View Full Version : who is the cutest girl? "maburaho"

calavera spain
2003-11-26, 09:25
who do u think is the cutest girl of maburaho?.. personally i think is yuuna but ther are some moments when the other girls are tremendous

Lord Raiden
2003-11-26, 10:59
Yuna by far. She's got that special kind of sweetness that makes her uber cute. :)

2003-11-26, 12:16
my answer is Yuna

2003-11-26, 12:56
Yuna without hesitation, the other two just look like rejected character designs for Love Hina & Ikkitousen.

2003-11-26, 13:28
Rin is the cutest in her samurai outfit. Yuna is too much of your typical cute anime chick to be cute

2003-11-26, 14:03
If it the cutest, then it's definitely Yuna. But IMHO Kazetsubaki is just the sexiest and Rin-chan is just the coolest if we compare them with each other.

2003-11-26, 14:29
Hands down its Kazetusbaki,then Yuna in a close second

2003-11-26, 17:30
There's already a thread (and a poll) for this. Head on over and Vote for your favorite girl in Maburaho!