View Full Version : Revived: How many episodes are you following right now?

Lord Raiden
2003-11-21, 03:19
Well, I'm down to 19 series. Just retired another one, but interestingly enough, I haven't picked up any new ones recently. Normally I retire one (aka complete it or drop it) episode and pick up 2 more. My top number was 28 series I was following. I'm hoping to get it down to a more manageable number of like 8-9 if possible. :)

So, how many are you guys following at this point?

2003-11-21, 05:53
I don't even know how much anime series I'm following maybe like 30+ series. I usally download a whole shit load of anime each day, I know I'm a ANIME FREAK been trying to slow down my anime downloading and watching, its starting to interfere with my personal life better get back to work.......

2003-11-21, 06:00
Two things I gotta say. The first is that you made a mistake in the thread title. You mean "series" not "episodes." It sounds kinda dumb and nonsensical this way. The second is that just because a thread happened to be in the old forum, doesn't mean that it is legal.

If you bother to read the Forum Rules and FAQ (http://forums.animesuki.com/announcement.php?f=10) you'll see that this is a "What type are you" thread. Really! Read the definition if you don't believe me! Some of these threads existed on the old forum as a legacy of the dark ages before GHDPro, in his wisdom, granted us the General Chat Guidelines to illuminate our way through this dark world. When he did that, he allowed already existing threads of this type to continue to exist, but barred the masses from ever creating another without explicit moderator permission.

This thread didn't get that explicit moderator permission. Hence it is being closed. Wow, that took a while to say, huh? :p