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2015-01-31, 16:38
As you may already know, Kancolle doesn't really have any specific plot or storyline with the game on its own. Because of this, several spin-off manga exist which have different interpretations regarding the characters but also their daily life at the naval.


Please use this thread to solely discuss the 4koma which has Fubuki has its main character.

Myssa Rei
2015-02-01, 06:10
Unfortunately, the translation for this has become pretty irregular -- not only have we skipped several chapters, I think we're behind by a few months now.

2015-03-23, 00:57
Is it okay if I compile a chapter list comprising of short chapter summaries (a couple of lines at most) for reference here? Under spoiler tags, of course, for those who don't care for the summaries.

Myssa Rei
2015-03-23, 04:39
I think the translations stopped around the chapter 46-ish point. The manga is up to the 70s now.

2015-03-23, 05:10
Scanlation is up to Ch 54 with 2 volume bonus and Ch 70

2015-03-23, 05:31
I think the translations stopped around the chapter 46-ish point. The manga is up to the 70s now.

So it is for the English tranlations but the Chinese one is now at chapter 69 with no breaks in-between. Furthermore, the series at the Famitsu website is now up to chapter 78 (79 this Friday).

My intention is to make a reference page of sorts for folks looking for a particular chapter or is just plain curious about the ones yet-to-be translated. I'll assume that our mods is okay with my suggestion and will hence start on this =3

2015-03-23, 11:15
Indeed, I see no problem with this initiative. Please be my guest.

2015-03-23, 12:43
Fubuki Ganbarimasu chapter reference (Link to famitsu page (http://www.famitsu.com/comic_clear/se_kancolle/)):

Chapter 1: Special-type Destroyer Fubuki reports to the Naval base and meets her sister ships: Shirayuki, Hatsuyuki and Miyuki, among a few others.

Chapter 2: Following up from chapter 1, Battleship and upperclassman Ise introduces the new recruits to the basics of combat. Shirayuki also awakens a whole new side of her, fuhuhu.

Chapter 3: Fubuki and Shirayuki explores the base as training is put on-hold with the rainy season.

Chapter 4: Based on Spring 2013 event. Isuzu abuse is strong with this one.

Chapter 5: Omnibus chapter.

Chapter 6: Introducing expeditions aka Akagi's Meal Ti-*dive bombed*. Tenryuu Kindergarten included (1 strip).

Chapter 7: Maikaze arrives at the base. To ask Chikuma about Nowaki's whereabouts, Fubuki and Shirayuki brings her to the Heavy Cruiser dorm.

Chapter 8: The upperclassmen, represented by Kongou, organizes a Summer Test of Courage.

Chapter 9: The Destroyers take their first step to water skating. Includes Yamato's debut in the manga.

Chapter 10: 1st half: Yamato's debut, part 2. 2nd half: Suzuya and Kumano (especially Kumano).

Chapter 11: It's Autumn! Season of food, art and calligraphy. How about a wall scroll that drains your luck dry?

Chapter 12: Goya (I-58) and Imuya (I-168) chapter. Life's hard for the subs....

Chapter 13: DesDiv 6 chapter. Akatsuki wakes up one day to find that Hibiki has joined the Red Navy. Хорошо!

Chapter 14: Trick or Treat! It's Halloween desu!

Chapter 14.5 (or Volume 1 bonus chapter): Fubuki, Shirayuki, Hatsuyuki and Miyuki visits the rooms of their fellow kanmusu. Rooms visited: Hatsuyuki-Miyuki, Nagato-Mutsu, Kongou-Hiei, Akagi-Kaga, the Tone sisters, the Sendai sisters, Kuma-Tama, KitaOoi, submarines and lastly, Fubuki-Shirayuki.

Chapter 15: The Destroyers participates in their first mock battle. 夜戦?知らない子ですね.

Chapter 16: Fubuki and Shirayuki visits the Carrier dorm and find it occupied by a pack of gluttons. Can't talk about carriers without mentioning food!

Chapter 17: Fubuki finds plans for Yuudachi's and Shigure's 2nd remodel. What's a 2nd remodel anyway? She and the Shiratsuyu (Black) sisters (try to) find out.

Chapter 18: A kotatsu is installed in the base, with expected results.

Chapter 19: Disturbed by a nightmare, Hatsukaze clings onto Myoukou.

Chapter 20: Based on the Fall 2013 event.

