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2013-06-30, 19:35
This absolutely deserves a 2nd season. It was too rushed!

And can someone confirm that there will be some OVAs? I hope they are not "side stories" or something like that, but actual sequels...

There will be 3 OVAs. Each OVA ep comes with each Gargantia Blu-ray set.
The 1st OVA released with the August Blu-ray will be a side story(I think), no news as yet re. the final 2 OVAs.

http://img1.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire3/a3a2d77eaa81ac9f94f0b870cc8b9cde1370137621_full.jp g

OVA 1 will feature 15 yr old Ridget(left) and a nurse character(bottom right).

2013-07-01, 01:07
1 2013年8月28日予定 第1話 - 第4話、第14話(ova)
2 2013年9月25日予定 第5話 - 第9話、「ぷちっとがるがんてぃあ」全13話+特別編
3 2013年10月25日予定 第10話 - 第13話、第15話(ova)
i dunno where people are getting that info about 3 ovas. The 2nd box will have all of petit gargantia episodes instead.

2013-07-01, 01:21
So two OVA episodes are confirmed instead of 3.... with the first one airing on 8/28/13 and the 2nd one on 10/25/2013.

Got it!

Gravitas Free Zone
2013-07-09, 22:07
From Crunchyroll, more pictures (beard!) and some more information:

2013-07-10, 02:23
So it's a side story of her a long time ago?

2013-07-10, 07:26
So the loose end regarding Ledo and Amy.... will be resolved by a.... Manga?!

2013-07-10, 08:59
I'm looking forward to the 2nd OVA. It'll be interesting to see some backstory on how Kugel formed his Alliance cult on his fleet, and how his interactions with Earth people differed (if any) from Ledo's.

That said, I wonder what they have planned for OVA 3.

An extended ending with Amy, Ledo and the Gargantia cast?
A prequel featuring Ledo's old Alliance life?
A prequel featuring the exodus of pre-flood Earth, and how its remaining people ended the Ice Age?
Or perhaps the ultimate fate of the Alliance and the Hideauze?

Which would you like to see?

2013-07-11, 03:52
Hahaha oh Ridget, where's your boo- *mangatron is bombed by Bellows*

That looks like fun, I was wondering why Gargantia twitter kept tweeting :eyespin:

2013-07-13, 08:51
Making it about Ridget is a mistake imo. Not a very likeable or interesting character.

Om Nerabdator
2013-07-15, 10:43
Making it about Ridget is a mistake imo. Not a very likeable or interesting character.

2nd that, itd be more interesting doing an after story

2013-07-18, 10:53
"Gargantia" Previews Minori Chihara's OVA Original Character (http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2013/07/17/gargantia-previews-minori-chiharas-ova-original-character)

So does this make this the last ova? I hope there's another one like after the series, one of Ledo's friends from the Alliance (like the girl who showered with him) somehow ends up on Earth and the Gargantai crew.

2013-07-24, 17:08
Ova #1 preview. As expected it's set between episodes 4 and 5

2013-07-26, 08:30
It'll actually be a ghost story, with Ledo and Amy going to investigate a supposedly haunted abandoned fleet.


I...don't quite know what to say here.

2013-08-10, 08:58
OVA 1 aired yesterday on nico nico.

2013-08-11, 02:18
I saw the first one already but still in raw.

2013-09-11, 01:53
Just saw it, and well, it was pretty okay. Ledo, Amy, Ridget, Bellows, Pinion, Saaya and Melty go to investigate an abandoned fleet. There's also a flashback to Ridget's younger days when she and a friend, Storia, were involved in that same fleet.

2013-09-11, 08:53
I'm watching ep 14 as of now.

My goodness the Alliance lost a lot of cultural references. They don't know what a ghost is.

2013-09-16, 14:19
Hello, it's been exactly two months and 15 days later since delivered my last post on Suisei no Gargantia. It's good to be back for such a short time of absence, and good to know that there's a second OVA in waiting to be released in five weeks from this date.

This first OVA starts with the girl's trio hogging the kids' attention with a ghost story about a girl who found herself alone in an abandoned fleet. Now, some serious humor to add is that Ledo doesn't know what Amy means with ghosts, and to add irony when she tells the climax of the story then everyone (save for Ledo and the adults present) freak out at the presence of Chamber's face looming due to being mistaken by the ghost of the story.

Anyways, the Gargantia discovers an abandoned fleet, and their mission is to explore the facilities to find out any survivors; the appointed ones are Ridget, Bellows, Pinion, Amy, Ledo, and Melty & Saaya, though the three girls invited themselves as stowaways.

As they ventured deeper, they discovered the place is desolate and having almost rusted all over throughout the years since it was abandoned. The sight of such ghastly atmosphere scares Amy mindlessly that she's clinged to Ledo at all the times to feel safe.
Meanwhile, Pinion gets dragged by Melty & Saaya, and Melty expresses her frustration at how come they ended up being paired with Pinion when they could have had become part of Ledo's exploration team. Pinion gets an idea to give a little scare to Ledo by posing being a ghost. But, obviously, since Ledo doesn't have any knowledge about ghosts, he ends up mistaking the disguised Pinion for an enemy, which gives the latter quite a shock about being attacked.

On another part of the fleet, both Ridget and Bellows discovered the ruins of an infirmary section, and as they rummaged the place for any diary logs or information left, Ridget finds a picture and by just taking a look at it, then she immediately realizes where they are.

(Flashback starts)
Ridget recalls being on this fleet seven years ago and made friends with another girl her same age as hers back at that time named Historia.

Back then, the fleet was functioning and bustling with people just like Gargantia.

Since I watched the raw for this OVA, there's so little I can review about it save for the following:
- There was this manager or lieutenant character who got hold knowledge on Ridget being skilled and told his subordinates that she should become their instructor. Naturally, Ridget felt embarrassed and insecured, since she didn't feel to fill the position or to being taken seriously.
- Historia had another brief chat with Ridget encouraging her, although Ridget still felt reserved on the issue with the manager/lieutenant.
- Unfortunately, Ridget got a bad timing and tripped falling down. She would have fallen to her certain death if hadn't been for the manager/lieutenant whom successfully caught her in mid-air as she was falling. The bad news, however, is that the hatch-key that Ridget carried the moment she fell down dropped on his head causing injuries.
- The lieutenant was taken to the infirmary, but, fortunately, it was nothing life-threatening. Both Ridget and Historia came to visit him, since she felt the brunt of the guilt for jeopardizing his life after he had saved hers.
- When they came at his bed they saw him repairing an antique camera. Ridget and him spent the rest of the afternoon having a pleasant chat, and he took the opportunity to take Ridget's photo with his camera.
- We cut later on with Historia and Ridget meeting privately. From what I could understand from their dialogue was that tomorrow the Gargantia would leave along with Ridget, and that actually Historia had been secretly in love with the lieutenant for a while but lacked the courage to confess him her feelings. Ridget encouraged her friend to have resolve and to tell him what she felt.
- The next morning Ridget re-aboarded the Gargantia, and as the two fleets went their separate ways, she waved good-bye to her friend Historia and to the lieutenant, whom he was standing at Historia's side.
(Flashback ends)

Ridget went to tell her exploration team that she called quits much to Pinion's chagrin and dissapointment, that they couldn't find any real treasure on board.

Back at the Gargantia, Ridget was at her private chambers taking out an item that she picked-up while being inside the old fleet. It was an old picture of both her friend Historia and the lieutenant/manager seen together.