View Full Version : How many groups will be doing Chrno?

2003-11-25, 08:01
As the title says, so how many fansub groups plan on subbing Chrno Crusade? (Seems nowadays a lot of groups will want to jump on the newest anime airing in Japan instead of fansubbing older anime just to make a name for themselves, but that's my opinion and I digress...) I see WPP and Swordbreakers (who I believe translated the manga before it got licensed) already put out a preview for Chrno, so I guess now's as good a time as any to ask.

2003-11-25, 08:47
The answer to this is "wait and see".

I'm closing the thread because there really isn't anymore to say beyond "wait and see". Since this is the Fansub forum, there is little to discuss on the actual subject raised and it's a bit close to "when will it be released".

If you want to discuss Chrno Crusade, then please create a new thread but make sure it's something about the anime / fansub that can be discussed :)

From the forum rules (http://forums.animesuki.com/announcement.php?f=10)
Do not ask for when stuff will be released
Do not ask when episodes will be released. They'll be released once the fansub group is finished with them. All your whining will do is irritate fansub group staff and make them leave the scene. And that will mean even slower releases or none at all. So just have some PATIENCE. Threads which break this rule will be deleted.