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2017-02-05, 20:42
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2017-03-17, 11:35
I guess it's not 100% that this form is CCQ just because of the gem on Ise's head.

That form could just be one of the Triaina ones. I don't understand why it would make any difference if it was CCQ for the scouter to work.

2017-03-17, 11:37
Well we don't know the context of Dx3 yet, but Artificial SG are a lot weaker then regular ones so they tested if it would work on vol 14 Issei i would think, and CCQ at the time was his peak form even if it was VERY unstable

2017-03-17, 19:10
I'm sure that's Cardinal Crimson Queen. We do need answers as to why he'd use it (though I think you two have it right), but that most likely is still Cardinal Crimson Queen. The jewel on the head is kind of a give away, since DxD G also has a jewel on the head and it's based off of Cardinal Crimson Queen.

2017-03-17, 21:47
Maybe is the knight form...

2017-03-18, 08:44
Could be, but I doubt it.

2017-07-10, 11:59
Just his regular Balance Breaker, you guys were just overthinking it.

2017-07-10, 13:14
Yeah, it's just the regular Balance Breaker. Damn it, I really want an illustration of the True Queen armor. I hope we'll get to see it at some point.

Anyway, yeah, the chapter itself is good. The Artificial Sacred Gear possessors of the Sitri peerage sparring with Ise and then Ise saying stuff about (and praising) them was good to see. The part where Ise asked them to give him their opinions on the Occult Research Club members besides the obvious ones like himself, Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Gasper and Kiba was great. Especially what they said about Irina and Rose. :heh:

But yeah, I guess this can be said to be a sort of introduction into Xenovia joining the Student Council as president. They did say in this chapter that it's fine for those outside the Sitri peerage to join the Student Council. [Though in this case it was about asking Ravel to join, which may have been turned down by the person herself since she didn't join - though, as Ise's manager, could she really have also joined the Student Council at the same?]

I liked it when Ise started trying to use the Dragon Shot similarly to how Sirzechs uses the Power of Destruction, so why did he suddenly go back to not having the Dragon Shot move around like it has a mind of its all of a sudden in this chapter? I'm kind of annoyed by that, even though the chapter in general is pretty good.

2017-07-10, 13:19
I was not expecting much from Life 2 The Ordinary Days of Red Dragon Emperor but colour me surprised about Sona's Peerage backstories and Sona planning for a long game when she begins in Rating Games.

2017-07-10, 13:40
The stuff about what Sona's thinking in regards to the Rating Games should be as expected considering how she is if you think about it a little, though, right?

For me, the biggest disappointments are what I talked about it in the first line and the last two lines my post above yours. Not getting to see an illustration of the True Queen armor and the way Ise used the Dragon Shot. Though I guess the first one is merely because of my own fault for getting my hopes up too high (and maybe also the illustrator's for drawing the armor a bit differently, since otherwise no one would've thought it could be anything but the regular Balance Breaker armor).

2017-07-10, 14:01
I think Issei would use a Dragon Shot that changes direction against someone who is more likely to dodge it so against Tsubasa who is a Rook is more likely to try and tank it over trying to dodge.

2017-07-10, 15:37
Yeah, but wouldn't it have been a good idea to make its path bend in that situation? Think of Yura's Artificial Sacred Gear's ability. That shield is troublesome, and an attack whose path can be bent mid-flight seems like it might come in handy.

2017-07-10, 18:08
Yeah, but wouldn't it have been a good idea to make its path bend in that situation? Think of Yura's Artificial Sacred Gear's ability. That shield is troublesome, and an attack whose path can be bent mid-flight seems like it might come in handy.

I've read the translated version and I don't think Ise would have used it based on his reasoning. I do think he saw it as a test for their new artificial sacred gears so he didn't have to go all out. Ise has continued to used this technique (bending the dragon shot) beyond when that short story took place. I do think he had decided not to go all out against them.

2017-07-10, 18:51
Yeah, I guess you're right.

But yeah, of course he didn't go all out. He only used Balance Breaker, without any kind of Promotion, after all.

2017-07-10, 23:54
@Osman There was an illustration of the True Queen armor in Volume 23 if you're wondering. And yes, anyone can join the Student Council. It's not like it's exclusive to the Sitri peerage. Because Sona was the Student Council Vice President in her 2nd year. And the Kuoh Academy Student Council is just for school. Such as the Occult Research Club is. It just was a way they could easily assemble at. And people get elected to being in the Student Council. Well I'm not sure how it works for students entering their first year.

