View Full Version : Kubi Naruto VS. Lightning Emperor Ginji (potential spoilers)

2003-11-18, 17:39
Well, i just started watching Get Backers last weekend and after seeing the Thunder Emperor form of Ginji, i just couldn't help wondering, who whould win. I think it would be a pritty close fight as they are both equaly outstanding, and they both have a virtualy limitless amount of chakura/energy. But in the end, i think Kubi Naruto would win, because there is just so much ambiguity on how powerfull he/it really is, while in the thunder emperors case, his power is imaginable (i think, since he had a bit of trouble with Akabane, though he is also an outstanding fighter). I would like to see everybody's opinions, but please keep the spoilers to a minimum.

2003-11-18, 17:49
I'm thinking of creating a new rule: Thou shalt not create stupid "versus" threads.

I'm tired of people creating vs threads for characters from different genres in worlds that have nothing in common. All of these threads are settled the same way: The favorite character wins. Only in instances of blantly different power levels is there any deviance from this rule. Boring. Futile. Stupid.

Maybe I should make more specific rules for what sort of threads are considered pointless... Bleah. :(