View Full Version : What's with my Robotech boxes?

2003-11-21, 01:29
I have some of the Robotech Legacy boxes, and have decided to sell them on eBay, but boxes 5 and 7 have differant packaging from the "stock photo" that is provided. 5 have a picture of robots on it and 7 is a golden color, instead of turqoise. Anyone know what's up?

2003-11-21, 12:17
There's apparently a bootleg Robotech set floating around on eBay, which is causing no end of giggling amongst SDF Macross fans. Watch out for that, though, make sure you don't get scammed. Pictures would help, to compare to the official box art.

2003-11-21, 16:30
Oh, I'm quite sure they're legit...if they were bootleg, they'd probably have more episodes on them...and hold on...yes, that's right, I actually got the boxes in question from Right Stuf when they were having that Robotech sale, so they're real, but the box art/coloration is still differant. Is it some sort of limited thing I should be charging more for?

2003-11-22, 02:31
The gold ones are special editions. They're limited.