View Full Version : May i ask?

2003-11-23, 00:47
Erm, i'm not sure if this is a bannable offence but may i ask if InuYasha has been licensed?

If its been licensed then i did not know and hope i won't be banned for asking this question.

However if it has not been licensed can somebody direct me to a place where i can download it?

Thank you all ^^


2003-11-23, 01:07
Inu Yasha is licensed. Too bad.

2003-11-23, 01:16
ack ah wel, thnx for info ^^

2003-11-23, 01:37
There is a list of licensed anime in the animesuki.com site..Its at the top of the page, right above the torrent lists..Also, if you search really heard I am sure you will come accross some of the Inu Yasha eps..Kambatte :D

2003-11-24, 17:57
Just search Amazon for the DVDs... and if you find any (and
you will) you can be certain it's licensed.

NOTE: this way of checking only works with sites which are known
to only list legal DVDs. If you look around you will also find DVDs
of pretty much any unlicensed anime -- but most of them are lame bootlegs.