View Full Version : Outlaw Star 2

2003-11-24, 21:10
yo! ya most probably know already coz i think tis old news but they are most likely to be making an outlaw star 2 called "the retaliation" ! ^_^ this site has quite a bit of info http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/ols/#2 . this is the official site (i think) http://www.i-morningstar.com/morningsite/top.html and when on the site in the bottom corner click "works" and then u shall see pics and stuff ^_^. I think a second series would be pretty cool and i hope they follow this through ^_^:D

2003-11-25, 00:43
I hope they really do make a second outlaw star, hopfully with more eps like the hot spring planet ep ^_^

2003-11-25, 01:56
It indeed says, in English, "Outlaw Star 2: The Retaliation," but it seems these "seson 2!1" rumors are always wrong...especially for a show thats', what, five years old?

2003-11-25, 02:44
it's a old rumor at that, the japanese site says september 2002....

2003-11-25, 02:47
Thanks... I didn't know there's gonna be Outlaw Star 2. :D

Btw, the site mentioned that it will be serialized in Ultra Jump and that was announced in Sep 2002. I hope they will adapt it into an anime series soon cuz as far as I heard, the response for the original series was not too good in Japan. :(