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2013-05-30, 22:28
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2013-05-31, 08:29
Anyway, considering that Pinion wants to fight some (wait for it) whalesquid and avenge his brother, would you say there's some parallels with Captain Ahab going on? Or do you think Ledo fits that description better?

2013-05-31, 08:49
I think that Ledo fits it better. Ahab is described as monomaniacal, which implies he is so obsessed with his purpose to kill Moby-dick that he can't think of much else.

Pinion, however, seems to be mainly concerned with money and pleasure (the first being a mean for the second in the end) and only secondarily to avenge his brother.

2013-06-03, 01:00
He'd be more likable if he wasn't plotting to kill Ledo for the first four episodes.

I was expecting him to have more interesting conversations with Chamber since he spent so much time trying to pry him open in the first episode. Shame.

Dark Wing
2013-06-12, 12:23
I'm indeed disappointed in Pinion so fare I can only hope that his character can be redeemed somehow.

2013-06-14, 01:59
I wish he would stop talking and sounding exactly like Kamina while acting like a douchebag. :heh:

sky black swordman
2013-06-14, 04:50
Pinion has become so self centered since the episode when Ledo first killed his first Whale Squid (Hideauze).

2013-06-23, 16:24
Heh, Stupid Sexy Pinion
http://i.imgur.com/KlkGRTyl.jpg (http://imgur.com/KlkGRTy)

2013-06-23, 17:31
So this shows first portrayed Pinion as a villain and as a very unlikable douchebag and two episodes later it reforms him as some kind of hero, improving his appearance in the process.

Dark Wing
2013-06-23, 18:13
Only in anime...:heh:

2013-06-23, 20:50
Okay Pinion, you've changed from "useless asshole" to "useful asshole." Hope you're happy.

2013-06-23, 20:53
Pinion X Bellows must happen

2013-06-23, 21:20
Looks like Pinion's finally getting serious.

sky black swordman
2013-06-23, 21:32
Welll pinion has redeemed himself a somewhat after this week's episode, enough to change my opinion of him a bit. :heh:

2013-06-24, 05:53
Pinion looks a lot like his late brother with his hair down.