View Full Version : useless thread...(was: ? )

2003-11-21, 17:28
i 'luffy' will NEVER make a usless again.
i promis!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003-11-21, 17:32
Isn't that what you just did? Also, please don't just put '?' or similar in a thread title. You should make it tell the subject of the thread.

2003-11-21, 17:35
LOL..Luffy is back to terrorize some more..since your ? thread roams the forum any question or useful comment u want to add before the MODs or Ojisan aka Xris-san comes sniffing? You can use the "edit" button to add something useful.. Anything.......

2003-11-21, 17:38
Another useless thread, heh?
You really want to be banned by a moderator, don't ya?

2003-11-21, 17:45
I think this thread is somewhat usefull. we could post our useless ideas in the useless thread thus giving the useless thread a useful purpose.

2003-11-21, 17:48
JAppi made me do it! :o

2003-11-21, 17:50
I've been tricked into posting here as well....

2003-11-21, 17:51
I've been tricked into posting here as well....
Damn it what have I done! I've created a posting mess

2003-11-21, 17:52
Sorry =/ JAppi made me.

And damn you for being a nuisance luffy ! :love:

2003-11-21, 17:54
Oh no, i'v been tricked too.....

2003-11-21, 17:59
Hey Octiron, whats the image in your sig from?

btw, what a useless thread, no way I'll have anything to do with it... :hmm:

2003-11-21, 17:59
I'm innocent! JAppi made me do it!

2003-11-21, 18:08
Useless fact: You can't lick your elbows. If you can, seek medical attention immediately.

2003-11-21, 18:21
luffy > Next time, try to give your thread a more relevant name than just "?" : this is also valid if you're going to make a useful thread of course.

You don't need to create a new thread for apologizing.

Since this thread is so useless, I'm closing it.