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2014-01-28, 04:03
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2014-03-05, 01:59
Finished watching the raw. The original parts featuring Jintan and co. were the real highlight of the film (Anaru definitely steals most of her scenes). There's definitely a lot of recap and certain bits are either out of sequence or glossed over, so those who haven't seen the TV series yet should do so before watching this because it's not a straight retelling, more like reminiscing from the cast.

And yes, for those wondering, "Kimi no Natsu to Owari" is in there, so get your Kleenex ready :heh:

Guardian Enzo
2014-05-22, 04:17
Not much talk on this one, huh?

Loved the movie - reminded me again of why I love AnoHana, and why the critics are full of themselves. I'm glad I didn't see it in a theatre, though - I was a wreck for about the last half-hour of the movie.

2014-05-22, 10:05
Ooooooh, I need to see this...

Infinite Zenith
2014-05-24, 15:54
Excellent movie on the whole; at long last, I've had a chance to see the movie :)

The element I enjoyed most was seeing just how far each member of the Super Peace Busters had come since the 2011 anime. To see them at peace with themselves and what had happened was very heartwarming.

2014-05-24, 15:56
Talked my friend into driving to Cleveland to see this.
The whole theater was in tears. :heh: I'm glad it wasn't just recapping with one or two scenes added in. It was honestly worth seeing!

Infinite Zenith
2014-05-25, 18:53
They're still showing this where you are? Lucky! My city only had ONE screening back in February, which I missed because of coursework and application deadlines.

2014-05-27, 18:41
I found this film completely pointless; it took great pains to resolve nothing and make the 'update' extremely banal and ultra-minimalist. The flashbacks lacked the drama and tension one could get from actually re-watching the whole series again. I'd like to have seen the romance in the group either happen or not and see where/how/when they all went to college, etc. Instead this was just an attempt to milk money out of the brand-name by producing a film that did pretty much nothing other then briefly summarize the highlights of the tv show. A waste of time of time if you've seen the original tv season, and if you haven't.