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2013-10-25, 21:01
Welcome to the discussion thread for Suisei no Gargantia, Episodes 14 & 15 (Bonus Episodes).

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2013-10-28, 04:24
Now that i watched ep15, this is finally the last piece of the puzzle that would be just fantastic if it was put in as the second last ep (and pull out the original ep5) in the process.

The emotional feedback uses the same formula as those flashback eps in other works of Urobuchi, but its still effective nonetheless. Little by little you see how a great man falls, and it just makes you treasure Chamber just a little more.

2013-10-29, 19:44
Urobutcher finally gave some tragedy into this anime =w=;;

2013-11-14, 18:10
Episode 15 was fantastic. It did a great job filing in the blanks. It's a shame a lot of people are most likely going to miss it.

Kugel's story was tragic. His transition from good man to crazy guru was well done. The parallel between Ledo/Amy and Kugel/Linaria are obvious (they even had Linaria be the owner of the other squirrel). If Kugel had never met Linaria (and if he had had a better partner than Striker), his fate would have been very different. Ledo was truly lucky.

2013-11-15, 08:05
Episode 15 was a good supplement to the original series. It was interesting to watch Kugel descending into his villain role. If only he had just received more info about the Earth's state at that time...

2013-11-16, 15:22
The look on the oldest blond sister after Kugel killed all those whalesquid was priceless.

Her death was truly deserved and yeah Kugel got screwed in AI partners.

2013-11-16, 15:22
Damn, I really would've liked to see this as part of the original series.

Without this bonus episode, it would seem like the Striker AI was the only villain. But as it turns out, Kugel was going to do the same things if he had not died.

2013-11-16, 17:41
Damn, I really would've liked to see this as part of the original series.

Without this bonus episode, it would seem like the Striker AI was the only villain. But as it turns out, Kugel was going to do the same things if he had not died.

Kugel said he was going to help everyone in the fleet, and refused Striker's recommendation of killing off all the sick people because "the circumstances on Earth are different and the Alliance's rules are meaningless".

Striker then took advantage of the girls death and her words to Kugel to basically tell him, "look! her definition of happiness is the same as the Galactic Alliance's, therefore I was right all along." Then a heartbroken, terminally ill Kugel just gave in to Striker and the rest is history.

I don't think he was ever a bad guy.

2013-11-17, 19:55
That was fantastic, I agree this should have been included in the actual series! And Striker is a shitty mech..

2013-11-18, 19:18
It was nice seeing Kugel's fall towards the dark side. I didn't believe he was all evil when I watched the series to begin with since he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to save Ledo.

2013-11-18, 19:23
I wish the first eight episodes were more like the last episode, it cuts out a lot of the fat and shows the good parts. I find it a little odd that Kugel obviously saw whatshername was sick and never thought "maybe I should keep her in quarantine!"

2013-12-23, 21:13
On the other hand, I wish we had less pointless action and spend more time in world-building and character development as both 14 and 15 did.

2013-12-24, 01:31
This is an example of how OVAs should be done. They add solid material to the backstory and characters, instead of being pointless filler.

2013-12-25, 23:22
Since in my country is still Christmas, then I wish you all again Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

On Topic
Today I watched the second ova, and this would be the last chapter for Suisei no Gargantia season one before the second season comes someday.

God, the year is almost gone like a blaze, and I do recall how much I enjoyed this show way back nine months ago when it began. I do recall as well how much I put a short discussion with another forum member on Strykers' intentions during the last three episodes of the mainstream TV series, and this second ova answered everything on Kugel and Stryker.
I have to admit that on the last five minutes of the OVA I really suspected if Kugel made a drastic descent due to trauma over losing Linalia, or if his descent was exarcebated due to Stryker appealing to his emotions with Linalias' last words. I mean how much I know if Kugels' actions were guided due to him breaking down, or if him breaking down made it smoother for Stryker to manipulate/guide him in order to assume full control over the entire inhabitants of the fleet.

I believe that just for humans in space the GA also produces and sorts Machine Caliber based on a level of authority. Stryker would have level of Administrator with full permissions and directives, while another model like Chamber would have a level with fewer permissions so as to limit itself to be counselor for its human pilot.
I think as well that Stryker originally intended to imbue in Earth's inhabitants with the values of the GA about efficieny and productivity, but because in its analysis the Earthling humans were far chaotic and widespread in short-term Stryker's A.I. evolved beyond its parameters and adopted its own personal conclusions, as the number of human users who came to depend on its authority as Sky-God increased.
Obviously, Stryker would have definitely adopted a terror tactic campaign in order to put down any resistance within the fleet or to outside fleets, but Linalia's deathbed words to Kugel appealed to the reasoning commonly used in the GA regarding the survival of the fittest approach. The only circumstantial differences were that Earthling humans, particularly those from Linalia's pirate fleet, were ignorant, gullible, and easy to control in mass through displays of either force or superstition. IMO, Stryker opted for the second alternative since the circumstances within the fleet were favorable to apply its reasoning:
1. Kugel and Stryker were unanimously viewed and revered as divine beings by most of the fleet inhabitants.
2. Linalia held the second highest position being the God's priestess, and most of the fleet heard her words with esteem and respect, as well holding her with affection and veneration due to her being the God's priestess after all.
3. Before Ledo and Stryker came crashing down to Earth a few months later, Stryker was unquestionably the strongest and most powerful existence on the planet, and the Pirate fleets which it took control of had no doubt in their minds that it was a god sent from the sky due to the power it wielded that was unexplainable to them.
4. By taking and then reproducing Linalias' words and then setting the example for all of the fleet to see, Strykers' actions made for a smooth transition within the inhabitants' mindsets communicating the idea that since the Priestess happily died serving her God in order to make the fleet stronger once her purpose was finished, then there's no need for the sick and weaklings to fear death. Heed the Priestess' words and follow her same example in order to make the fleet stronger, and those strong and fitting to survive to make sure becoming stronger, more productive, more efficient, and more fitting so as to keep on making the fleet to grow bigger and to thrive.

At the end, I do feel sobbing for Kugel, however, he did not cut all his ties with his own inner humanity, since he still at the end kept Linalia's memento with him and adopted her pet squirrel.

2014-01-02, 04:37
[Votes 9/10]

Too bad these episodes were not part of Season 1...

They filled in the holes that should've been filled when Season 1 finished airing. Especially Episode 15.