And it was a spar to test the effectiveness of the Artificial Sacred Gears, not an actual fight. Issei was basically someone the Sitri girls were testing their Artificial Sacred Gears out on. It would do no good if Issei ended the spar early and didn't allow Serafall to see the true effectiveness of their ASGs. That was the whole purpose of the spar. Not for Issei to curbstomp.

2017-07-11, 06:37
Vol 23 is CCQ for sure but just take a look side by side they are VERY similar. But yeah Issei didn't need to go all out. But what really caught me off guard is what was said about the ASG as a whole. They may be able to harm the user, and that's BAD.

2017-07-11, 07:12
If one isn't careful, even a true Sacred Gear can harm its user. Wasn't that mentioned in the chapter?

@Lucidrago: Yeah, you're right about the Sitri girls testing out their Artificial Sacred Gears. I was just peeved about the Dragon Shot, but I'll let it go. [Though, there's still the fact that if Ise had bent his Dragon Shot's path, he could've also demonstrated how he can use Dragon Shot to beat that "shield" ability, which would've made Sona try to come up with countermeasures. So really, Ise would've been helping them by making the Dragon Shot bend, as well.]

2017-07-11, 07:22
Not really beating the shield if he isn't breaking through it. He's just using it to go around the shield. The effectiveness of a shield lies in how it defends its users against attacks. And you think Issei getting technical would really help him against the highly adaptable and versatile Sitri team?

And maybe CCQ isn't that much different from the Boosted Gear Scalemail. So they would kind of look the same if you're looking at both of them from the images. The main difference probably is that CCQ is crimson.

2017-07-11, 07:36
Yeah even a true SG can harm the user but an ASG is artificial so they have even more bugs then a normal SG's do, and said bugs could be lethal. I know Azazel did his best to eliminate the lethal ones but he isn't God of the Bible.

2017-07-11, 08:05
@Lucidrago: The point isn't to completely defeat the Sacred Gear, it's just to go around it and attack a blind spot that it can't cover. My point is that if you can't break the "shield," just go around it. And bending the Dragon Shot would've helped. And again, the whole point of the sparring was for Sona and Serafall to get an idea of the ability and limits of the new Artificial Sacred Gears they got, so seeing Ise use that tactic on the "shield" would also give Sona an idea. It still fulfills the main purpose of using Ise as a sparring opponent.

As for True Queen armor. It's said in the text that it looks different from the normal Balance Breaker armor in shape as well, plus it also has a gem on top of the helmet. Even though the illustration in this chapter shows the gem on top of the helmet, the truth is that that gem should only be there on the True Queen helmet. That's what made me think from looking at that illustration that it's the True Queen armor. The illustrator went and messed up.

@Sparda4: Yeah, the Artificial Sacred Gears will have bugs to work out since they're man-made and Azazel isn't perfect. But both the true and artificial Sacred Gears have the danger of harming the user. And even the true Sacred Gears have bugs. One is the Balance Breaker, which was said to be a bug left behind by the God of the Bible.

2017-07-11, 11:40
Well don't you think Sona wanted to see how long the shield would hold up against Issei's attacks? Again it was just a spar and the main objective wasn't for Issei to win. His job was to be an opponent for the Student Council members that have ASGs.

2017-07-11, 14:10
I already know that, so you don't have to say it (the part about him not having to win and all that). Seeing how long the shield can hold up against Ise's attacks makes sense and is good, yeah. But seeing that Ise can go around it would also give them an idea on how to use it to better cover blind spots (if possible).

But yeah, I guess it doesn't matter. I'll drop it.

2017-07-12, 00:39
Osman is right even if it's a spar he could have helped them get stronger and Issei would know the ASG's more up close and personal, and that he could use in the match between him and Sona.
But Issei's not the sharpest knife in the drawer outside of combat so i guess it's to be expected.

2017-07-12, 03:28
Well that's kind of obvious if you could use an attack to get around the shield. But do we know if it works the same as a magic circle or not? The main point was testing the durability of the shield and how Tsubasa used it, not Tsubasa herself having a blind spot.

