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2003-11-27, 16:38
Taking a page from Almighty (thanks for the inspiration, man!), I figured I'd ask the same question from the Naruto forum, only encompassing all anime. Which anime character do you think dresses the coolest?

Me, personally, I've always been partial to Kamui's black school ensemble. It looks razor sharp, and definitely very drool-worthy.

Another person (though he isn't EXACTLY an anime character) whose outfit I adore is Dante's from Devil May Cry 2. I mean, nothing's cooler than tight burgundy velvet trenchcoat with black leather accents.


Anywho, your picks?

2003-11-27, 17:00
I'll go for Vash and his red coat.

2003-11-27, 17:26
alucard from hellsing looks so cool, especially with that pimp hat. :)

Mad Cat
2003-11-27, 17:55
Rei from Evangelion becouse she is so innocent looking

2003-11-27, 18:12
AYA from Weiss Kreuz and Weiss Kreuz Gluhen......

2003-11-27, 18:23
Vash or Dante, I mean c'mon how can you not love Dante's coat.. he looks so awesome dressed in that :p

2003-11-27, 19:42
I agree Vash the Stampede! Awesome trench lol Way to go determination!!!!

2003-11-27, 19:49
Aya from Weiss Kruez Gluhen has got to be one of the best anime design characters

2003-11-27, 21:23
Chii from Chobits. ^_^

I still want some good pictures of every dress she has in the series. (/me Chii fanboy ^_^)

Some pictures I made from screen-captures:
- Chii @ work (http://home.hccnet.nl/w.k.schipper/Chii_at_work.jpg)
- Chii @ work 2 (http://home.hccnet.nl/w.k.schipper/Chii_at_work2.jpg)(her mouth is different in this one. :p)
- Chii in her dress from ep 19 (http://home.hccnet.nl/w.k.schipper/Chii_jurk_eps_19.jpg)

2003-11-28, 00:35
Mine's Vincent Valentine from FFVII! :D

2003-11-28, 00:53
My vote goes to Sesshoumaru. His clothes are very original and looks great on him.

2003-11-28, 05:28
Yuki Eiri from Gravitation sure is handsome.
Momiji from Fruits Basket ^_^
And Kazuki from Get Backers...

Gaah hard question.. so many welldressed gentlemens ( and ladies ).
for example :
-Kamui : X TV
-Subaru : X TV
-Hevn ;) : Get Backers
-Everybody from fruits basket
-Shindou Shuichi : Gravitation
-Fuma : X TV
-Touhma : Gravitation


2003-11-28, 07:23
Meia Gisborn (http://www.uploadit.org/files/211003-meiapose.jpg).

i really like her uniform. :love:

2003-11-28, 08:33
The Mad Hatter from A+S. He is so much classy. And I like the make-up on his face!
Otherwise, I also like Spike, with his nonchalant walk.

2003-11-28, 09:05
My favorite is Red XIII aka Nanaki from FFVII. Err wait he was naked ummmmm.....

No seriously though my fav is probally Gatsu as the Black Knight. He just looked so bad ass and boy if you saw him coming your way you got the hell out of his way.
Another person that i really liked is Legato from Trigun, he also look menacing as hell. Oh and i liked Faye from Bebop because man she knew how to look damn sexy in more ways than one.

But sorry guys the whole red trench coat thing is just getting waaayyyy to played out. It was really cool at first but i am kinda getting sick of it. Please don't take offense though.

2003-11-28, 09:32
Oh! Speaking about Berserk, I forgot Griffith! What eyes! A great, beautilful and ambitious man!
Excuse me (must be a stupid question, but...) what does "bad ass" mean? Well, I know the 2 words seperate, but what does this expression mean?
(and forget about my english ^_^)

2003-11-28, 10:11
Oh no problem the phrase "bad ass" just simply means that it is really cool or liked very much but to a higher level. you really really like it

Oh and yes Griffith was totally great as well. Those eyes will haunt me always.

