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2003-11-26, 07:06
Considering that Geneon is listed as a sponsor on the very first episode of Sou Nanda, wouldn't it be appropriate to consider it licensed? :nono:

2003-11-26, 07:14
Nope. Not unless Ganeon admits that they licensed it. We don't make guesses about licensing. The closest we'll come to extrapolating a license is when Madman licenses something for Australia and that's only because they only distribute for a NA company. Ganeon might sponsor the show without licensing it. It's not likely, but it's not overly unlikely either.

2003-11-26, 07:29
Nope. It's only licenced when Geneon says

"OMG, we HAVE licenced dat show!!! Stop subbing it you bastids!!! 0_o"

Thank you.

2003-11-26, 07:54
To be fair, in context of this site, it's up to GHDPro to decide on the status. In the past, shows have been counted as licensed because of similar references in the credits.

My own view is that a company needs to make an announcement of the license, it gets to difficult to try and second guess when a show is or isn't licensed otherwise. There are no doubt exceptions to this, sometimes a show is generally accepted as being licensed due to obvious clues.

As for Sou Nanda, I do note that both Envirosphere (http://www.envirosphere.com/) and Fansub-Support (http://www.fansub-support.net/) have both listed it, so that (for me) implies it shouldn't be counted as licensed (...yet :) ).

2003-11-26, 08:45
Of course, the new series Mousou Dairinin hasn't been announced, but has "GENEON USA" listed as a sponsor.

Would you still not consider that licensed, or would you consider it, like I do, "fucking obvious?" (question not directed at anyone)

2003-11-26, 10:32
I also remember some companies saying that more and more series are going to be licensed in the production stage (or well, before it airs)...

Of course, since we all love digging for reasons to download anime, I guess most people will wait for Geneon to announce for Sou Nanda.

But for what microlith says... I think it's also quite obvious :\

Maybe I should go and learn Japanese and live in Japan and subscribe to all the funky channels.

In 10 years I guess. -_-

2003-11-26, 12:58
Considering that Geneon is listed as a sponsor on the very first episode of Sou Nanda, wouldn't it be appropriate to consider it licensed? :nono:
I think it very well depends on what part of Geneon took part in the production. For example, if it said Geneon USA, then it would be kind of blatant. However, I don't consider everything Geneon produces to be licensed, although the probability is certainly higher.

2003-11-26, 14:43
There's no way to say it's licenced for sure. Perhaps Geneon said "We'll fund you X ammount for this show, if you do XXX for us in the future (which could be anything really)". Unless Geneon annouce anything there's no way to tell for sure. It just depends on how paranoid you want to be, I guess.

2003-11-26, 15:42
Considering that Geneon is listed as a sponsor on the very first episode of Sou Nanda, wouldn't it be appropriate to consider it licensed? :nono:

Based on your logic, every Bandai production anime should be considered licensed since Bandai has a USA division? Unless it lists Geneon USA in the credit, I don't think we should consider it licensed. And sometimes sponsor just means someone who bought their advertisement time.

2003-11-26, 17:44
As mentioned in the last few replies above, unless the credits
specifically say Geneon USA it is probably the Japanese division
of Geneon working on it.

For those who have been watching Shingetsutan Tsukihime -- that
show would also have to be pulled if you consider listing Geneon
in the credits as a "clear sign of it being licensed". So it's a bit weird
to only complain about Sou Nanda now...

Also, the fact Geneon (Japanese division) worked on it doesn't
automatically means it will also be licensed by them, eventhough
it does make it more likely.

FYI, the Japanese anime production division of Geneon is named
Rondo Robe -- http://www.geneon-ent.co.jp/rondorobe/

Click on the "Anime" link to see the titles they worked on (and
you'll notice both Sou Nanda and Shingetsutan Tsukhime are listed)
and consider which titles out of those list are considered licensed
already and by whom.

Tons of titles they list are indeed licensed by Pioneer (now Geneon)
but some of them are not:
- Gunparade March -- by Media Blasters
- Pretear -- ADV Films
- Now and Then, Here and There -- CPM

And now for something very off topic while I was looking at that page:
Wow! A sequel to Hanaukyo Maids is coming! Cool...

2003-11-26, 21:01
oh wow a new season of Hanaukyo Maids, thats great the first season kinda just ended abruptly.