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2003-11-30, 05:01
I seem to recall asking this question before (though not necessarily here), but I cannot recall the answers I received, which probably means they weren’t conclusive, but here goes anyway;

All those “vol. 1 + box” series, are they ever going to release a full box? Or is there no way to tell?

2003-11-30, 06:07
they most always will...

so the one disadvantage (besides having to wait for all the dvds to come out, then the box set), is that a lot of the box + 1 sets come with something extra.. like an action figure in the case of last exile (and 2 of the hellsing dvds), or other things like the pencil board in haibane renmei.

if you dont care about this kind of stuff, don't worry, save a TON of money and wait till the box set is released.

2003-11-30, 14:56
More often that's not the case, older completed series are getting complete boxes (bebop, escaflowne, trigun), while other less popular series are getting "complete collection" releases (like nadesico, bubblegum crisis 2040.)

Released complete boxed sets aren't actually that common. And yeah, you lose out on all the extras and have to wait for the series to be completely released (plus an undefined time thereafter for it. Bebop's box came out more than a year after it was finished being released on DVD.)

2003-12-01, 02:55
Well, pencil boards or action figures don't really appeal to me...the show's the thing...except that I like boxes....so I must wait....of the v1+box series, I believe only Noir has finished, so I guess that'll be the first to get a full release.

2003-12-01, 14:17
Be prepared to wait a year or longer. ADV has made no motions towards ever releasing a complete boxed set of Noir, nor have any of the other companies releasing v.1 + box, except TRSI and Media Blasters.

And even then, MB's release of the Kenshin box is wholly different from the individual releases.

2003-12-01, 14:34
I don't understand why they can't just sell a box seperatly. You could buy the box when you finally collected all the dvds. It would be exciting.

2003-12-01, 14:50
I believe it would...but perhaps a weak market for such would exist?

2003-12-01, 15:15
Why not just sell all purpose anime boxes, or they could sell them on their website.

2003-12-01, 15:58
www.rightstuf.com often offers the empty boxes for sale.. but it all depends on the series, and they do run out quickly.