View Full Version : Who is ur best charecter in Sister princess?

2003-11-26, 06:57
Hello everyone,
Who is ur best charecter in Sister princess????????????? I like Chikage and Aria...Both are so cute and adorable...So u guys have to tell me who is the best charecter..
See ya

2003-11-26, 07:11
Sister princess????
isn't this a general chat and not a anime area???

srry if you think I'm a jerk for saying that :)

o well this is kind of a pointless post seeing how I won't be able to answer taht question :heh:

Edit: the problem has been resolved and the thread has been moved just ignore this post now

Wandering A.I.
2003-11-26, 10:54
I admit I only watched several episodes. But...why not?...Karen seems the hottest to me, but taking personalities into account as well then Sakuya would be my favorite. Karen is also a bit young for my primary interests. ^^ It's not incest if you're just doing it recreationally, right? Hehehe.

2003-11-26, 11:18
Kaho! Soo.... adorable!


2003-11-26, 12:21

Karen and CHickage are cool too.

2003-11-26, 16:54
I like Shirayuki because she cooks for the entire family and she’s a great chef, however that’s just admiration. I think Hinako is the cutest.

2003-11-27, 01:33
If I were to choose a favourite out of all the sisters it would definetely be Haruka!! ><
*hehe* although she goes over the top with things she's so awesome --> she can dance, do kendo, cook, clean etc.
Btw, if you guys are a fan of Haruka, join my fanlisting ^ ^