Chapter 21: Musashi makes her debut.

Chapter 22: Christmas desu! No turkey for a certain someone, desu.

Chapter 23: It's time for spring cleaning! Time to give those rigging a good scrub. Watch out for crabs and cockroaches though.

Chapter 24: Snow (and the winter cold) sets in. Snow fights and warm clothes/kanmusu are a must.

Chapter 25: Hacchan (I-8) and Iku (I-19) joins the fleet. The Orel team is now complete, kukuku.

Chapter 26: Taihou arrives at the base. So to get someone who blew herself up, you need another self-destructee to LSC with? Hmm.

Chapter 27: A strange creature by the name of Maruyu has arrived at the base. What, a sub? Can you even dive, no?

Chapter 28: Setsubun chapter, time to throw peas at Kinu.

Chapter 29: Valentine chapter. Or rather, Valentine chocolate chapter. The business owners (read:Mamiya) rub their hands in glee.

Chapter 30: Yuugumo, Makigumo, Akigumo and Naganami arrives at the base. Can you spot the odd one out?

Chapter 30.5 side A (or Volume 2 bonus chapter 1): Room visit, part 2! Featuring the rooms of: the Ise sisters, the Fusou sisters, the Cranes, Taihou, Houshou-RJ, FuruKako, the Tenryuu sisters, Kiso (+Maruyu), Yuugumo-Makigumo, and Akigumo.

Chapter 30.5 side B (or Volume 2 bonus chapter 2): Naka-chan works on becoming a top idol.

Chapter 31: Featuring the Takao sisters. Pan-paka-pan!

Chapter 32: Hinamatsuri chapter. Have you gotten your kanmusu dolls?

Chapter 33: Fubuki runs into Tatsuta as she disposes her hanging display dolls. They then meet Shioi (I-401, debut in c. 32) and Akitsu-maru whom she had found on the beach.

Chapter 34: It's April Fools! Pranks are fine, but mind the place and time, 'kay?

Chapter 35: Hyuuga takes the Destroyers for cherry blossom viewing.

Chapter 36: Yayoi and Uzuki joins the fleet. A chapter about the Mutsuki sisters in general.

Chapter 37: Kitakami-sama runs into a gathering of the Fubuki Type 1s. Destroyers? Ahh, so annoying.

Chapter 38: The Agano sisters arrives at the base. Noshiro class? Ara, well, that's just..... Wait, where's Sakawa?!

Chapter 39: A Tone and Chikuma chapter.

Chapter 40: Based on the Spring 2014 event (my first event too).

Chapter 41: Akashi starts work as a kanmusu. Huh, what do you mean this isn't your main job?!

Chapter 42: Shimakaze's elder sister prototype, Amatsukaze, arrives at the base.

Chapter 43: Based on the last two maps of Spring 2014: E-4 (Sweep Against Subs in the Frontline) and E-5 (Capture Peacock Island Operation). Sakawa, unamused to be left behind by her sisters, makes her way to the base only to get lost in enemy territory. Cue rescue mission aka Why-you-make-our-lives-so-hard-girl event maps.

Chapter 44: It's the rainy season again.

Chapter 45: Mamiya throws out her back and is confined to her bed. Unable to cook, she opens her kitchen to the public.

Chapter 46: Ayanami's hair suddenly grows really long overnight. A chapter on her 2nd remodel.

Chapter 47: Tanabata chapter. Please don't throw Fusou-onee-sama into the sea.

Chapter 48: Based on the really troublesome Expedition Quests D5~8. Willkommen in der Flotte, Z1!

Chapter 49: Following the arrival of Z1, Z3 and Bismarck joins the fleet as well.

Chapter 50: What to do when the weather's all hot and dry? The (usually) obligatory beach chapter is finally here!

Chapter 51: The Destroyers (plus Ise and Kongou) plays HyakuJuumonogatari Kaidankai ("A Gathering of One Hundred Ten Supernatural Tales"). In other words, telling horror stories!

Chapter 52: The Destroyers prepare for their provisional launching ceremony. Postcards are made in earnest.

Chapter 53: Continuing from chapter 52, the actual (provisional) ceremony itself.

Chapter 54: Based on the AL maps (E-1 and E-2) in the Summer 2014 event. RJ deals with Hoppo using ethically questionable methods.