2003-11-28, 10:51
How about Beyond the Grave... :cool:



2003-11-28, 10:57
Oh yeah totally beyond the grave aka brandon heat is very cool. He definitely deserves mad props.

2003-11-28, 11:16
I love Sagara Sanosuke's (Rurouni Kenshin) clothes. I hate to wear that ton of clothes, I like Sano's because it's very simple and cool.

2003-11-28, 11:55
Aya from Weiss Kruez Gluhen but my opinion is probably biased :heh: or m/b Sanzo (Saiyuki) because he's so cute :heh:

2003-11-28, 14:08
Best dressed huh??? I'll go with:

Dr. Jackal (Getbackers)
Ashram (Record of Lodoss War)
Pirotes (Record of Lodoss war) :naughty:
and of course Hevn (getbackers) :naughty:

2003-11-28, 14:41
Akabane (GetBackers) : no comment needed i think :)
Zechs Marquise (Gundam Wing) : that 18th century thingie just looks cool
Sano (Rurouni Kenshin) : simple yet stylish
Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess) : she sure has quite a few nice dresses
just about any anime girl in a kimono, i love kimono's :heh:

2003-11-28, 18:06
I agree with Kamui, he does look veeery nice in that uniform. Subaru in his trenchcoat, too. A few others...

- Katana, Gad Guard
- Chris, Scrapped Princess
- Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho
- Kakusei Loki, Matantei Loki

...and, of course, Sasuke. Especially his second outfit.

Moon The Cat
2003-11-28, 18:34
Boogiepop Phantom. Why?
I don't know, I just like the big hat.

Youko Recca
2003-11-28, 20:07
Spike Spiegal(Bebop)
Zoro Roronoa(One Piece)
Recca Hanabishi(Flame of Recca)

2003-11-28, 20:44
Akabane Kurodo
Kazuki Fuchoin

2003-11-28, 20:55
Sano from kenshin has a nice attire, but I still think Trigun's vash is the best.

2003-11-29, 00:51
I think Card Captor Sakura have a pretty good trend for clothing -vs- Touya from Ayshi no Ceres.... (just thinking Touya is too hot :love: )

Kempis Curious
2003-11-29, 18:19
I don't have a favorite really, but points for uniqueness or ground-breaking goes to:

Tenchi Muyo
Oh My Goddess

and maybe Patlabor: :D Who can't see an orage vest on a uniform and not say "Patlabor !!!"


2003-11-29, 21:39
My vote goes to Sesshoumaru. His clothes are very original and looks great on him.

Damn you Gaara11, you beat me to it *shakes fist*

Well...i guess it's pretty obvious who i'm gonna say...

2003-11-30, 01:23
Rena/Lena (Whatever is the right one) from Hand Maid may ;[

2003-11-30, 04:08
Sorry folks, but you're all quite mistaken. Without doubt, the single most splendid outfit in anime is the Imperial Admiral Dress Uniform (http://www.headgear.org/~amos/LGH_Dress_Uniform_jpg/) worn by Reinhard von Lohengramm in Legend of the Galactic Heroes (http://www.logh.net/minglogh/LoGH.html). I put up the small page of screenshots of this outfit on the first link because I simply couldn't find enough good pics of this uniform out on the web.

I have always been a fan of Imperial pomp and circumstance, but man oh man, I nearly wore out the tape I got with episode 4 of this series back when I first got it going over the scene shown where Reinhard is promoted to Field Marshal. :love: I eventually had to have one of my own to cosplay in.

Actually I have seen only one outfit to top this... there was an illustration of Reinhard in a proposed uniform design for later in the series in Newtype or Animage some years back, with a bas-relief gold lion head over his right breast, and the silvery filigree from the collar extending down his arm and the center of the tunic. Absolutely splendid... but unfortunately it must have been just a concept drawing because it never showed up in the anime... :(

2003-11-30, 05:37
For girls i would have to say i love the clothes that Ayu-chan deom Ultra Maniac wears or the girls from super gals. All are super fasionable though i would prefer someone with Aya Hoshinos sensibility over the wild girl look of Ran in a second. Miyu wins in the cuteness department though. Am i the only one who finds it hard to believe that noe one else has mentioned this series?