2017-07-12, 06:31
@Sparda4: Back then, they didn't even know that the Azazel Cup would take place or that Ise's team would have to fight Sona's. It seems like this is before Volume 20 and after Volume 10, though I'm sure when exactly.

@Lucidrago: Yeah, them wanting to get to know the durability of the shield and how Tsubasa used the shield is admittedly a good point. And you're also right that Ise couldn't have known if the shield could expand or move around to block attacks. Or maybe he knew it wouldn't help and that's why he didn't bother?

2017-07-12, 06:54
The translator actually released a timeline regarding when the short stories in DX3 take place.

Life. 1 (Asia’s Treasure): Between Vol 13 and 14

Life. 2 (The Ordinary Days of Red Dragon Emperor): Straight after Vol 14

Life. 3 (Let’s Go with Training! ~Mascot Chapter~): Between Vol 16 and 17

Life. 4 (Talents of the Student Council): Start off in the middle of Vol 22, main part in the middle of Vol 19

Life. 5 (Worldly Desire of Steel): Between Vol 19

Extra Life. 1 (Cross X Crisis): Starts off in the middle of Vol 17~19, main part few years before

Extra Life. 2 (Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch): Middle of Vol 22

2017-07-12, 07:19
[There's a typo in my previous post. When I said " . . . though I'm sure when exactly", what I wanted to say was, " . . . though I'm not sure when exactly".]

@CCP: Thanks.

So is "Worldly Desires of Steel" the one that has Seekvaira and Elmenhilde in it (and also the one where Elmenhilde fell in love with Ise?)?

About "Asia's Treasure" being between Volumes 13 and 14. Does that mean it took place sometime after the Extra Life in Volume 13, "The Worry of the Next-Next Heir-sama"?

And I'm guessing Extra Life.2 in DX3 is about the Kuou Academy third year students' graduation trip?

2017-07-12, 08:13
Yeah, Worldly Desires of Steel is definitely the one with Seekvaira and Elmenhilde and yes about your remaining questions.

2017-07-12, 17:15
Tbh, my opinion of team Sitri(ability/strength wise) got a lot better after this chapter. Those ASGs are pretty impressive.

The Dragon slaying blade of light and darkness, [Blazer Shining of Darkness Samurai Sword]!

Damn that name is long! What is wrong with Azazel-sensei’s naming sense?!

It feels like it’s to do with his chuunibyou and black history past…
“That’s the same as the one that Azazel swung about at the Sports Festival! I don’t mind it at all! We need that kind of personality in politics!”

Seriously?! Do we really need that chuunibyou in underworld politics?! I-I can’t believe it!
This though :heh: :heh: :heh:

2017-07-12, 17:17
^:heh::heh: Yeah, that. Funny.

But even though that sword's other name has "Dragon Slaying" something or other in it, Ise didn't feel any Dragon Slayer aura from it at all. So that means it's not a Dragon Slayer and really just has that in its name to make it sound cool. Man, Azazel and his naming sense. :heh:

2017-07-12, 19:23
Well anything with 'Dragon' in it does sound awesome.

2017-07-12, 19:35
Still, though, Azazel's chuunibyou runs deep. :heh: That's all that can be said about that naming sense. :heh:

2017-07-13, 04:49
Well he got "better" in the naming scheme after a while. They are shorter.

2017-07-13, 06:55
Yeah, I'll give him that at least. But the chuunibyou is still there.

2017-07-13, 08:02
It just seems like some just string words together they think sound cool just to give something an awesome name. For example, Dulio's Balance Breaker.

2017-07-26, 05:08
Hi, new here. I'm just wondering, what happened in Life.5 Worldly Desire of Steel? If any of you here knows anything please spoil it to me if possible. I'm dying of waiting for the translation to catch up. Thank you. :bow:

2017-07-26, 05:40
Yeah I remember post about it either here on Animesuki or on the wikia I can't remember which though. I believe it involves a stray devil/vampire so the Gremory group are send to deal with it, Ise's grandmother lives close by to where they were send so he and Asia go visit her after talking they go deal with the stray with the help of Seekvaira Agares and Elmemhilde Karnstein (who's attitude towards Ise will have changed) after the stray is deal with Ise and Asia go back to visit his grandmother who asks them if she should be expecting a great grandchild.

