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2015-02-01, 18:27
As you may already know, Kancolle doesn't really have any specific plot or storyline with the game on its own. Because of this, several spin-off manga exist which have different interpretations regarding the characters but also their daily life at the naval.


Please use this thread to solely discuss the manga which has Tenryuu, Tatsuta and the 6th division Destroyers as its main characters.

Death Usagi
2015-02-01, 20:49
I just realized this series doesn't have any English Scanlator =w=;;

I have been reading it in Korean so... derp

2015-02-01, 20:59
dunno if any1 would pick this, although vol 1 did come out

Death Usagi
2015-02-01, 21:20
Currently there are 10 chapters + 1 special.

In my opinion it is very worth picking up for scanlation.

Lots of fanservice too actually >3>

2015-02-01, 21:28
if any1 does pick it up ;p

Death Usagi
2015-02-01, 21:46
Some people kind of complained how Tenryuu was able to totally own a Wo-class Elite ._.

2015-02-01, 22:04
Anything with Inazuma is good for me ^^

2015-02-01, 22:26
Well it is Tenryuu. Are you scared yet?

Death Usagi
2015-02-01, 22:35
Well it is Tenryuu. Are you scared yet?

Tenryuu too badass this manga.