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2013-04-26, 12:18
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2013-05-29, 11:32
This will be a rather long post, so please bear with me! m(_ _)m

To kick off this thread, I propose: Dr Who x Gargantia crossover! A treat for all fans of anime and British sci-fi!!!
It would involve The 11th Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

http://amypond.com/amypondfiles/imagecache/full/The-Impossible-Astronaut-Cast-Promos-6.jpg http://thatswhatyouredealingwith.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/matt-smith-tardis.jpg
Left: Amelia "Amy" Pond[Karen Gillan], the Doctor's (previous)companion
Centre:The Doctor(11th incarnation)[Matt Smith], a Time Lord of Gallifrey
Right: Rory Williams[Arthur Darvill], Amy's childhood friend and husband
Far Right: The TARDIS

Premise: The Doctor's brash attempt at driving the TARDIS through a black hole as a shortcut to the 999th Alzurian Black&Blue Ball instead throws the TARDIS containing The Doctor & the Ponds into a parallel(Gargantia) universe.
The TARDIS materialises in a storage room on the cargo ship from ep 1, at the same moment Ledo has captured Amy of Gargantia and Pinion has sounded the alarm. Spurred by curiosity, the Doctor & his companions decide to investigate...

The story would mostly be a novelisation of Gargantia's events as seen through the POV of the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory.
We could use their characters to tweak or flesh out characterisations of the existing Gargantia characters, whilst writing new interaction scenes (ie, recurring joke that if anyone asks for Amy, confusion arises whether they are referring to Gargantia Amy or the Doctor's Amy.)
Eg:['Hold on, are you talking about my Amy or your Amy?']

The TARDIS's universal translator would be able to translate Gargantian language into English for the Doctor and the Ponds's benefit, although it is unable(initially) to translate Galactic Alliance language, in keeping with Ledo's initial language barrier. Still unclear on how to work that into the narrative though. Maybe someone could help figure it out?

The Doctor would first be motivated to investigate Ledo's presence and history, and after learning of the Hideauze/whalesquid, to uncover their mystery and the secrets of the Gargantia universe.

I myself have no talent at writing fanfiction at all, although I have ideas from time to time. I'd like to ask if there are any highly skilled fanfiction authors on this forum who love both New Dr Who & Gargantia to further discuss and share ideas to make this story come true.
If anyone's interested, drop a reply or PM me, thanks!:D

2013-05-29, 12:02
Great idea. Please add Rory in your fanfic.
He's a great guy in the series since he can be a badass when anyone threatens people he cares.

2013-05-30, 04:19
Great idea. Please add Rory in your fanfic.
He's a great guy in the series since he can be a badass when anyone threatens people he cares.

Sure thing. I've updated the idea dump above.

Although I don't think I can personally write this all by myself, I'm absolutely terrible at creative writing. Seriously, I am.

But as stated, I have ideas, and I'm looking for any highly skilled fanfiction authors out there willing to make my idea a reality.

If you could recommend someone to me, I would appreciate it very much.:D