2017-07-26, 06:20
I read from somewhere that Elmenhilde drink Issei's blood. Is it true? And why is the illustration for the chapter is like Seekvaira Agares is kinda mad at Elmemhilde Karnstein? :heh:

2017-07-26, 06:50
Elmenhilde drinking some of Ise's blood would be from Volume 23. I don't think that Seekvaira is mad at Elmemhilde.

2017-07-26, 06:59
I thought that she fallen for Ise due to his blood, I guess wrong I guess. Then why did Elmenhilde fall in love with Ise? Because of something he did? Or because of self-redeem? I'm guessing the former one.

2017-07-26, 07:17
She does like Ise's blood in Volume 23 she drinks some of his blood saying it tastes delicious and it makes her lose her mind. We don't really know why she fell for him some think we may find out in Worldly Desire of Steel.

2017-07-26, 11:59
Yeah, it's probably something happened in Worldly Desire of Steel. It makes me really want to read it.

If drinking his blood makes her lose her mind, doesn't that mean he can use that on her as part of some weird blood play (in sex)? :heh:

2017-07-26, 13:50
Worldly Desire of Steel is one of the short stories I am looking forward to read for this volume along with Cross X Crisis and Graduation Trip & Vortex Bunch.

2017-07-26, 14:14
I'm waiting for the 'Let's Go With Training' short story. The one where Issei accompanies Riser for his bishop audition.

2017-07-26, 14:53
Yeah the Let's Go With Training short story in this volume is the mascot one where Sairaorg and Zeoticus Gremory (Rias' father) are dressed up in mascot costumes and its the one where we find out about Rias' fear of camels.

2017-07-26, 20:51
@ CCP and Lucidrago...lol...just say you're eager to read the rest of the short stories in DX 3 as that basically forms the rest of the untranslated bit we're waiting on.

2017-07-26, 23:44
I'm just interested in the Riser's bishop audition. Not saying I'm interested in the other short stories. But they pale in comparison to the 3rd SS in DX3.

2017-07-27, 06:26
I'm just interested in the Riser's bishop audition. Not saying I'm interested in the other short stories. But they pale in comparison to the 3rd SS in DX3.

With the two perverts performing the audition, I wonder what the criteria to be chosen would be?

1. Abundance of oppai?
2. Cuteness?
3. Nice body?
4. All of the above?

Lol, I'm wondering if strength would be overlooked.

2017-07-27, 06:30
It's a Yuki-Onna. Strength is guaranteed. Riser does ask the girl's parents to try to stop her growth, which gets brutally rejected (young Yuki-Onna are beautiful girls an they become gorilla when they grow up; that's how it is in DxD). She'll become a gorilla.

2017-07-27, 06:35
@Lucidrago Riser's Bishop audition is not the 3rd SS in DX3 that one is called Phoenix' Resurrection? the 3rd one for DX3 is Let's Go with Training! ~Mascot Chapter~.

2017-07-27, 07:14
And I am pretty sure that's the one with Riser's bishop audition. There's an illustration(you can find it on the DxD Wikia) that has Riser and Issei in the illustration with Sairaorg in his 'Bapple' costume in the illustration as well. The Phoenix Resurrection SS was in Volume 13 and that was about Riser recovering from his depression.

2017-07-27, 07:26
That illustration with Riser and Ise in with Sairaorg as Bapple in the background why isn't on the DX3 page on the wikia?

The Volume 13 SS you are thinking of is called "The Unresurrection Phoenix" and the SS about Riser's Bishop audition is actually called "Phoenix' Resurrection?" the question mark is part of the title and not me being confused over the title's name.

2017-08-23, 13:19
“My daughter— Rias is, quite stubborn. That’s because since when she was young, I’ve been spoiling her. Even Sirzech is truly treasuring her since he’s more than 100 years her senior… I’m still sorry and apologetic for leaving the scolding Rias to Venelana.”

How old do you think Sirzechs is? More than 100 could even be a thousand. Just thinking.

2017-08-23, 13:52
Yeah, more than 100 could also be 1000. We don't have enough information to tell his actual age. We do know that Rias a year older than Ise, though, and that according to that quote, the age gap between her and Sirzechs is more than 100 years.

2017-08-23, 17:26
It would not be more than 199 years no where near a thousand. The he’s more than 100 years tells you the time span. Its more than 100 if it was more you would get 200, 300 etc.

