View Full Version : Full Metal Panic! DVD

Gundam Master
2003-11-27, 00:26
I think that Full Metal Panic! is a pretty good series, but that FMP? Fumoffu is much better. I was just wondering if after the first DVD are the other episodes better?

2003-11-27, 00:49
Hmm, if you are talking about the later on episodes for FMP, it depends on what you like. Cos the later on part focus more on Sousuke and the enemy. Which means to say that there's more mecha battles and blood. :)

2003-11-29, 21:52
i think it is just great, cuz u dont ve this 2x episodes about a weirdos life or some kinda battle anime, it s a good mixture. although fmp? was a bit annoying at the end cuz it had no real end. but it shouldnt end,2 :nono: cuz there would one very sad girl;).