For guys i would say that i personally would feel most comfortable dressed like spike from cowboy bebop (laid back and casual) though the red trench coats from hellsing and trigun are fucking wicked and i would sport one in a second.

Its amazing how dating a fashion student for a year will increase you awareness of what people are wearing.

2003-11-30, 11:48
I love Alucard's clothes from Hellsing. His style and attitude must be the coolest I've ever seen. Especially his gloves.


1 (http://hellsing.keenspace.com/profiles/Alucard/ep12_01.jpg) 2 (http://hellsing.keenspace.com/profiles/Alucard/official_06.jpg) 3 (http://hellsing.keenspace.com/profiles/Alucard/ep1_33.jpg) 4 (http://hellsing.keenspace.com/profiles/Alucard/ep1_26.jpg) 5 (http://hellsing.keenspace.com/profiles/Alucard/ep6_22.jpg)

Kempis Curious
2003-12-01, 15:59
Alpha of YKK wears the cutest bolero jacket a lot... I really like it.



2003-12-01, 22:13
Hm... good dressers? Let's see...
Fulle [Scrapped Princess]
Subaru [.hack//sign]
Maron [KKJ comic version]
Meroko [Fullmoon Wo Sagashite comic version]
Asuka [E's Otherwise]
Maxim [E's Otherwise]

Those are my top 4 ^ ^

2003-12-02, 05:25
The only people that pop into mind right away would be:

Belldandy from Oh My Goddess! because she's got some very beautiful clothes thanks to Kosuke Fujishima who was a clothes designer before he became an anime artist.

Sakura, from CCSakura, got a whole lot of pretty costumes and dresses thanks to Tomoyo.

2003-12-02, 10:12
Belldandy is always quite the dresser


Being able to make your own clothes in a heartbeat ensures that.

2003-12-02, 14:38
hmmm very hard to choose....well i like how ayumu narumi dresses from spiral and ermmm lots of others!
O yeah this guy from Ragnarok online, i know its not an anime but still he looks ultra kool and good looking :
*lol his pants are a little tight around the crotch area hehehe ^_^ :D*

2003-12-02, 14:41
Shannon or Cris from Scrapped princess. I just love those swordsman stylish clothes.
Dante is an @ss kicker too, and you just got to love Alucard and Vash. :heh:

2003-12-02, 16:31
http://server4.uploadit.org/files/021203-cap022.jpg <- bear

Kempis Curious
2003-12-03, 03:28
Oh my GAWD how could I forget Dejiko?


Kempis Curious
2003-12-03, 03:47
Oh YOUR GAWD!!! My avvy must be crying now!
The girls' uniforms in Mahou Tsukai Tai are seeeeeeexy wooo yeah!


2003-12-03, 04:57
Ok seriously Kempis Curious, you really got to stop with the multiple posting, if you see that you want to add something else, use the edit button on your post. I just saw you in another thread and you had 3 in a row. The moderators will get all over you for that one. Just want to warn ya before that happens.

you :bash: moderators

just trying to save ya face

2004-02-11, 19:14
Akabane dunno how to discribe but... u no his style + attitude = perfect
Ban white shirt + purple sun glasses quite nice
Kazuki well... his clothing makes him looks like a girl

2004-02-11, 19:27
I think Aoshi (kenshin) in his trenchcoat looks hella pimp. either him or Vicious (cowboy Bebop) both look the best dressed for guys. for females i kinda like the whole puritan dress with the trenchcoat style from Robin (witch hunter robin). I dunno i kinda like that style. but i cant find a nice trenchcoat that fits anywhere :T hahaha

Copy Ninja
2004-02-11, 19:30
Mikura form Mezzo DSA :naughty:

...that orange body suit. *wink* :innocent:

2004-02-16, 16:34
The Daicho of the Phantom Brigade in Hunter X Hunter, especially the scene when he is dressed in a suit to infiltrate the auction house. Very suave looking.