2017-08-23, 18:03
More specifically, it's trying to tell us how much older he is compared to Rias, right? Rias is one year older than Ise, and Sirzechs is more than 100 years older than that. Depending on how much older it is exactly, Sirzechs could be 130 or something like that.

2017-08-23, 19:02
I wasn't trying to get Ise's or Rias's age. They're both given. I'm not sure exactly at what time that short story was written but I'm guessing Ise was in his second year already. So if Rias is 18 at that time and Sirzech is at least 100 years her senior, I'm saying he could be anywhere from 119-200 years old at that time. Of course, that's taking into consideration that he used 100+ strictly in terms of usage meaning anywhere between 100-200 and not loosely where it could be any number surpassing 100. That's why I asked what do you guys think. Could it be loosely interpreted or does that provide a sufficient guesstimate to clue us in as to Sirzech's age?

2017-08-24, 06:01
I think you're right. Sirzechs should've been around 118-119 to 218-219 years old at the time.

Bennia Lover
2017-08-24, 09:28
Zeoticus is hundreds of years old, as his Bishop, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, lived and died during the early 1500's.

So Ajuka has to have been alive as an adult or young adult since this time for Heinrich to have become Zeoticus' Bishop and that means Sirzechs was alive since this time making them over 500 years old.

2017-08-24, 09:55
So the "100 years Rias's senior" bit was really just a minimum. So would his actual age be less than 600, then?

2017-08-24, 10:34
Yeah I estimate Sirzechs and the others being born in the 1300s or 1400s. Because it was said the evil pieces were created based on chess which was just rising to popularity in the human world and was just being created(the chess we know today). So that's the time period I put them being born in. And not to mention the civil war most likely didn't last just a few short years. More like probably 50-100 years. They are devils after all.

2017-08-24, 10:40
Yeah, sounds about right. So his age is more than 500 and less than 600. Somewhere in that age range.

2017-08-24, 13:42
More like 600-800. Remember that you need them to be old enough to fight in the civil war. We know that Sirzechs and the others are less than 1,000 years old. At the earliest, I put them being born in the 1200s and at the latest in the 1400s.

2017-09-14, 15:04
I read the "Let's Go With Training! ~Mascot Chapter" side-story that was recently translated in DX3.

I really don't get how training in the mountains can help with being a mascot, but okay. Whatever works. :heh:

I really hope Ise was able to do something about Rias's fear of camels. Unless it's still there, in which I'd have to say "will be able to".

2017-09-14, 18:35
You're just now reading that. That's been translated for a while now. Like some weeks now. And Daniel-yang is close to finishing up the next SS for DX3.

And everyone knows that training on a mountain equates to epic hardcore training. Kiba trained with Souji on a mountain. Issei trained with Tannin on a mountain. Sairaorg trained on a number of mountains. Remember that mountains equal hardcore training no matter for what it is.

And it's nice to see Lilitifa again. And Venelana truly is scary.

2017-09-16, 08:34
All of the females of the Gremory group are scary, though. Did you notice what Venelana's nickname was when she was Rias's age? Just take Rias's nickname and change "Crimson" to "Brown" and you have it. So scary.

Normally, you wouldn't think that you can understand what being a mascot is just by training in the mountains. The training Ise, Sairaorg and Kiba did on the mountains was training meant to get stronger. It allowed Ise to get to a level where he was able to obtain Balance Breaker, although a certain other thing still had to be done (Mr. Oppai Dragon Ise :heh:).

I agree about Lilitifa. I'll say this again: her entering Ise's harem would truly be great. Even if she doesn't join his peerage (since it's too situational - after all, she can only show her true power in battlefields where there are large bodies of water). Well, if there's a way for her to get actual human legs, then it's possible for her to join Ise's peerage. But aside from that it probably can't be done.

As for it being there for a while. Yeah, I was also wondering why I hadn't read it before. I don't get it either.

2017-09-16, 09:24
“Lilitifa-chan wants to study abroad in Japan. So she’s studying hard.”

Studying abroad in Japan!? Looks like every devil related to us want to come to Japan.

Lilitifa-san smiled brightly and nodded her head.

“Yes. I’ve began taking an interest in Japan after living on the land thanks to Rias Gremory-san’s generosity…… actually I want to take the test for permission to study abroad this time.”

It does look like that she has a way to walk on land. We just don't know how.

2017-09-16, 09:34
Yeah. There's indeed that. Hopefully it's something good so that she can easily join Ise's peerage and harem.

