View Full Version : What's with AnimEigo Box sets?

2003-11-23, 16:18
What's going on with AnimEigo box sets? Here's some quotes from their website.

Sign up for the YUA TV Series Box Sets today, and get the special box sets, with extra bonus materials, well in advance of their release to the stores! (Emphasis added.)

Is the word "special" only refering to the bonuses you can't get on the individual release? I wonder becauase of;

The KOR box sets contain remastered version of the DVDs.

Well, what does that mean? What's better about them?

2003-11-23, 17:25
The YUA box sets contain an extra DVD with addition stuff on them. And the "remastered" KOR set was remastered because they made a bad decision not to include the OPs on every DVD.

2003-11-23, 23:19
Ah, much less differance than I had thought. I get excited sometimes. Thanks for clearing that up.