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2003-11-19, 18:07
Ok, I have some questions about this series.

Is this series more mecha [like in robots, and stuff]
or rather more like .Hack// ?

If you were to compare it to another anime [other then hack] what would
That anime be?

What is the main plot [the info sites don;t really explain well] ?

and finally, If I were to dl this series, what group should I get it from?

2003-11-19, 19:35
Hmm...i'm gettin the series from A-Keep...although their only on ep 3...and i think there's some groups out there that are farther...

And i would think it's a little more like .hack..with a side of robots (dolls)

I've only seen the first 3 eps...and i'm not to sure about what the point of it is either (also cause i kinda fell asleep at points...just make sure not to watch it at night)...all i know is taht the main char is an extrodinary fighter that now owns a "doll" (robot) with two eye colors....and in the outro it kinda impies that she's either half human/half robot...umm...i'm pretty sure someone else can give you more info on it...sorry if this didn't help much

2003-11-19, 19:43
Chibi, I'm very disappointed with you. You should know better than to create this thread. First of all, it isn't even in the correct forum. This should be in Fansubs, not General Anime. Secondly, there are already two threads on the subject:
Is Avenger any good?
Best subs for Avenger?
Between them, they answer all your questions. This forum even has more useful search functionality than the last one, so you shouldn't have any trouble. If you had simply gone to the fansub forum and typed "Avenger" in the little box at the top of the thread listing you would have gotten this information for yourself.