Christmas arc in Toradora! is definitely my favorite.

2011-12-17, 10:52
I'm slightly surprised no one's mentioned Amagami SS :twitch:. Although that said, I'm not sure it would count for the OP since it was the theme of the entire anime rather than just a special. Kanon not having a Christmas special doesn't surprise me - the protagonist despised the winter weather :D.

2011-12-17, 12:01
Toradora's Christmas arc probably has the most impression on me, though it probably doesn't count as a "special" or something like that.

2011-12-17, 15:05
For me, it has to be Gintama and Crayon Shin-chan. Gag anime like these make really amazing holiday specials.

I hope we get to see Gintama's new Christmas special with Gedoumaru before Christmas is over.

2011-12-17, 22:07
Full Moon Wo Sagashite's Christmas episode is quite cute. (37)
And I enjoy Tenchi Muyo's Manatsu No Eve. Even though the movie takes place in summer, they talk about Christmas a lot. And the Jurains have a festival called Startica that strongly resembles Christmas.

2011-12-18, 00:02
Amagami SS definitely does have some good Christmas finales to their arcs.

The Toradora Christmas arc is another thing worth mentioning but everyone else already did that :heh:

2011-12-18, 02:07
I'm gonna be different and say Hidamari Sketch.

Miyako inspired me to make my own creation in the snow. Miyako is serious competition though so I'll have to try harder, better, faster and stronger than ever before.

2011-12-18, 22:28
well, are there several specials christmas that like me, the Ranma 1/2, Sailoor Moon, Welcome to Pia carrot that aired in Locomotion, Sakura card captor it's fine.

for the momnet at the moment are the only ones who remember.


Kaioshin Sama
2011-12-18, 23:42
Can this be Western cartoons too, cause if that's the case I'd have to say my all time favorite is the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. It's such a simple humble story about a dorky kid that often struggles in life trying to find a christmas tree for the big party only to come back with the shabbiest looking tree you'll ever see, which would normally lead to some sort of punchline and Charlie angsting, but instead everybody comes together to try to make the best of things and for once he gets some credit from the gang. Also the soundtrack is pretty much legendary and we play it in my house every year.

Other runners up favorites are the timeless Grinch who Stole Christmas and the Garfield Christmas Special simply for the Grandma character who completely steals the show every time she's on camera. Words can not express how much the grandma character owns so I'll just link this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeqifE2wd5o) instead.

2011-12-19, 15:06
My holiday avatar and signature come from two Christmas episodes. The avatar is from episode ten of Bartender (http://www.animesuki.com/series.php/906.html) while the signature is from episode twelve of the first season of Hidamari Sketch. Both these episodes depict a Christmas without much in the way of religion, but with a strong emphasis on sharing good times and good cheer with friends and family.

Not surprisingly most Christmas episodes come at the end of fall shows. Hidamari Sketch is shown out of chronological order; the Christmas episode falls at the end of the first semester chronologically but is the last episode of the first season. In this show, Sae's younger sister Chika comes to visit and Sae's friends try to bridge the gap between the two siblings. The Bartender episode includes flashbacks to some of the characters whose stories were told earlier in the series. Like all the Bartender stories, this one focuses on a special concoction, in this case the difficult-to-pour blending of champagne and dark beer that is known as a Black Velvet. It also tells a sweet tale about the four lights of the world, faith, love, peace, and hope threatening to go out because the human world is so cruel.

2011-12-20, 23:59
Oh oh!

I know Suzumiya Haruhi was mentioned but did anyone mention Suzumiya Haruhi-chan's Christmas episode? The one where she plans to catch Santa and Kyon's friend Taniguchi dresses up like Santa and then he's suddenly SANTA ON STEROIDS and he's running around grunting like a........gorilla or something!?

It may not give you the warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling most Christmas specials give you but man, I was laughing so hard I was crying. XDDDDD

As a matter of fact, I have to watch that again. I must go watch it NOW.


2011-12-21, 00:15
Well that and "regular" versions of Tsuruya and Yuki in action scenes to catch said Santa.

2011-12-22, 23:26
Big O episode 11 named Daemonseed

R. Dorothy was so cute in that one (as cute as an emotionless, noir clad, poison tounged android can be anyway)

The whole Christmas arc in Toradora! is definitely my favorite.

Oh shit, I forgot about that one. I LOVE THAT ONE (and I don't watch many romances).

Last Sinner
2011-12-24, 12:24
Was finally able to think of two examples.

Lovely Complex Episode 2. That one marked the moment Risa began to feel warmer towards Otani.

Bartender Episode 10. Lonely fluid physics professor has one heck of a night thanks to the bartender and a secret admirer.

2011-12-24, 18:40
Rental Magica's 13 episode where the members of Astral start the holiday spirit with exorcisms, comedy, and heartwarming ending theme with a Christmas touch. The song they sing near the end of the episode really touched me.

2011-12-25, 17:23
Love Hina Christmas special for me.

It's been so many years since I've watched it, but I still enjoy remembering it.