2017-10-02, 15:55
After reading Talents of the Student Council I found it a bit boring it was basically comparing how Sona and Xenovia are as the president and nothing really surprised me about it like how The Ordinary Days of Red Dragon Emperor did with Sona's Peerage's backstories.

2017-10-02, 17:24
Yeah, but it was still funny to read. And I like how the Onee-samas were all smiles as they heard the story of what Xenovia did with the delinquent school incident and also the comparisons between her and Sona. Even better that it turns out that they had full trust in Ise and the others that would sort it out just fine. It was also good to get a confirmation that Sona is really bold and was just acting reserved as the Student Council President.

The introductions of the new members of the Student Council were also good.

Kuou Academy also became a school that surrounding schools shouldn't mess with, though. I wonder if they'll also be seen as a delinquent school because of this?

Bennia Lover
2017-10-02, 18:22
I want a short story where Xenovia goes around acting like a gang leader with Ruruko as her sub-leader xD Xenovia fits "delinquent gang leader woman" perfectly.

2017-10-02, 21:42
That SS seems almost like a DxD x Beelzebub crossover

2017-10-05, 10:29
Saji : Nobita
Ise : Doraemon...

Bennia Lover
2017-11-26, 19:32
"…My god! In this remote forest in the remote countryside, a Devil and a vampire are fighting over the topic of Gundam of all things!" - Issei :heh:

From Worldly Desire of Steel: https://danielyang.ninja/?p=1439
It's finally out!

2017-11-27, 01:53
It's truly funny.

And I love it...

2017-11-28, 15:56
Turning on your country, becoming a devil, and causing trouble all for the sake of Gundam.

Only Ishibumi.

2017-11-28, 16:05
I had the same feeling. Seriously, there's something wrong with that Stray Devil Vampire.

2017-11-28, 19:44
There's something wrong with most of the characters in this series.

And Issei could have had sex with Asia in that haunted house and no one would know. Asia should have stepped her game up and did it while the other girls were away. It was the perfect opportunity!

2017-11-28, 20:37
Why would she that in that situation? They had other stuff to worry about. But yeah, if she had that chance in any other situation and she let it slip, that'd be a problem.

2017-11-28, 21:10
After everyone left. Or he could have made it a three-way with Asia and Elmenhilde. Seekvaira would place a barrier just so no one could interfere. And her and Alivian would stand guard.

2017-11-28, 21:16
He doesn't kmow ele loves him yet.

2017-11-29, 00:29
This was Asia's chance to get ahead. With none of the other girls around and her being alone with Issei. That was a golden opportunity. And plus Issei's family already believes they're doing it.:heh:

2017-11-29, 00:49
This was Asia's chance to get ahead. With none of the other girls around and her being alone with Issei. That was a golden opportunity. And plus Issei's family already believes they're doing it.:heh:

Ishi Abandoned her lol. Wonder if she did bad in japanese popularity polls. For Akeno to steal the number two spot and Rose got the oppai powers know. Though there is not much left for that character anyway.

2017-11-29, 02:06
No one really matters except for Issei, Rias, andAkeno to fans of DxD. Most fans act as if Asia's role is nonexistent. Try to find a fanfic of her and Issei despite her being the first girl in the series to fall for him and first to live with him. Try to find a fanfic of her having sex with Issei before Akeno despite Asia being 2nd in the harem. Yeah

Asia's role has been diminished although we can say that about every girl. For example between Volumes 7 and 22 there wasn't a IsseixAkeno ecchi scene to be found? Well the fourth arc did get down to business.

2017-11-29, 02:34
That's because Ishibumi realized she was popular, but at the same time didn't want to change her to much.

2017-11-29, 09:31
Ise proposed to Rias and Akeno in Volume 22 because it was their Volume. Well, the in-story reason is that it was their graduation present. Asia is still number 2 technically, with Akeno being number 3. But keep in that the ranking is the girls' anyway - Ise himself doesn't think of any kind of ranking aside from Rias being number one.

Also, if anything, Ise would prefer to give his first time to Rias if he had a choice. So that's why Ishibumi won't write him giving it to any other girl.

2017-11-29, 11:43
That was just a joke about Issei and Asia having sex.

2017-11-29, 12:00
Well, I guess that's fine then. But I'm just saying.