Okita-Sensei in Hikaru no Go.

I have a soft spot for those cool, elegant looking types. If they happen to be wearing glasses, even better. :love:

Oh by the way, Gravitation, I noticed you changed avatars again. I really liked the avator you had before. Probably 2 avatars ago. I always meant to ask where it was from but never did. He was a cutie, too.

2004-02-17, 00:31
Sai in hng! i love this character so much!

2004-02-17, 00:34
I think all the female character in Sister princess really dress well. Their dresses are so pretty.

2004-02-17, 00:42
I always thought the knight from Scrapped Princess looked cool (can't think of his name, but the one who always dress like Supi-kun) I've alway thought knights looks really cool. Well I guess that also makes the entire cast of Final Fantasy tactics, including Aeris and Cloud :-p

2004-02-17, 02:15
I would say Alucard, but why people like his outfit so much is cuz it fits so well with his face.

Now...oooh tough. um.... Hameln from VoH or Arcueid from ST. I couldn't find a good pic of Hameln, but just look at Kj1980's Avatar(yes, I do love that avatar =p) (http://forums.animesuki.com/member.php?u=7014)

Edit: Woops! forgot to say why!

Hameln: Because the dark clothing fits with the atmosphere they're usually in, and the story that Hameln is based around.

Arcueid: How can you NOT like that :).

Angel Mint
2004-02-17, 02:20
I vote for Belldandy. She looks great all the time!

2004-02-17, 02:20
Kinomoto Sakura, noone has a more extensive wardrobe.

2004-02-17, 11:32
-Sakura from CCS, of course!!!
-Chii from Chobits
-Nearly all the characters from Super GALS
-Even though it's not really an anime, I love the way Ami and Usagi dress in the Sailor Moon Live action
-Akane in the Ranma manga [ What? I like the way she dresses for some reason. ^^; ]
-Miwako from Paradise kiss
-Um.. Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite is well dressed too...

Basically, most shoujo manga heroines. ^^;;

2004-02-19, 19:20
i like all the red coats like vash and alucard. Also all the gothic clothes from witch unter robin are nice.

2004-02-20, 02:16
Sonic The Hedgehog!


With their classy white stripe and complimenting gold buckle, Sonic's shoes are not only stylish, they are also efficent; as they keep his feet from buring up when he runs a sonic speeds.
His baggy socks almost seem to say "I'm to cool to wear socks that fit" and are complimented with matching gloves.
Keeping the rest of his body bare asures vital parts are kept cool, and also gives the fangirls a nice view ;)

2004-02-20, 03:01
Guys: Chris and Shannon from Scrapped Princess, Vash from Trigun, and also Anderson from Hellsing.

Girls: I say Arcueid from Tsukihime. Simple and elegant. :)

2004-02-20, 03:31
3rd: Chris from Scrapped Princess

2nd: Alucard & Vash

1st: Alex Row - Last Exile

Uniforms? Long red coats? :love:

2004-02-20, 10:56
even tho it ain't really anime:
Yuna FFX and FFX-2

2004-02-21, 18:16
spike from cowboy bebop, becuase its so moderen and reallly nice, sometihng i could actally wear

2004-02-21, 19:19
I love Chii's dresses ^^ They are just too pretty.

Oh, and how could I forget Tomoe Yukishiro's BEAUTIFUL white kimono... damn, I want that kimono.

2004-02-21, 19:29
faye looks pretty cool

how it all stays on is beyond me though

2004-02-21, 21:32
Hikaru from Hikau No Go. I like how he has a large wardrobe of clothes so he's not wearing the same thing everytime we see him.

As for a girl, I don't really have one though I do think that the kimonos that the girls wore in episode 6 of Yumeria were quite nice.

Oh, and the ugliest fashion for a girl at least goes to Anna from Shaman King. That simple ugly black dress needs to go.

