View Full Version : Bottle Fairy 7 - Best Poem?

2003-11-30, 14:03
Okay, so whose WAS the best poem? I'm of the opinion that it was without a doubt Chiriri, but someone wrote that Sarara's was better? :o

Strange, but I'm making this poem poll because I want to vote for Chiriri's hats. ^_^

2003-11-30, 14:20
I voted for Chiriri, but Sarara's poem was also gnizama!

2003-11-30, 19:33
I liked Sararas best, her Samurai fantasies are great.

2003-11-30, 20:26
I voted for Hororo's, she's just so cute and odd ^^;

2003-12-01, 00:32
I could not recall those poems in my head yet.... wait till I remember them... I'll come back to vote ^^

2003-12-01, 00:32
Sarara, rah rah rah!

Seriously, the samurai stuff is always great:) But Chiriri's hat poem is a close second.

2003-12-01, 01:39
The hat poem was just so funny, I had to vote for it!

But my girlfriend says she likes the one with the samurai stuff.. of course, that's probably because she learned that the kanji for "Moon Dragon" is read "Oboro" for the first time :P