2017-12-24, 23:27
Well I don't know what I was expecting but this short story was just OK. It seems like DX3 has dipped in quality compared to the last 2 DX volumes. It's good. But much blander than what I would expect from Ishibumi. Maybe it's just me.

Well Xenovia and Irina's first time meeting each other was fine I guess.

2017-12-25, 11:50
I liked it, though. It's nice to know how they met. Irina's reaction to Xenovia's shorter and partially dyed hair was hilarious. I do agree that it was rude of her to laugh like that, though.

2017-12-25, 15:20
These short stories just don't have those over-the-top hilarious LOL/LMAO moments the other short stories did. Like Ishibumi's heart wasn't really into it.

But besides that, that vampire's comment about mix-breeds was very interesting. Because think about it. We have Dhampirs like Gasper and Valerie. Then there's Vali and Akeno. And then there's Teodoro Legrenzi who is considered the strongest among the Miracle Children. So this era has given birth to some powerful half-breeds.

2017-12-25, 15:26
And I'm guessing Xenovia didn't meet Nero until after this story. And Caesar Villiers, Irina's superior, is currently Uriel's Jack. There can be a mini-series about Xenovia's and Irina's time as warriors for the church.

EDIT: Sorry for double-posting ahead of time.

2017-12-25, 17:45
So you think a DxD side-story that isn't funny is no good? What's a (side-) story that's meant to be serious? Did you get spoiled by the funny side-stories in DxD or something (just a light-hearted question, don't worry)?

Irina's superior from back then being Uriel's current Jack was an interesting tidbit of info. But as for mix-breeds. I thought he was only talking about vampires. Considering the context.

Why didn't you just edit your original post if you have the time to apologize for double-posting?

2017-12-25, 19:54
I did it before I realized and posted it and then I realized it. Then I went back and edited as you saw on my former post.

It's just like the short stories in DX3 are merely just trying to be funny but end up falling flat. Like Ishibumi just dropped the ball on this volume and didn't have his heart in it. It just shocks me that someone like Ishibumi who has written a lot of truly hilarious moments that you can read thousands of times and still laugh your butt off is basically failing at comedy in this volume. Just my opinion.

But then again CrossxCrisis is a fanfic that Ishibumi liked and decided to make it into a short story and part of DxD. That explains the surprising lack of details and how empty it felt.

2017-12-25, 21:39
Where was it said that it's based off of a fanfic? Did I miss something?

2017-12-26, 09:21
I just suddenly remember it saying somewhere that CrossxCrisis was written by a fan and Ishibumi liked it and made it a part of the story. That might explain how this is basically the first short story without Issei and the surprising lack of detail.

I just remember hearing that somewhere. I'm sure Bennia Lover or nom@n can confirm it.

EDIT: I just checked the High School DxD wikia page for DX3. And it said that CrossxCrisis was a fanfic that Ishibumi approved and published.

2017-12-26, 10:02
CrossxCrisis was about what?

2017-12-26, 10:51
Did you read it? Well, there's a hint in the title of the short story if you can notice it.

@Lucidrago: Ah, thanks for confirming it. So it's really based off a fanfic. So some fan thought up a back-story for how Irina and Xenovia met and Ishibumi approved it and made it canon?

2017-12-26, 11:52
Yeah. I just wish Ishibumi adjusted it a little. I know it's too much asking a fan to have awesome writing skills but I wished Ishibumi filled in the gaps and added some details in.

CrossxCrisis is about Xenovia and Irina first meeting.

2018-03-29, 14:57
DxD DX Vol 3 Translation Project, Life. 7 Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch is out and damn, Rose is too cute.

2018-03-29, 19:47
DxD DX Vol 3 Translation Project, Life. 7 Graduation Trip and Vortex Bunch is out and damn, Rose is too cute.

Rose ... cute
https://i.imgflip.com/13c4fz.jpg :heh: Seriously we need a full SS dedicated to her like yesterday

2018-03-29, 19:51
In full news Ise peeking.

2018-04-13, 12:57
Now my opinion on DX3. It wasn't bad but it wasn't incredible. The stories just lacked the magic that Ishibumi gives to short stories like these. That's my opinion. It falls flat compared to DX1 and DX2. Or maybe I'm just biased. That's my opinion. That's the reason I gave it a 6 out of 10. It was just average to me. No more no less.

And thanks to Dan for translating the DX volumes.