2004-02-22, 07:04
guys: Hoshi Souichiro and that white shirt with green sleeves he wore when he played as Kaoru in AiAo, Kira in Seed or Kazuki in Get Backers (and don't know what other series)
dull... but just funny when noticing it, only variation in colours most of the times

girls: Takamachi Miyuki in Triangle Hearts, or Rinrin in Sister Princess Repure
just liked it because of the fashion style

2004-02-22, 14:25
Lord Darcia from Wolf's rain : I love that dark and mysterious look

2004-02-22, 14:35
What? Nobody said Sesshomaru yet?! His clothes are awesome! ^^

2004-02-22, 14:40
What? Nobody said Sesshomaru yet?! His clothes are awesome! ^^

mabye so but a little gay for my taste

2004-02-22, 15:05
Sesshomaru was mentioned twice before actually.. Anyway, my vote goes to Alucard from Hellsing or probably Spike from Cowboy Bebop.

Lina Inverse
2004-02-22, 21:03
"Best dressed"... well, let's see...
I'd say it's Yuri from Dirty Pair Flash :D (Kei's outfit is pleasing as well)

Her "alternate outfit" which she wears in one episode is also very good :D

Next up are the senshi from Sailor Moon, very nice uniforms! :D
Likewise, the uniforms from Wedding Peach (but the weddings dresses suck badly - they should've omitted that crap! :mad: )
School uniforms are always very nice to look at, e.g. like those in To Heart.
Also, the uniforms of the Burn Up W girls (Rio etc.) are very nice to look at as well :D
Then, there's still Peorth from OMG who also has a good fashion taste :)
Well, that's all that comes to mind right now...

2004-02-22, 23:39
this is really a hard choice...but i can name some! :uhoh:

1. All of fruits Basket people defintely
2. Sohjro From Rurouni Kenshin
3. The Gravitation people too!
4. Mizuho Kazami from Onegai Teacher
5. There's so much i can't help it! but these are what i got so far.

i don't really care for the clothes they wear but i can still try! :)

2004-02-23, 10:28
1 Gutz from berserk with blood all over him - you gotta love him
2 Komugi for Magical Nurse Komugi - she is so darn cute
3 Ivy from Soul Caliber - hot dominatrix chick with that whip of hers
4 Most of the Ragnarok characters - especially Iris and Chaos
5 The Great Saiya Man - funny character outfit with matching poses

Naruto's sister
2004-03-15, 13:09
Anko from Naruto and Jiraiya from Naruto not to mention Count D from Petshop of horrors I mean you've gottah like the anime gay guys. Also Ryuichi and Tohma from Gravitation

2004-03-15, 17:40
I was somehow tempted to vote for "no cloths" but oh well.

To say the least I think the school uniform Rei wore in Eva is the best. I even saw it on sale on some websites.

2004-03-15, 17:55
Which anime character do you think dresses the coolest?

Vash owns all, that coat is awesome; )

2004-03-15, 20:11
Vash owns all, that coat is awesome; )
Yes...we must all fear is AWESOMELY sekc coat...

I vote for Chii because her clothes are so pretty and innocently seksi.

Slade xTekno
2004-03-16, 00:26
Yay, opinion threads...
I like Vash's coat, if it were black...
Aion from Chrno Crusade. Being a demon, you'd imagine some dark color. White is a very nice contrasting touch. Also, the coat is nice.
Arcueid from Tsukihime. Sort of plain, but you don't see much of than in anime, anymore. I mean white sweater, long skirt... subtly beautiful.
[I don't know if this counts] All the female chars from DOA3 [minus Helena's hidden genie costume].

I wonder if some anime characters ever get tired of wearing the same clothes every day...

2004-03-16, 00:34
I wonder if some anime characters ever get tired of wearing the same clothes every day...
along with it being easier to draw, remember that most japanese people go from school uniforms (elementary, middle, and high school) to business suits :)

Slade xTekno
2004-03-16, 00:39
I know. J/K.
My upcoming sig will have the best-dressed character of ALL!!!

