View Full Version : Giving some free webspace for anime sites

2003-11-04, 13:36
Well, this is anime related in a way so I'm posting it here. This offer stands for animesuki to so if you guys want another mirror feel free to contact me.

In celebration of the movement to my new provider, I've got a lot more bandwidth and I doubt I'm going to use it all. I happen to be an avid fan of anime, so I figure that I might as well help support the broad anime community a little. If you run an anime site, send me a PM with what features you'd like. All accounts have CPanel + Fantastico.

Here are my guidelines:

1. Sites must be in english
2. No illegal, adult or liscenced content (movies/episodes/pictures)
3. Site must have a text or small banner link back to my site.
4. The site must be completed. No unfinished websites will be accepted.
5. Torrent files: Yes you can have them as long as all you have is the torrent file on the site and no actual files.

All hosting plans include:
SSI (Server Side Includes)
POP3 Access
Custom Error pages
CPanel Control Panel
Webalizer website stats
Spam Filter
Catch All Email
Cron Jobs
Frontpage Extensions
Weekly Backups
File Manager
Password Protected Directories
And much more!

I'm not a web hosting company and I don't sell my space. I simply have a rather large reseller account which only has a couple of my own sites on it. But, I feel that I should give back to the anime community a little bit. No I'm not stupid either. If something breaks, good chances are I can fix it without any problems.