View Full Version : Which GSG fansub do you watch-- take two

2003-11-18, 21:17
Well, four episodes out now. Which fansub team are you following? Or do you not really care?

2003-11-18, 21:59
I voted for whichever releases first...Btw, what is GSG?

2003-11-18, 22:26
Cool tread by the way I've chosen AMBU since its the one I downloaded first. I dont now if its the best translation but it suited me. I dont think any fansub is better than the other but I think that fansubs groups are excellent on a specific anime whatever it may be and okay in any other one that they are less intrested in. For me its common sense. I could not say wich fansub group are the most pasionated about GunSlingerGirl but if its a anime you like you will certainly find out. unless you already now :D

2003-11-18, 23:41
There was also some miscellaneous 'group' called Totan (I think) that releases GSG04...

Dark Zero
2003-11-19, 00:15
I think we shouldn't consider who releases first as much to rely on. I rather see who has the best encode and translation. Speed is the least of my worries. It kinda sucks, I like these threads, so I can base my judgement on which group to d/l from, even though I usually get it from my favorite anyway. Having the end result being spoiled by, "i download from the fastest", kinda ruins the point in which group to get it from, or having a better opinion of such.

2003-11-19, 03:21
I agree, to get the fastest one seems like a waste when you could be getting the best version by waiting for the team who you like or think has done the best job. I got mine from triad and they have done a great job, so i will continue to get theirs. Since i am dl so many animes anyways i can wait for my group to release it. Another thing i don't like about getting the first one like i use to do when i was a newbie is that i noticed that the first ones tend to suck where as the ones that release a little afterwards have more tlc, but that is just my opinion.

2003-11-19, 06:07
Why should everyone carefully compare all the different encodes? Translation differences can only be compared by the minority who know Japanese well, and the other differences are really pretty small. To lots of people there's never any real difference, so comparing them becomes a waste of time.

2003-11-19, 07:15
I just found out that Seichi Fansubs includes info about the guns used in the beginning of the episode so I've decided to go with them. Its the little extra things which count ;)

2003-11-19, 07:33
Why should everyone carefully compare all the different encodes? Translation differences can only be compared by the minority who know Japanese well, and the other differences are really pretty small.

Allthough it's impossible to tell the specific Japanese is translated wrongly, a bad fansub has a lot more worse with it than just Translation. A fansub basically runs on it's editing, not to mention it's encoding, type setting and timing... allthough, no, to most leachers they will probebly notice little diffrence.

2003-11-19, 08:01
Im downloading The Triad's version. I like their fansubs and IMHO they release the best fansubs currently. Like the karoke font is cool, they have translation notes at their page and everything...

2003-11-19, 13:02
Of course my choice would be Triad. I have no complain what so ever with their work and their choice of series usually are of my taste. Currently they are the top fansub group on my list.

2003-11-19, 20:41
I wonder if any group is going to change some of the names. In Newtype USA it says


Makes me wonder if Jan(Jean) is french since the porter thought Rico was french.

Nothing Special
2003-11-19, 23:12
What is with the "Inactive" status on the Anime-Waves torrents? I picked up three episodes from Anime-Waves but I won't pick up the fourth simply because the first three A-Waves torrents have become inactive. It's kind of pointless to keep something I won't be able to seed.

Thanks for the poll, ashibaka! I'm starting over with the popular vote.

2003-11-21, 10:53
Strange that Seichi is losing ground to Triad, considering K_R posts here and Triad members decidedly do not.

2003-11-21, 11:08
If only I could vote more than once :D

Seriously, I guess it's all down to reputation. We are small fry compared to Triad, AonE and ANBU. Why go with a relative unknown when you can download from one of those three?

I'm happy that there's more than a hundred BT downloads per episode. (It amazes me to see continuing demand for our GSG01!)

2003-11-21, 14:35
I'm actually following Triad's release too. :)

2003-11-21, 17:22
I was getting Triads release also (just happened to be teh first one I saw when I originally decided to watch this) but last week I got ANBU's release, which was just as good quality, and available somewhat quicker, so I decided to stick wth them :)

2003-11-21, 22:42
Woah, it looks like Totan just preempted everyone else with Episode 5. I wonder if it's any good.

Hao Asakura
2003-11-22, 00:24
Woah, it looks like Totan just preempted everyone else with Episode 5. I wonder if it's any good.

Must hold on myself and wait for Triad's release :sad:

2003-11-22, 01:57
One of my friends downloaded Totan's ep 4 and it had lots and lots of grammatical errors. I wouldnt bother downloading from them unless you cant wait.

2003-11-22, 05:53
Episode 5 was encoded totally wrong :(

2003-11-22, 07:20
I do this: I download whatever is out first, and if I'm not happy with it I download another version of it. Sometimes subs that come out later may not pick up everything - for instance, I believe episode 4 the part where Mario said "We exported kids - uh, lambs" or something like that - Seichi Fansubs picked it up correctly but ANBU which released later didn't.

I KNOW it's nitpicking, but for the really stupid, it makes things a little better:

Mario said "ko... kohitsuji". It could be "l..lambs" as ANBU translated it, or it could be "kids... no, lambs" as Seichi translated (kohitsuji - lamb, ko - child). I find the 2nd one to be more accurate.

I'm not going against either one as it's really up to debate. There are also other factors - I ended up downloading ANBU's and deleting Seichi's because the quality wasn't good enough for me.

I think almost all my Gunslinger Girl eps are by different subbers. AonE, ANBU, Triad... and ANBU again. I don't know about #5 - a group I've never heard of before posted it up quite fast, but I have my doubts about it based on various factors. I'll wait for something a little more trustable.

2003-11-22, 09:46
Actually, that's not our translation you're quoting there. I never use the words 'kid' or 'kids'.

2003-11-22, 10:13
i dunno which is good, but i randomly picked ANBU. seems like i made the wrong choice, triad seems to be more popular.

2003-11-22, 10:31
Sorry, I guess my memory must be failing fast.

It was Miyuki Fansubs... sorry, really sorry!!

Yeesh. Too much Toblerone is no good.