View Full Version : Vampire hunter D Vs. Vash the Stampe

2003-11-19, 11:40
These Two characters are Devesatatingly strong, Both have never killed a human. Both are hated by society except by a few people.

Vash: Quick thinker,superhuman accuracy, a robotic arm. The angel arm
D: Absolutely no fear, vampiric stregth/speed, has a parasite in his arm. An awsome sword

Vash: Hesitation, fails to use angel arm even in desperate times, limited amo
D: Absolutely no fear, Will suffer from heat stroke if exposed for a very long period of time, doesnt use human blood to grasp the full vampiric stregthn

*Uggh i forgot to put- "Neither would win"*

2003-11-19, 16:04
Pretty bored huh...Didnt you see the anti "vs-poll bashing" going through out the Forum by the Mods and the readers a like? These threads seem to end up in flames of comments between favorites..

Btw, what is the poll is about anyway?..Are you asking who would win if they fight each other?..
Also, both Vash and D killed...In D's case he just waits till a human turns into a vampire (or other non-human forms)..Vash killed twice if I recall correctly..