Slade xTekno
2004-03-16, 01:21
The best-dressed anime character is now present in my sig [Man-Faye next [j/k]].
*edit* For those confused about the talk about my sig, I used to have Oonuki Zenji, the old janitor from FMP:Fumoffu, in bondage with roses. It was nuked twice for being too big.
Here it is [or was]:

2004-03-16, 02:06
Umm my favorite Dressed anime char would have to be "Risisu" from Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Or Yami, "The Hat, and the Travlers Book's".

Here is a pic of here :)


2004-03-16, 02:48
The best-dressed anime character is now present in my sig BLAH !

I'd say sesshomaru is the best dressed anime char I know. I mean his outfit is 1337.


2004-03-16, 18:37
Seshoumarou 's outfit is really great !i also like flame of Reccas's kurei's clothes!

2004-03-16, 19:11
Slade xTekno Slade? Thats the reason why he might nuke it for good ^^

Darcia of Wolf's Rain I agree. Prety nice. I'd stick with Goku's fighting suit :) Simple but sooooo bad ass. No warrior type suite as beaten this for me. The Saiyan's uniform was such a concept too. dbz haters flame me for this, and you can crowl back in that shit hole you came from. ^____^

2004-03-16, 19:24
weird seems like no one has mentioned Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess) yet, she always wears the most complicated dresses...

2004-03-16, 19:51
humm... Jo Jo Star! How you can think Goku is better dressed than Jotaro!? Nutty bastard :heh:

Lets see... my choice would of course be...



Bi Ryu from NOW(a manga).

Why is his hands bandaged up? He doesn't want the blood of the foolish people he kills to taint his fists. :twitch:


2004-03-17, 05:45
Simple and classy, Suzu from Peacemaker Kurogane (the anime and Shinsengumi Imon manga, his getup in PMK manga is crazy, but then, so is he ;))

2004-03-17, 06:21
Well since I've seen more animes after I made first post in this thread I would like to add:

Chrno Crusade - Satella had some nice dresses and Aion had a really cool white coat.

Yumeria - I really like that little handkerchief or bandanna she has around her neck.

Ultra Maniac - Everyone had a ton of good looking clothes on when I read the manga from cowboy hats to berets.

Pita Ten - Misha and Shia both wore subtle looking clothes yet attractive.

2004-03-17, 15:45
The style of Gals' dressings (manga I mean) ROCKS!! I love their babydolls, I like to wear similar ones ^___^

2004-03-17, 16:58


2004-03-17, 17:27
I'd have to say either Kokone or Ayase from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.
Nothing overly fancy but still pleasant to look at. :)


I can't find any decent scans of Ayase yet. :heh:

2004-04-11, 03:53
Hmm, best dressed eh?
alucard from hellsing
Vash the Stampede from Trigun
Sano from Kenshin
Kazuma from Scryed
and Ed from Full metal Alchemist

2004-04-11, 11:55
th best dressed is hentai..if you know what i mean ;)

lol, but seriously, i dont pay attention to altfets...

2004-04-18, 03:16
Wolfwood from Trigun is the best :) The casual-dressy look. Beast arse ><

2004-04-18, 05:52
I properly say, kenshin from the OVA
Vash from Trigun.
Samurawa from Midori no Hibi.
Li Shaoren from ccs
Hijikata from PMK
Horo Horo from shaman king.
and lots more, but i just can't seem to remember, i will add them on when i do.

Slade xTekno
2004-04-18, 10:58
Some more from animes I recently finished:
Robin [Witch Hunter Robin]
Doujima-"sama" [Witch Hunter Robin]: The char designer made sure to dress her in the latest fashions at the time. He consulted his secretary regarding her wardrobe...
Slade [AKA D-Boy] when he is Tekkaman Blade: The best looking mech/armor ever.

2004-04-18, 16:25
Inuyasha - Seshoumarou
Trigun - Vash
Hellsing - Alucard
Chrno Crusade - Chrno True Form

2004-04-18, 22:29
junel in crest of star