Chapter 55: Summer 2014 continued. Introduces Ooyodo and the Combined Fleet mechanism.

Chapter 56: Summer 2014 continued, part 2. The fleet takes on E-3 and E-4, and RJ's wrongdoings comes back to bite them in the ass.

Chapter 57: DesDiv 17 (Urakaze, Isokaze, Hamakaze and Tanikaze) arrives at the base for AL/MI, only to find that it's already over.

Chapter 58: Tokitsukaze joins the fleet. Yukikaze finally gets the unit she has always wanted. しれぇー

Chapter 59: It's Autumn again and the base is prepares for a sports meet. It's bloomers galore here, ufufufu.

Chapter 60: The sports meet begins, with a blast! And ends with a blast too.

Chapter 61: While sweeping, Fubuki and Shirayuki finds Unryuu sitting outside their gates. A Chinese ascetic? Well, the lifestyle is certainly similarly...

Chapter 62: The destroyers fusses over Hatsuharu's 2nd remodel, the 2nd destroyer nameship to get it. Fubuki, you jelly?

Chapter 63: Taigei arrives at the base. The Orel slaves rejoice.

Chapter 64: Harusame joins the fleet as the base prepares for Operation Kon (aka the Fall 2014 event).

Chapter 65: The Fall event begins! Akitsu-maru finally gets her chance to shine. Reppu-ken, haaah!!!

Chapter 66: Irako arrives at the base as Mamiya's assistant. Kaga-san is most pleased.

Chapter 67: Based on the 2014 Christmas "event" (aka Present Box Carnival).

Chapter 68: Kiyoshimo and Hayashimo joins the fleet.

Chapter 69: A chapter on Akashi's Improvement Arsenal. Please know when to stop, especially when it involves using your own equipment.

Chapter 70: Ara, Fubuki-san, look! Plans for your 2nd remodel! Don't forget about the quests that came at the same time too~

Chapter 71: Akizuki joins the fleet. The Rensouhou Trio is now complete and Nagato might have an unexpected task for her.

Chapter 72: It's the winter season again. Time to don some warm clothes and have fun in the snow!

Chapter 73: The Heavy Cruiser Sentai: Myoukou Rangers (name by Miyuki-san) tries out their Kai Ni clothes (and poses). A Myoukou sisters-centric chapter.

Chapter 74: Maikaze, Nowaki is finally here! And sure is popular, she is.

Chapter 75: The Winter 2015 event begins. Naka-chan's the centre!

Chapter 76: Truk Assault continues in earnest as the Yamato sisters direct the operation and the base burns its supplies.

Chapter 77: Bismarck shrank?! Oh, it's just Prinz Eugen arriving at the base.

Chapter 78: Ise loses a shipment of hishimochi at sea and sends everyone out to retrieve them. Now you know why those things are popping out in the open sea. Naturally Hyuuga makes sure she pays for it, literally.

Chapter 79: A long-delayed look at the Fusou sisters' 2nd remodel.

Chapter 80: Rejoice, members of the Nishimura Fleet (and DesRon 4)! Asagumo and Yamagumo has (finally) arrived! \o/

Chapter 81: A hotspring bath is set up in the base.

2017-07-08, 19:38
Translations up to Chapter 166 now...

I started on my own listing of chapters tonight. Didn't realize these summaries are here. Should help a lot. Took me forever to do 5 chapters, listing every shipgirl who appeared along with notes about the chapter. I thought about starting this because I was trying to find the chapter with Ushio throwing out the perch that Kaga and Akagi caught the other day. Realized I had no way of finding things easily amongst all the chapters translated now.

2017-07-18, 02:27
Well apparently the ship Sara mistook for Yorktown is... Zuikaku oO?
And yeah her planes 'landed' lol

2017-07-18, 19:56
I'm doing 10 chapters a day. I finished up to Chapter 110 just a bit ago, logging all of the shipgirls that appear. I love some of these earlier chapters. :D

I saw that a few new chapters came up, but I won't read them until I get to them in my cataloging exercise. Hopefully by sometime this weekend if I continue to do 10 chapters per night.

EDIT: Finally caught up to Chapter 169. I've now cataloged every shipgirl in every chapter other than those characters who appear in nearly every chapter (Fubuki, Shirayuki, Hatsuyuki, Miyuki, Ise, Hyuuga, Akagi, and Kaga) as well as written various notes on every chapter.